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    GPS/Chartplotter Confusion 101

    Welcome to confusion 101!

    Did you ever notice that there are as many choices of GPS's as
    there is are feminine products! WalMart has an entire wall dedicated to
    feminine products, you have mini's, maxi's, with wings, without wings,
    Hell, Always brand has to color code their packs so women kind find them easier!

    We have a choice between; Garmin, Magellan, Furuno, TomTom, Mio,
    Lowrance, Raymarine, DeLORME, Standard Horizon and NorthStar. (Have I missed any?)

    We have CRT and LCD displays. There are several variations of GPS receiver types, including standard GPS, Differential GPS (DGPS) and Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS).

    Choosing a chartplotter also means choosing the type of electronic charts you’ll be using and selecting the electronic chart platform, or cartography.

    Than we have to decide how much to spend, what size is right, where you are mounting it, what size screen should you get, do you get one that does it all, or stand alones,

    As you can see, today’s boater is faced with myriad choices when selecting a GPS/chartplotter and marine electronics systems as a whole. As a boater, you can do one of two things. You can be overwhelmed by the choices, and end up selecting something in haste that will not meet your long-term needs. Or, you can look at it this way – with so many choices, the boater who does his homework and considers his needs carefully will eventually find the ideal match. The technology and performance of marine electronics is more advanced that at any time in history – and it’s only going to get better. There are many great resources at your disposal, including the Internet, making it easy to gather data, compare products and make informed decisions.

    Okay, the research is absolutely exhausting, it make my head hurt. Is there truly a reason for all the mass confusion, or is a marketing ploy to confuse consumers into getting something they don't need?

    The question is..........................

    1.) Who is consider the best manufacturer?
    2.) Do you go CRT or LCD?
    3.) Is WAAS truly necessary?
    4.) How Much should the average angler spend? ($$$$)
    5.) Should you get a combo unit?
    6.) Should it be XM ready? (for weather and radio)
    7.) Just for the boat, or for the automobile/motorcycle too?

    I am actually considering the Garmin 478 - Let me know what you think?

    Everyone please post you thoughts, experiences, pro's and con's.
    Together we can avoid the dedicated wall of your local WalMart!
    Maybe the GPS Manufactures should consider color coding for easier choice!