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    Exotic Outdoor Adventures
    Mexico Bass Fishing Newsletter March 2008

    Last year was by far the best fishing season I have ever seen on Lake Comedero. In fact, last year was the best fishing season I have ever seen on any lake in my lifetime. That is quite a statement considering that I was fortunate enough to fish the once world famous Lake Guerrerro during the lake’s first five years. My father constructed and operated the first two fishing lodges on Lake Guerrerro and most who fished there in the early years will tell you that there has never been anything like it. Well, not until last season on Lake Comedero. The numbers last year on Comedero were right at 100 bass per day per boat. That’s not better than Guerrerro’s numbers in the early to mid-70’s but what made Comedero better was the number of BIG BASS landed.

    That’s what puts Comedero ahead of any lake in the world is the trophy sized bass to go with the numbers. The glory years on Guerrerro was just about shear numbers of 2 – 5 pound bass. Comedero offers a unique combination of both numbers and size…something that you just don’t find on public lakes…even in 3rd world countries like Mexico.

    This season hasn’t changed much from last season on Comedero. Recent groups have averaged approximately 80-90 bass per day per boat with lots of bass over 7lbs and the trophy size topping out at 13lbs. In fact, just two weeks ago, we had two bass landed of 13lbs along with several of 11lbs. The bass are hitting just about any lure you desire to use right now but 90% of all trophy bass are being caught on TOPWATER! Yes, that’s right…topwater! Can you imagine landing a giant teen size bass on a big ol’ Lucky 13 or a Storm’s Chug Bug? Well, that’s what these big lunkers are hitting.

    Prior to last season we were boasting about Comedero being the best trophy bass lake in the world and we still stand behind our claims. However, I think it’s safe to say that it is the very best bass lake in the world PERIOD! All of these lakes hit their peaks and there’s no doubt that Comedero is peaking. How long do these prime periods last? Who knows? We’ve seen them last several years and some up to 5 or 6 years. Rainfall and Mother Nature play a significant role. All I can tell you is that the window of opportunity to get in on the best bass fishing of your lifetime is open right now. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

    That’s right folks, our customers this season have enjoyed the new XPRESS bass boats on Lake Comedero. These boats are THE BEST bass boats you will find in Mexico! They are 17’ long with console steering, huge elevated front and back decks for two anglers. Each boat is equipped with Yamaha motors, motorguide trolling motors, livewells, ice coolers, rod and storage boxes, radios and depth finders. The best bass boats on the best bass lake in the world!

    Lake El Salto Bounces Back!!!
    Last year was without a doubt a disappointing fishing season at El Salto. Late hurricanes off the Pacific in the fall of 2006 dumped a lot of water into El Salto. We like rainfall but not weeks prior to the start of the fishing season. El Salto is much closer to the Pacific than Lake Comedero and is affected more (adversely) from hurricanes than Comedero. With these late rains and fast rise in the water level, the bass headed to deep water. El Salto water level does not fluctuate as much as Comedero and therefore the water conditions didn’t change much during the prime fishing season. The bass pretty much stayed deep all year and made the fishing very difficult.

    This year, El Salto has come back with a fury. The numbers are back (70 – 80 bass per boat/per day) as well as the overall size. Our customers are landing many bass in excess of 5lbs and every day there are several landed in the 8 – 10 pound class. What a difference a year makes!

    Our lodge choice at El Salto has to be one of the greatest locations and setups I’ve ever seen and experienced. The lodge is located RIGHT at the water’s edge…about 1 minute from your bed to your boat. The lodge is very rustic with a true flavor of Old Mexico. There are 5 air conditioned houses, a big restaurant with an indoor aquarium full of giant bass. There’s also a big patio and outdoor bar underneath a huge 100+ year old Capuli tree. This patio/bar area has satellite television and you can enjoy your favorite drink or ice cold margaritas while watching your favorite sports team in action or sit and tell fish stories with friends. Our camp at El Salto is a little slice of heaven on one of the best fishing lakes in the world.

    Due to El Salto’s proximity to Comedero and our being the ONLY operators with a camp on BOTH LAKES, we can offer the most diehard angler the opportunity to fish BOTH LAKES in the same trip. Yes, we offer combination packages for Comedero and El Salto. If your desire is to just fish one, call our office and we’ll let you know which lake is the hottest at the time you desire to go.

    Comedero and El Salto Bass Fishing Video Available Now!!!
    If you want to see the best bass fishing video ever made, call our office TODAY! We’ve just received 1,000 copies of this masterpiece that was filmed at both Comedero and El Salto last season. Believe me folks when I say that you cannot watch this video and not go grab your rod & reel immediately afterwards. Better yet, I dare you to watch this video and not pick up the phone to book a trip to Comedero or El Salto! If this video doesn’t charge your fishing batteries, nothing will!

    Call our office today to book your fishing adventure of a lifetime! Or Contact Us online.

    Good fishing,
    Ron Speed, Jr.
    Exotic Outdoor Adventures, LLC.
    Saltwater Fishing Articles & More by Outdoor Writer Jerry LaBella

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    I completely agree with you. The Lake Comedero is the perfect place for fishing in Mexico. You cover Lake El Salto andLake Comedero in a single trip is really great.
    Marlas PV Landing