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    Capt. Ben Leto Expedition Charters

    As of today, I have received $290 in donations for the washer and dryer project. In addition to the money that has been donated, someone has been nice enough to donate their used washing machine.

    Still in the works, we have someone who is trying to get a company to donate a portable building and this person is also working on trying to get GE to possibly donate a washer and dryer. This hasn't happened yet, but we're still keeping up hope that it will come thru.

    In the mean time, if you have a used washer or dryer (or even a portable building) that's in good working order and you would like to donate it, please contact me. Money donations as well are still being accepted and can be sent thru the mail or to my PayPal account, which is [email protected]

    Also I want to say big "THANK YOU" to the people who have donated money and items to this project and to the people who are working hard on getting those companies to donate the things that we need. Every little bit helps in reaching our goal!

    Thank you again!

    Alysha H. Leto

    (Home) 985-893-0180
    (Cell) 985-630-8827
    (Email) [email protected]

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    Has anyone heard from Captain

    Has anyone heard from Captain Mark Stebly from Ocean Springs, Mississippi? A group of us was scheduled to go fishing with him the week before Katrina, but he cancelled due to weather. I wanted to know if he and his family are OK.
    Mike Hankinson


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      Since I haven't heard back from the person who was trying to get a building donated, I went searching on the internet last night for some portable building companies here in Louisiana.

      I emailed a few on what I was trying to do for the people of Hopedale and one replied with a good news. Even though the building is not going to be totally donated, he agreed to do it with the money I have raised so far which totals $1,315. The portable building that he is building for us is going to be 12'x24', which is a nice size.

      In the mean time I have collected four used washers (one from the man himself that is helping with the building) and no dryers (the one I thought I was getting wound up being a gas dryer which we can't use). I will be needing a least four dryers, electrical supplies, plumbing supplies, a hot water heater and some paneling to close in the inside walls.

      If anyone would like to donate any of these materials that are still need for the Hopedale washer/dryer project or would like to donate money for these items, please email me at: [email protected]


      PS. Pictures of what Hopedale looked like after the hurricane hit can be viewed at


      Below is the 1st request I had for this project:

      For those who would like to help the people who were impacted by hurricane "Katrina", you might want to read this letter that I sent to someone who was wanting to do just that. If your intrested in helping with this project, please email me and let me know.


      Hi Ron,

      Do you still feel like helping our small little community? When all this happened and you wrote to us asking what could you do for our little town, I couldn't think of anything at the time. We were all in limbo over FEMA trailers and what everybody as a group needed. But now I'm clear on what is need in our little community.

      FEMA trailers and most travel trailers don't have washer and dryers in them. Since the devastation affected such a large area, the people in our community have to drive over an hour to reach a Laundromat and then drive over an hour to get back home. My plan is to raise enough money to purchase a small portable building and a couple of washer and dryers to place inside of it. This is the one thing that will benefit our whole community and I want it to be a place where they can wash their clothes for free (if I can work out something with the parish on the electric).

      I have just started with trying to raise this money and have placed a few things that I have found in the marsh on eBay to help with this project. This weekend I will try to find more items in the marsh that survived hurricane "Katrina" and place them on eBay too. Every weekend I will try to comb the marsh for more items.

      Our community now has about 20 to 25 FEMA trailers in it and several families that couldn't wait for FEMA bought travel trailers. Others who don't have FEMA trailers and can't afford a travel trailer are sleeping in tents. I don't know how those in tents can do it since Hopedale is mosquito city and now lately it has been bad with the gnats. Oh, and we do have the families that are sleeping on their oyster boats, that is, the boats that managed to survive the storm. The cabins are not that big on these boats since they have mostly deck space for the oystering. The cabins on the boats are probably 8'x8' and have just enough room to turn from the stove to the bunk beds. Really they are not made to house people. It's just for relaxing for a minute on the water in between their pulls.

      If you still would like to help us, please let me know. We have a Home Depot that has opened up close and a Lowe's that is a few towns away that we could get to. I say this so that if you raise enough money for a washer, dryer or portable building, you can just call them up and either order it for our community or send a gift card from one of these stores and I can purchase it here. I just want simple washing machines and simple dryers, nothing fancy but they do need to be the largest capacity possible.

      Thanks so much for your time!


      P.S. For Christmas we had a few people who stayed in Hopedale so I went to the Dollar Tree (everything a $1 store) and bought coffee mugs, then put in Hershey Kisses with almonds and a pack of hot chocolate with marshmallows and went door to door (or should I say FEMA trailer to FEMA trailer) handing it out, along with a Christmas card, to the residents who stayed behind in Hopedale for Christmas. It really made Christmas special to see that such a small gift could bring a smile to residents of Hopedale.


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        Just a short note from all of

        Just a short note from all of the employees to say a huge “THANKS” for
        participating in our employee fund back right after the storm. Your
        donation came at just the right time to help each person in a huge way.
        Everyone on them is looking forward to seeing you back here at the new
        lodge this summer to personally say thanks.

        God bless you and we will see you soon.

        All the employees of Hackberry Rod & Gun

        Captain Buddy Oakes

        485 Lake Breeze Rd.
        Hackberry, LA 70645
        mailto:[email protected] <>

        Please feel comfortable that ALL information provided to us will NEVER
        be sold, or shared with ANYONE. It is intended for our internal use only.

        If you no longer wish to receive any email just respond with the subject
        heading as "remove".

        [This E-mail scanned for viruses by Declude Virus Scanner]


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          Hopedale/Delacroix Post Katrin

          Hopedale/Delacroix Post Katrina

          The community of Hopedale/Delacroix—like many areas of Southeast Louisiana—is a grim reminder of the power unleashed by Mother Nature. While Hurricane Katrina has been deemed the worst “natural disaster” in US history, authorities now realized that most of the destruction was man-made and could have been prevented with the implementation of stronger and higher levee systems—just to name one item of concern. Now, engineers are scrambling to reconstruct and fortify the levee systems before the next hurricane season arrives—something that should have been done a long time ago. The Mississippi River Gulf Outlet—better known as the “Mr. Go” to locals—has been known to be a high risk factor for potential hurricane flooding. This waterway parallels the Mississippi River and is used as a shipping channel for nearby ports. Engineers knew all along that this passageway was at high risk for a tidal surge if a hurricane entered too close to the Crescent City. When Hurricane Katrina routed course toward New Orleans, their prediction became reality: Virtually ever business and home was totally destroyed due to flooding throughout the entire metropolitan area. Words and pictures cannot describe the devastation—let alone the emotional turmoil heaped upon the people of these communities due to misplaced trust. Now, politicians, the federal government, and city mayors throughout are pointing more fingers at each other than rifle barrels at the Battle of New Orleans. Local marina operators that have been around for many decades are now gone and, word has it, many are not returning to reopen. Commercial fisherman who once made their living in this area, returned to see what appeared to be "Smart Bomb" destruction. Their boats, furniture, clothes, and demolished home debris hung from wind-torn trees like moss on an old oak tree. One marina owner said that the waves were so high from the flooding from the Mr. Go that his boat hoist electric motors, which stand 20 ft. high off the ground, were ruined from saltwater. The pictures herein represent what many areas of Southeast Louisiana still look like—post Katrina.

          Pictures from L to R
          Crumbled boat hangs from shed
          Concrete stairs to nowhere
          Piling legs where 3 homes once stood


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            My darling wife Micki has stom

            My darling wife Micki has stomach cancer which spread from breast cancer. She had battled the breast cancer for 5 years and we thought it had been stopped with chemo and medication. She has been going to MD Anderson for tests for the past six weeks and she has started chemo this week. The expenses and meals and other things are getting harder to meet. We travel by car to Houston which is 325 miles one way. We now have fixed incomes and debt from the last 5 years. Please help if you can with financial support or your prayers. My Paypal address is [email protected] and our home address is 3603 Euclid St, Houma, La. 70364. Thank you all for any help you can give her. Thanks for your prayers in advance. God bless you. Ken Filardo


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              Katrina: The Storm We Always F

              Katrina: The Storm We Always Feared Video

              The real story of the flooding with Hurricane Katrina. See automated day by day infiltration of the waters and how it happened.

              <font face="arial&#44;helvetica"><font size="+1">Click the link below, locate the title for &#34;slideshow&#34; under Katrina headlines, fill in info displayed to enter, and follow instructions for video to open and start. Use the control panel at bottom of the video to advance frames.</font></font>

              <font size="+1"></font>


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                [b]Outdoor Channel Special Det

                Outdoor Channel Special Details Fish &amp; Wildlife Officers’ Contributions to Katrina Relief- &#40;08/28&#41;

                Join our e-mail alert list

                Few people realize the heroic contributions made by men and women who wear fish and wildlife agency uniforms in the days and weeks following Hurricane Katrina. The Outdoor Channel will air a special detailing their efforts.

                The Outdoor Channel’s &#34;Fish and Wildlife Journal&#34; will air a special that documents the contributions of the agencies and the agency personnel who helped get the Gulf Coast states through the very worst of the disaster and back on the road to recovery.

                Besides protecting wildlife and being a steward for good conservation practices, these officers risked their lives to help the people devastated by the storm.

                The episode will air on August 30 at 4:00 pm and on September 2 at 10:00 pm. Be sure to tune in. More details are available at Next time you see one of the fine wildlife officers from around the country, be sure to thank them for the job they do each day for sportsmen and wildlife.


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                  PRESS RELEASE
                  Office of State

                  PRESS RELEASE
                  Office of State Parks

                  FOR RELEASE: Contact: Sharon Broussard
                  November 28, 2006 phone: 225-219-4271

                  OF ST. BERNARD STATE PARK

                  BATON ROUGE - The Office of the Lt. Governor, Department of Culture, Recreation &amp; Tourism and the Office of State Parks is please to announce the re-opening of St. Bernard State Park, following clean up and repair of the extensive damage caused by Hurricane Katrina. The re-opening will be celebrated with festivities beginning at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 19.
                  &#34;The re-opening of St. Bernard State Park is symbolic of the progress made in rebuilding Louisiana,&#34; said Lt. Governor Mitch Landrieu. &#34;St. Bernard Parish was so dramatically effected by Hurricane Katrina. We&#39;ve worked hard to make our state&#39;s natural and cultural assets once again available to our citizens and visitors. This brings us one step closer to a complete recovery for the New Orleans area.&#34;
                  &#34;Tourism to St. Bernard Parish during 2005 generated nearly $30 million in business,&#34; said Angele Davis, Secretary of the Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism. &#34;The re-opening of St. Bernard State Park will help significantly in, once again, stimulating economic growth for the area, as well as providing a place for families and friends to enjoy Louisiana&#39;s natural resources.
                  Re-opening ceremonies will begin with Lt. Gov. Landrieu welcoming visitors back to St. Bernard State Park, followed by recognition of area dignitaries and the lighting of a holiday tree. Local choirs will perform songs of the season and hayride tours of the site will be offered, along with coffee, hot chocolate and cookies.
                  St. Bernard State Park is located near Violet on La. Highway 39, and offers camping, hiking and swimming.


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                    Sign The &#34;Take Action&#34;

                    Sign The &#34;Take Action&#34; Levee Failure Petition and pass it on to others:



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                      Watch new videos at!

                      Watch new videos at! Then share with friends!

                      The two 1-minute videos highlight the federal government&#39;s involvement in the Flooding of Metro New Orleans.

                      The videos, made possible by the generosity of Levees.Org members who funded the project are created by two award winning filmmakers who recently moved back to New Orleans.

                      Click here to watch new videos at! Share with 10 friends!

                      The two new videos are:

                      MRGO - How the Construction by the Corps of Engineers of this little-used shipping channel contributed to the New Orleans Flood.

                      The Wetlands - How their Destruction by the Corps of Engineers by building miles of shipping lanes for oil and gas exploration contributed to the New Orleans Flood.
                      HERE&#39;S THE LINK:

                      There are levees in every state of the nation. Are you safe?
                      Join Levees.Org! Help New Orleans and help yourself, too.

                      Sandy Rosenthal
                      Founder, Levees.Org


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                        April 19, 2007


                        April 19, 2007


                        Things are heating up with Levees.Org&#39;s push for an 8/29 Commission to investigate the failure of the federally built levees in metropolitan New Orleans.

                        We need this Commission because the only congressionally ordered study is the IPET Report - sponsored by the US Army Corps of Engineers. Since the Army Corps had sole responsibility for the levee design and construction, there is a potential for bias.


                        Today, we spoke to Senator David Vitter R-La via video conference and tomorrow we will meet with Senator Mary Landrieu D-La. Both meetings are to discuss details on passage of the 8/29 Commission.

                        I will be on WDSU-TV New Orleans noon show &#40;Friday April 20 on Channel 6&#41; to discuss our progress as well as Levees.Org upcoming events.

                        Sign the petition.

                        ALREADY SIGNED THE PETITION?

                        1. Tell your out of state family and friends to join Levees.Org. It&#39;s free.

                        2. Collect handwritten petition signatures.

                        3. Send our PSA video to your family and friends.

                        4. Get a free yard sign &#40;12 pickup locations in 4 parishes&#41;.

                        5. Donate to our cause.

                        Thank you for all you do!

                        Sandy Rosenthal
                        Founder, Levees.Org


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                          [b]Levees.Org announces its se

                          Levees.Org announces its second celebrity Public Service Announcement &#40;PSA&#41; featuring actor John Goodman.

                          Mr. Goodman has donated his time to help America understand that New Orleans flooded because of bad federal engineering, not bad weather. And that it can happen anywhere.

                          If enough people watch the Goodman PSA in the first 24 hours, it will earn the PSA a place on the homepage of YouTube where it may be viewed by millions of people!

                          Take one minute, go to YouTube and view the 30-second video. Send it to your friends!

                          PLEASE DO THIS BY NOON CST THURSDAY MAY 10.

                          Want to do more? You can also:

                          1. Register at YouTube and rate the Goodman PSA.


                          2. View and rate our other videos and PSAs on YouTube.

                          It&#39;s best to do this by 12:00 noon CST May 10.

                          Help New Orleans and people nationwide. Bring to light that New Orleans was destroyed by bad levees and not bad weather!

                          Sandy Rosenthal
                          Founder, Levees.Org


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                            Louisiana&#39;s leaders unite behind the 8/29 Commission.

                            Both Senators from Louisiana have pledged to co-sponsor the 8/29 Commission, an independent look at the failure of the federal flood protection in New Orleans and south Louisiana.

                            Senators Mary Landrieu &#40;D-LA&#41; and David Vitter &#40;R-LA&#41; vowed to work together to make this important legislation happen!

                            This news comes after three days of lobbying last week by representatives of Levees.Org. We visited with members of Congress nationwide to educate them on the need for the 8/29 Commission. This idea enjoys broad support from both democrats and republicans.

                            Senator Landrieu promised Levees.Org that she would make the 8/29 Commission her #1 priority in the next phase of the Water Resources Development Act &#40;WRDA&#41; while Senator Vitter pledged to do all he can to make the commission law.

                            Here&#39;s how you can help.

                            Call Senator Landrieu &#40;202-224-5824&#41; and Senator Vitter &#40;202-224-4623&#41; by 4pm CST May 23rd.

                            1. Tell the aide you are a Louisiana citizen and you want to leave a message.

                            2. Say this: &#34;I want to thank the Senator for agreeing to co-sponsor the 8/29 Commission as an amendment to the WRDA bill. Please continue to work together to make this happen.&#34;


                            Want to do more?

                            If you haven&#39;t yet, please go to YouTube and view the John Goodman Public Service Announcement. This will help earn the video the honor of Most Viewed this Month!

                            Thank you!
                            Sandy Rosenthal
                            Founder, Levees.Org


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                              May 25, 2007


                              May 25, 2007

                              Breaking News:

                              Yesterday Donald Powell, recovery czar for the Gulf Coast publicly made this statement regarding the survivors of the federal levee breaches. He said, &#34;...the federal government is responsible for this hurricane damage because of the failure of the levee system....&#34;

                              This is the very first statement ever out of the White House that accepts responsibility for the failure of the federal flood protection system in Louisiana.

                              Powell made this statement regarding Louisiana&#39;s Road Home payments to homeowners who suffered only wind damage implying that only flood damaged homeowners deserved compensation. Nonetheless, this statement by a representative of the White House is the very first that admits responsibility for the flood protection failures.

                              Also yesterday, Senator Mary Landrieu spoke in support of Louisiana citizens in a confrontational interview with Erin Brunette with CNBC. You can watch the video at CNBC&#39;s website.

                              WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP LOUISIANA:

                              With one click of a mouse, you can send a letter to your members of Congress demanding the 8/29 Commission.

                              The 8/29 Commission is an unbiased analysis of the failure of the federal levee system in metro New Orleans. The 8/29 Commission is being sponsored by Senator Mary Landrieu and co-sponsored by Senator David Vitter as an amendment to the Water Resources Development Act &#40;WRDA&#41;.

                              Click here to help Louisiana.

                              Sandy Rosenthal
                              Founder, Levees.Org


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                                We need to show our

                                We need to show our nation that we&#39;re serious about calling for an unbiased analysis of the federal levee failures in south Louisiana.

                                You can help by making sure the Louisiana Senate passes SCR 14 - a state resolution urging Congress to pass legislation making the 8/29 Commission law.

                                1. Please call or write the following members of the Louisiana Transportation, Highways and Public Works Committee.

                                2. Ask them to please vote &#34;yes&#34; to SCR 14

                                3. Please do this by 9:30am Thursday morning May 31, 2007.

                                Thank you!
                                Sandy Rosenthal
                                Founder, Levees.Org

                                Senator Noble E. Ellington
                                &#40;318&#41; 435-7313
                                [email protected]

                                Senator &#34;Jody&#34; Amedee
                                &#40;225&#41; 644-1526
                                [email protected]

                                Senator Robert Adley
                                &#40;318&#41; 965-1755
                                [email protected]

                                Senator Walter J. Boasso
                                &#40;504&#41; 270-9258
                                [email protected]

                                Senator D.A. &#34;Butch&#34; Gautreaux
                                &#40;800&#41; 562-3204
                                [email protected]

                                Senator Francis C. Heitmeier
                                &#40;504&#41; 361-6014
                                [email protected]

                                Senator Robert W. &#34;Bob&#34; Kostelka
                                &#40;800&#41; 508-5572
                                [email protected]

                                Senator Reggie P. Dupre, Jr.
                                &#40;985&#41; 876-9902
                                [email protected]

                                Senator Edwin R. Murray
                                &#40;504&#41; 945-0042
                                [email protected]

                                Senator Derrick Sheperd
                                &#40;504&#41; 371-0263
                                [email protected]

                                For more information about SCR -14 you can go to Louisiana&#39;s legislative website at:


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                                  August 12, 2007

                                  Dear Louisiana members,

                                  We're in the Washington Post
                                  Sunday edition!

                                  On page A3, reporter Peter Whoriskey highlights Levees.Org and our push for the 8/29 Commission including a statement from Senator Mary Landrieu D-LA on her commitment to passage of the legislation.

                                  And there's more!

                                  CBS Evening News with Katie Couric is doing a story on dams and levees Monday night August 13 at 5:30 CST. The show will air a portion of the John Goodman video. Don't miss it!

                                  Reporters from media outlets all over the world are in town covering Greater New Orleans two years after the levee breaches. Do your part and tell the nation to "Hold the Corps Accountable." Display a your yard sign!

                                  Click here for a list of 13 pickup locations in four parishes.

                                  Get a yard sign!

                                  Thank you,

                                  Sandy Rosenthal
                                  Founder, Levees.Org


                                  Click here to see the Washington Post article.


                                  Click here for Senator Mary Landrieu's press release on the 8/29 Commission.

                                  To donate to our cause, click here.
                                  Saltwater Fishing Articles & More by Outdoor Writer Jerry LaBella


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                                    Please join me in a short press conference as Levees.Org releases its second annual report card grading the US Army Corps of Engineers and the US Congress on flood protection for Greater New Orleans and nationwide.

                                    In conjunction with a class of Newman students, Levees.Org will also present a giant Thank You Card to young people of America for their volunteerism and generosity. In a specialized class taught by Ms. Lori Bush, the students have partnered with Levees.Org to learn first hand about supporting legislation that could have a direct impact on their lives.

                                    Saturday, August 25, 2007


                                    Art Gallery, Isidore Newman School

                                    1903 Jefferson Avenue

                                    Enter Henson Auditorium on Danneel Street

                                    Parking on Jefferson Ave or Danneel Street

                                    Levees.Org continues to push for passage of the 8/29 Commission, an independent bipartisan analysis of the flood protection failures in Greater New Orleans, named for the date that Hurricane Katrina struck. Senator Mary Landrieu D-LA has embraced the legislation and is committed to its passage.

                                    Click here for Senator Landrieu's statement on the 8/29 Commission released August 9, 2007.
                                    Saltwater Fishing Articles & More by Outdoor Writer Jerry LaBella


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                                      Levees.Org is creating and will soon release its third in a series of Public Service Announcements (PSAs).

                                      The PSA video, filmed with humor, and featuring high school students, will highlight why the citizens of south Louisiana and the nation need the 8/29 Investigation, a truly independent and complete analysis of the flood protection failures on August 29, 2005.

                                      Please click here if you want to help with the PSA production costs.

                                      Please consider giving at one of the following levels:

                                      $25 Levee tree trimmer

                                      $50 Levee sheet pile driver

                                      $100 Levee designer

                                      $250 Levee builder

                                      $500 Levee inspector

                                      $1000 New Orleans Defender

                                      Thank you for all you do to help south Louisiana and the nation.


                                      We're not there yet! Show unity and display a yard sign! We have 14 convenient pick up locations! Click here for a list!

                                      Sandy Rosenthal
                                      Founder and Executive Director
                                      Saltwater Fishing Articles & More by Outdoor Writer Jerry LaBella


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                                        Sunday, November 18, 2007

                                        Dear Members,

                                        Congress recently approved more than $10 billion in additional funding for Louisiana's ongoing recovery efforts. These federal dollars will directly impact the lives of thousands of Louisianans, and we can show our appreciation to our elected leaders in Washington.

                                        Click here to sign a Thank you note.

                                        Together with the Louisiana Recovery Authority, state elected officials, and 35 community organizations, Levees.Org is encouraging you to show your appreciation by visiting the Louisiana Gives Thanks website, where you can sign a "thank you note" to Members of Congress and the President.

                                        Please do this by Wednesday, November 21, the day before Thanksgiving.

                                        Click here to sign the Thank you Note.

                                        Please join us in letting them know how appreciative we are this holiday season.

                                        Sandy Rosenthal
                                        Executive Director, Levees.Org
                                        Saltwater Fishing Articles & More by Outdoor Writer Jerry LaBella