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How to upload/post (uploading) images from my computer and uploading videos

For image insertion into posts use the tool bar icon “insert image” located to the left of the film strip icon. To insert videos from locations like Hulu YouTube (Long) YouTube (Short) Vimeo Dailymotion Metacafe Google facebook Facebook Shares, use the film strip icon in tool bar located to the right of the image icon and insert the url from browser in the box to upload it.

How To Post (posting) to A Category And Topic / Create A Topic

Please Post to your forum category and topic. For example, if you are posting reports, find your forum category (i.e.: Saltwater Fishing Reports) then find your topic (i.e: state/country location). If your topic (state/country location) is not listed, please create it (i.e.: Texas) by clicking the New Topic button THEN post to it. The topics are listed in alphabetical order. In some forum categories like classified ads, there are sub-forms (i.e.: fishing & hunting equipment). You can click the sub-forum category and this will open up a topics page which is the state/country locations. If your location is not listed, create it by clicking New Topic button as previously mentioned.

FAQ For Main Web Site

To view frequesntly asked questi To view frequesntly asked questions for the (main) home page website: click here

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