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    My fellow anglers,

    This Saturday is the general trout fishing opener, here in Oregon. Many of Central Oregon&#39;s favorite waters will be open to angling for the first time in 2007. The most notable fisheries opening this week are the Lower Deschutes along the reservation and the Lava Lakes. Most of the other Cascade Lakes will open as well, including East Lake. For the first time in recent years you will be able to get to the lake for the opener.

    We will be spliting time between the Lava Lakes and the Lower Deschutes. I personally look forward to fishing the from Warmspring to Trout Creek this weekend. There will be plenty of hungry trout to keep me busy.

    The shop will have new hours of operation beginning this weekend. No longer will it be closed on Sundays. Beginning on the 29th of April, the shop will be open from 10am - 3pm every Sunday until this fall.

    Little Willow
    Last week we made a few trips to Little Willow Lake. This private lake just outside of Madras is loaded with steelhead sized trout. They are eager to eat just about anything you put in front of them. Boasting 35 acres of fishable water, the lake isn&#39;t extactly a trout farm, though you can count on catching some of the biggest trout you&#39;ve ever caught.

    Both Scott and I took guests with us on two separate days. Each day we experienced great fishing, as our guests caught over 10 fish each day. Floats tubes and pontoons are the floatation of choice for many anglers and drift boats are perfect for novice anglers.

    The lake is accessible as either a guided or non-guided adventure. For pricing and available dates, give us a call, 541-318-1616.

    Fly and Field Outfitters

    Stone Fly Hatch
    May marks the beginning of the stone fly season. The big bugs will beginning hatching in the lowest stretches of the Deschutes, slowly make their way up river. By the end of May the first bugs in the Warmsprings to Trout Creek float will make their emergence. Prior to then, the middle Deschutes near Terrebonne will be the place to be. Look for bugs to emerge and take flight as soon as the 5th of the month, in that section of the river.

    As the month gets longer, more and more trout will be looking for that big protein source to come drifting over head. During this hatch, trout will consume up to 80% of their yearly calories. Now wonder why they gullibly take the hair and feather concoctions we&#39;ve tied up.

    We still have dates available for one day guided trips during the fabled hatch. The best time to experience the hatch, will be from June 1st to the 15th. Call for details, 541-318-1616.

    Stone Fly Guided Trips

    Trout Bum Fly Swap
    It&#39;s time to clean up any old fishing gear for the 3rd annual Trout Bum Fly Swap. If you haven&#39;t heard about it, here&#39;s how it works. Anyone is welcome to bring any used equipment related to fly fishing to us prior to the event. In past years we have sold everything from tying materials, to pontoon boats. You set a day one price and a day two price, and that&#39;s what we sell it for. If your item&#40;s&#41; sell, you get 70% of the sale price in cash, or 100% as credit in the fly shop. The Swap is a great way to trade in the old gear and upgrade to the new stuff. It is also a great opportunity for new anglers to get some great gear at great prices. We will begin accepting items on May 15th. The actual Sale will begin early on the morning of the 26th of May. Stay tuned for more information, or give us a call, 541-318-1616.

    Check out our website

    Thanks for taking time to read our newsletter. Where ever your angling adventures lead you this weekend, have fun and good luck. We look forward to listening to the stories from openning weekend.

    --Damien Nurre -- Fly and Field Outfitters

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    YOU can appear on our TV Fishi

    YOU can appear on our TV Fishing Show, Adventures In Fishing. If interested, please check our website at

    Thank you and good luck fishing!


    Capt. Ray Kelly
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    And Remember- &#34;Let&#39;s get kids hooked on Fishing...NOT on drugs!&#34;