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    Factors affecting Indian Real Estate

    India has recently adopted a liberal approach to its FDI policies. This has resulted in a huge flow of foreign exchange into the country. The proactive policies of the government also include looser credit policies. Besides these liberal policies, the country?s technological advances have also contributed to this influx of FDI. The sustained demand from the Information Technology (IT) sector has fuelled the growth of real estate sector. It has been estimated that the demand for IT space would be 66 million square feet over the next five years.
    Several multinational companies are shifting their operations to India to take advantage of the relatively low costs. The economy of the country is also growing fast, at the rate of 8% per year. The rapid growth of the Indian economy has had a cascading effect on demand for commercial property to help meet the needs of business, such as modern offices, warehouses, hotels and retail shopping centers. This growth in commercial office space requirement is led by the burgeoning outsourcing and information technology (IT) industry and organized retail.
    There are many domestic building companies who have made huge investments. Usually these builders belong to a particular association or group. These Associations for Home Builders comprises of an area?s Builders for Sale or builders who take up project in a particular area. Some of the leading national real estate developers like DLF, Sobha Developers, Ansals, Purvankara, Confident Group, Oceanus, Unitech, Nitesh Estates, Housing Development and Infrastructure (HDIL), Prestige Group, Emaar MGF and Parsvanath Developers have made huge investments in the country. As a result of these investments, the country?s economy is also benefited. As per a study, every one Rupee invested in real estate sector results in 78 paise being added to the GDP of the country.
    Growing at a fast rate of 30% per year, the real estate sector of India has emerged as the most appealing investment area for domestic as well as foreign investors. According to Merrill Lynch, the Indian realty sector is expected to grow from $12 billion in 2005 to $90 billion by 2015. In the past year and a half, land prices have escalated by 30% to 100%.
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