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    October/November 07 Salinas fishing report:

    Without a doubt 2007 has been a very good year for fishing all over Ecuador. The last two months have been superb for Salinas. The amount of striped marlin found in the Pacific waters off of the Santa Elena Peninsula (Salinas) has not been seen in over 12 years! Many days with hundreds of striped marlin seen busting bait or tailing in the surface has become a common occurrence lately. While days like these are the norm in Galapagos, it has been a while since Salinas experience such fishing for stripes. 2006 was a very good year for striped and blue marlin in Salinas. 2007 has proved to be even better. Thrown in a few months this year with bites from blues averaging 2 to 15 a day and you cannot ask for much better fishing. Granted the last two months have produce few blues off of Salinas, Manta just 75 miles North of Salinas by water has produced spectacular blue marlin with most fish ranging 400 to 800 lbs. Two local artisanal skiffs trolling with handlines reported boating marlin over 1000 lbs.

    I had the pleasure of fishing with writer Mark Hatter Nov 14 and 15. We raised 12 fish the first day and released 3 stripes. We saw hundreds of fish feeding on sardines but they were full. The second day we raised 2 fish but saw more frenzies and could just not get the fish to commit. Again too much food I guess.

    Last week's two day local tournament consisting of 16 boats reported over 130 raises and 35 striped marlin releases and 1 blue

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      Weather and Temps are great for Spotting Tailers

      For all you sight and fly fisherman the past six weeks has been very good for stalking bone fish. On warm days in between cold fronts they have been pushing up on the flats to play. Most of the fish I am finding are small schools of mudders and tailing fish pouring in an outgoing tide and are not spooky, in fact, in one area that we have been fishing, most of the fish are swimming around the boat waiting for us to feed them. I have been fishing this school for several weeks with good outcomes. Eric Johnson from Long Island, New York fished with me and found this out by bringing 2 bones to the boat on fly, one at 8 lbs and another at 12 lbs with plenty of shots at more fish. Also Mathew St. Germain and David Torbert from here in Homestead fished this week and Mathew caught his first 2 bones sight fishing on the flats with spinning gear. Great job guys!

      THERE HAVE BEEN A LOT OF BONE FISH IN BISCAYNE BAY for February on SOME days I am seeing well over 100 bones! With all the hot temps lately and warm water there are also mega permit around they are acting like it is April. That should change back soon when we will get a cold blast this week and put the crazy fishing to rest or until this weird so called winter goes away again! I donít like the colder months and the past 2 months have made me grin and I am actually enjoying this winter!!

      Iíve been tying my own fly patterns and they have been working well. One of which is a small shrimp pattern in olive fur with pearl chenille gold with gold flash, and tan craft fur with pink flash and silver body with pearl chenille brown on a Mustad 34007 #4 hook.

      North of Flamingo in the back bays the big Tarpon are here to play with warm water and calm days , the largest tarpon to the boat so far is an estimated 110 lbs taken on a X-RAP with plenty more around the 80 + in lb range. On fly the large everglades flies are working well for big fish, this week James Dillard of Miami jumped 6 and boated a fish at 100 lbs. A cold front this week will push them out for a little while but they should return when it warms up.
      Windy and cloudy days can push fish down and out and weekends can be tough for Tarpon too with a lot of boat traffic around, this can push these weary fish around so if you are fishing for Tarpon and you see a line of boats please give them room and find other fishÖ there are a lot around, the slightest motor noise can ruin a anglers day and mine!

      In Florida bay the sight fishing has been a little tougher than last year. Last year reds and snook were plentiful. Lately I am finding good fishing early in the day on outgoing clean water. Larger redfish are starting to show up in small schools with singles and doubles too tailing on the flats.( These fish are kinda skinny, I know they spawn in low light months so maybe they are just starting to munch!) For anglers learning to salt water fly fish this can be a blast. The last week large snook are in pot holes to the east!
      When it has been windy and making Florida bay look like chocolate milk we have been tossing artificials around the mangroves in moving water, with results of snook to 10 lbs and plenty of redfish.
      Good luck
      Capt. Jim Hale


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        Bill Collectors in Guatemala

        A brief Guatemalan fishing report from Captains, Anglers, and other unreliable sources.

        March 2-6 finds members from the Sarasota Yacht Club, spearheaded by Mr. Tony Piano along with 15 other Bay area Residents. In there 4 days of fishing aboard the Casa Vieja Fleet boats the 16 anglers released a total of 385 sailfish!!!

        March 7-10 finds Long time friend and angler Mr. Kirk "The Shot" Weisman accompanied by his daughter Kara fishing the Fly aboard the "Intensity" with Capt. Mike Sheeder. Kara did all the angling releasing 11 sailfish on the fly in three days of fishing and going 3 for 3 on her last day. Nice going Kara!!

        March 9-13 we have Marcel Waldschmit, Rick Zeedyk, and Dick Bruil from Double MM Sportfishing, fishing aboard the "Canaso" with Capt. Jason Brice. The anglers released 66 sails in there 5 day trip from 130 bites. Not a bad showing from the flying Dutchmen!

        Highlights from Capt. Chris Sheeder aboard the newest addition to the Casa Vieja Fleet the 40" Whiticar the "Finest Kind" finds Godfrey Franco, Paco Suarez, and Adriel Longo joining us from Puerto Rico. The crew was looking for hungry sails and they found them, Releasing 94 sailfish from 132 bites in 5 days of fishing and a 250 lb Blue marlin to boot!!

        I am settling in comfortably aboard the Recently Overhauled and finally splashed 37í Merritt the "Release" over the past week, and will be sure to add some highlights on next weeks report.
        Overall the fishing outlook is good with large schools of sails supplementing the Guatemalan fleet, with Blue Marlins and Large Dorados seen and caught daily. We still have dates available for the next couple of months and donítí forget that last yearís summer Marlin run heated up in April. Summer rates with big discounts start June 1st as well, so call Merijo Attong at (866) 846-9121 today to book your trip.

        Capt Erik Lorentzen
        Casa Vieja Lodge
        Guatemala, CA