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    Saltwater Fishing Articles & More by Outdoor Writer Jerry LaBella

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    The advantages of using a BulletBobber

    New 3D Techniques Catch Fish
    The challenge in fishing can be summarized in one short statement. “To present a lure or bait to the fish in a way that triggers a strike.”

    It doesn’t matter what size or species of fish you fish for or type of rod and reel you use to fish. Until the BulletBobber came along in 2006 there were only 3 basic fishing techniques available for shore fisherman.

    1. Stationary bait on the bottom.
    2. Suspended bait using a fishing float (fixed depth or slip rigged).
    3. Cast and retrieve.

    You really don’t have to try too hard to visualize how limiting these options are in a 3 dimensional world. Look at the shore fisherperson from 100 foot above casting and retrieving and you’ll see the line go out and come back on the same path (unless pushed by the current towards the bank). Look sideways at the cross section of a “cast and retrieve” and you’ll see that controlling the retrieval speed is required to control the depth. Lipped lures go deeper when you reel faster where all others rise up but they all stay on the straight path as seen from above. The BulletBobber is the only device that can get off the path and reverse direction. The BulletBobber is the only device that extends the distance your lure travels beyond the distance you cast and can travel up to 10 times further then the cast.

    They come in 4 sizes - colored or clear.

    Here is a link to YouTube video I made and did a voice-over to explains what they can do in a river.

    Here is link, without voice-over, that shows how you can steer around a sunken tree.

    Here are some diagrams of other things they can do for shorefishermen.

    Paul Lieb - Inventor -