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Both of our websites have been updated to the latest website standards: and You now can post videos by using the film-strip icon in the tool bar. Check with the FAQ for the forum questions. If you have forgotten your password go to this page: . Smart phone users can now post and read the forums/reports by downloading the app Tapatalk. Keep in mind that for the posting utility to show up, you must be logged in. We need NEW fishing articles to be submitted for feature on the main page under Contributed Articles. Articles must be posted and not just a redirect link elsewhere. You can put a link to your site and contact info at end of article. This is good exposure for you. Google ranks search Saltwater Fishing Articles #1 or #2 out of 1,100,000. International Fishing Reports Forums is #7 (#5 in Yahoo). International Fishing Reports and Pictures in Google ranking positions: 4, 5, 6, 7. International Saltwater Fishing Reports and Pictures #1 Google. Louisiana Fishing Reports and Pictures #7 in Google.
Hope to see your postings soon.

Jerry LaBella
[email protected]