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  • Galapagos

    For the last ten years we have been pulling for the GNP park to issue in, on and around permits for fishing. Long hour drives from San Cristobal to the International waters will be a thing of the past. This weekend 4 permits were issued. The boat Blue, with Braden Escobar, is one of 4 that received it. Thanks to Juan Carlos and all those pushing the laws and permitting! I am attaching the front of the permit so you all can see it for yourself. It's finally come!

    If you want any more information on this subject, let me know. Don't get caught fishing on a boat without a permit!!! Ask to see their card.

    Call me as I have the exclusive on the boats with permits to fish ANYWHERE!!!!

    Merijo Attong
    Sportsman's Addiction

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    Galapagos Fishing Report Feb 10-19, 2008
    San Cristobal Island

    Feb 10- After picking up Mike Eakin and Tom Noohan at the Baltra airport we headed out aboard the Blue for an afternoon of fishing on the way to San Cristobal. Once we arrive at Braden’s Bank (which was named by a pilot friend of mine and not by myself) there was good action from bonito. It didn’t take long before we raised a nice striped marlin only to have it spit the hook on the run. A total of 8 tailers were seen but they were not aggressive. A nice mahi mahi was also caught as well as a couple of big eye tuna.

    Feb 11- The Blue ran to Rosa Blanca and the seas were choppy but bearable. Water temperatures on the East side of Santa Cruz were 80 – 81 F during the day. Water color was clear. During the day we saw over 50 tailers that would not eat. We managed to raise 10 stripes in the spread and get 7 bites and no fish to the boat

    Feb 12- The morning and day were perfect sunny weather. The ocean was calm and water temperature remained 80 to 81F. Not as many tailers were seen. We raised 3 stripes and 2 blue (one fish estimated around 500#) and got 5 non aggressive bites.

    Feb 13- The weather remained calm and sunny and after several missed fish Mike and Tom managed to get a double and release them. Both stripes were nice fish close to 200#. The total was 13 raises, 9 bites and 2 releases. The fish were very finicky and thus we had to go with the ole’ hair lure trick which would eventually increase our releases over the next few days.

    Feb 14- Was the last day with Mike Eakin and Tom Noohan. The weather was rainy at certain points of the day but the ocean remained calm. The fish were still very finicky feeders and very few tailers were seen. The Blue raised 10 stripes and had 7 bites with 4 releases. One stripey was estimated at over 280#.

    Feb 15- A last minute charter with Pete Santini’s clients from Boston showed them a fun experience. The ocean was a little choppy but bearable. Water temp remained 79- 80 F. A few tailers were seen and some were aggressive. 11 fish were raised in the spread with 8 bites and 2 releases. Both fish released were estimated over 200#.

    Feb 16- Marcia and Jay Giessel from Kansas were on their second international billfish trip. They had only caught sails before and were ready to move up the pelagic ladder. Unusually mean and choppy seas for the time of the year greeted them on Rosa Blanca bank. Water temp was 78- 79 F. Jay caught his first striped marlin and Marcia had her turn next with nice fish around 180#. Jay ended the day with a small stiped estimate around 100#. 12 fish were raised with 9 bites and 3 releases. A great first day for our friends from Kansas.

    Feb 17- After mastering the art of catching stripes on 50# standup the Giessel’s were ready to try for some wahoo fishing. So the Blue headed for Hancock bank. It was not a surprise to find it loaded with big eyes instead of wahoo. 23 tuna and a wahoo would make a fun filled day on 30# standup for our Kansas anglers. Most fish average 8 to 53#.

    Feb 19- A rainy day from the start for the Giessels. The ocean was very calm and other than getting plenty of fresh water from the sky conditions were not bad. The morning was interesting as we raised 8 stripes in less than 2 hours. A flurry of fish sent 3 rods screaming including a 30# on the bridged which was targeting bonito. After one fish spit the hook we were down to two rods. At the end of the fight we were surprised to find that a striped about #220 had eating a large lure as well as a feather. Both hooks were less than an inch apart in the bridge of the bill. In the afternoon the rain poured but it was time for blue marlin to show up. Another boat in the area released 2 blues estimated around 300. In our case we raised 2 blues each estimated at over 700# but lost one on the bite and eventually the last fish of the day on the run it spit the hook. In total we raised 10 marlin had 7 bites and released 2.

    For those interested in fishing the best marlin waters in the world there is limited space available for 2008 and 2009. Our fleet has the only licensed boats in Galapagos.

    Braden Escobar
    President ECUAGRINGO S.A Hunting, fishing and adventure in Ecuador, Galapagos Islands and Peru

    Visit us on the web
    Saltwater Fishing Articles & More by Outdoor Writer Jerry LaBella


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      Baits swarm the Galapagos waters with the rain.

      I am happy to proclaim that the bait and fish are finally showing in great numbers that make Galapagos possibly the best marlin fishing the world has to offer. Heavy showers in parts of the archipelago have not slowed the fish. Great amounts of herring and sardines are being seen on the banks. Water temp continues to rise from an average 83 F to 85 F.

      Feb 27, 2008 Alberto Casaretto and his wife Irene form Argentina fish for the first time in the Galapagos onboard the Blue. A beautiful and calm day of fishing on Rosab Blanca banks with water temp 83 F. We managed to raise 12 stripes and get 8 bites releasing 4 stripes. It was the couples first time with Galapagos stripes. These were nice fish averaging 190 to 220#

      Feb 28, Again Alberto and his wife set out onaboard the Blue to the Rosab Blanca banks. The Pacific was a little choppy with waves 3 to 5 ft. The fish were present but a lot more finicky feeders. The Blue raised 8 stripes, had 5 bites and released 1 stripey over 200#.

      March 1, guests Captain Paul Ivey and Sara MacRae set out onboard the Blue for a beautiful and calm day of fishing on the Rosa Blanca banks. Water remained 83 F and it was very sunny. Using pitch bait ballyhoo and squid daisy chains we managed to raise 14 stripes and get 10 bites on the pictch baits with 4 releases.. Sara rleased her first 3 Galapagos striped marlin on 50# and 30# standup gear. Paul released his first stripey as well on 30#.

      March 2, Again Capt Ivey and Sara went onboard the Blue. The fish were feeding deep on Rosa Blanca banks and we saw a few tailers that would not feed. 5 stripeys were raised and we got bites from all 5. Sara managed to catch 1 beautiful fish estimated around 230#. Water was flat calm and the sea was a deep blue in color with temp averaging 83 F

      March 3, again we set out to Rosa Blanca for the last day with Paul and Sara. The ocean was calm and temp remained 83 F. We managed to tease up 5 fish and get 3 bites with a release on 1 stripey. Sara last fish of the trip would be a hell of a fighter and would not give up easily. Captain Ivey showed us a few things and we appreciate Paul taking his time to teach the boys a few new tricks.

      March 6, Alberto Casaretto and hos wife Irene from Argentina returned from touring the Island of Isabela to fish onboard the Blue 2 more days. We set out to Rosa Blanca’s first bank where we would find the boat Sea Hands trolling already on fish. There was plenty of bait on the surface and many birds working the area. The Blue managed to raise 23 stripes, 1 blue and get 13 bites with 5 releases. The Sea Hands raised 30 stripes and a double header of blues which they released both to total 9 releases on that boat. The ocean was calm and water temp remained 83 F. Between 2 boats we managed to raise 55 marlin.

      March 7, Alberto Casaretto and his wife set out onboard the Blue for their last day of fishing. Being the only boat out made fishing the fish a bit harder. Water conditions were a bit choppy with averge 5 ft waves. The temp remained 83 F. The blue raised 9 stripes and a blue and had 5 bites and 1 release. Not a bad day to end the trip for our guests form Argentina.

      March 9, 3 boats, the Blue, Johnamar and the Sea Hands would set out with a group of 9 anglers led by Jerri Perez. As the boats arrived on the bank there was plenty of life. The water was calm and temp 83 F. Thousands of booby birds as well as sea lions and dolphins were on the banks. The morning was a bit slowed with a handful of stripes and a blue estimated around 600# raised on the Blue. However things would change on the last bank when the Blue found large balls of bait that went form the surface to the bottom in 400 ft of water. It did not take long for the marlin to show up. Onboard the Blue we could not get a rod or a teaser out fast enough as we would have striped marlin fighting over our teasers. In a matter of less than 4 hours the Blue ended the day raising 40 stripes and a blue with 14 releases and 33 bites. We radioed the other boats and they ended the day with: Johnamar 28 striped raised, 1 blue, 21 bite and 7 releases including a blue marlin. The Sea Hands raised 34 stripes, 1 blue and had 25 bites with 12 stripes released. The day with end with a total 102 stripes and 3 blues raised with 33 marlin released.

      March 10, again all 3 boats would go to the Rosa Blanca Banks. There was a lot of life again. Thousands of booby birds as well as sea lions and dolphins. Lots of bait in the form of herring and sardines. The marlin were much more finicky on the bite. Onboard the Blue we raised 24 stripes, had 17 bites and released 6. The water was choppy and sea temp remained 83.8 F. There were lots of fish. Johnamar raised 21stripes, had 18 bites and released 5 fish with a few wahoo and dolphin caught. Sea Hands managed to raise 31 stripes and get 21 bites with 6 stripes released and a blue estimated at 400# lost. A total of 76 marlin were raised with 17 releases.

      March 11, all 3 boats set out for a day of wahoo, tuna and bottom fishing to MacGowen reef. Water was a bit choppy with 84 F. The day was full of rain showers. Each boat averaged over 20 to 30 fish caught between tuna, jacks, wahoo, grouper and parrot fish.

      March 12, breaking the routine I gave my mates the day off to make repairs from the rains on their homes. I invited Pete santini, his daughter Tanya and Lauren as well as my wife Mery for day of fishing. The weather was perfect. The Pacific was flat calm, with water temp 85 F. Sunny skies with a few clouds set the pace for a great day. As we arrived in the second bank of Rosa Blanca we saw the Anette hooked up with a striped marlin jumping. As soon as we got a teaser out (mind you I was playing the only mate in the cockpit) we had stripe try to eat it. We spent the next hour trying to tease stripes off of herring. In less than an hours time we raised 12 fish but could not tease them to take a pitch lure. So we quickly switched to lures and things started looking up. The marlin were finicky feeders and many would take one swat at the lures and teasers and were gone. The firt fish Lauren Santini managed to catch was stripey on 50# standup that averaged 200#. Next fish caught was by my wife Mery who landed after a long arduous fight a stripey around 220#. Tanya Santini was up next and caught a nice striped around 170#. Finally but not least I was able to catch my first personal stripey of the year. A total of 33 fish were raised with 23 bites and 4 releases. There is still limited space available for 2008. Call Merijo for dates 305-926-7423


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        Galapagos Fishing report Jan 22 and 23

        From: Braden Escobar
        Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2009 02:13:38 +0000
        Subject: Galapagos Fishing Report Jan 22 and 23, 2009 Plenty of Marlin!


        Were back in Galapagos celebrating the our first day on the water after the Galapagos Striped marlin!

        Jan 22, 2009
        While arriving on the famous Rosa Blanca banks today we were greeted by boobies diving. It wasn`t long before old long nose made herself present! Terry Carter from Ohio joined us on this first day of our Galapagos marlin season 2009. While much of the time was spent scouting the banks there was no shortage of life or bait. The water was calm, the day sunny and the view of San Cristobal Island was just spectacular. The marine life as well as the fishing would not disappoint us. It has been 3 years since I have seen so much bait arrive this early in January. Generally in the past it has meant we are in for a possible stellar year where breaking 100 raises a day may be possible. Terry carter went two for two on the fly. My good friend "Fat Daniel" hooked and released his first stripey on 40# spinning tackle ever! Fat Daniel has caught many marlin with me but never one on spinning tackle. We estimated his stripey around 160#. 12 stripes were raised in total and two big eye tuna just under 30# that will make for a great dinner at the hand of Fat Daniel who is a great chef as well.

        Jan 23, 2009 started as a beautifully sunny day as we ran out to Rosa Blanca banks aboard the Blue. Terry Carter and avid fly fisherman from Ohio and my good friend Fat Daniel came along today. The conditions were blue water and nice calm seas. There were current breaks everywhere but not a lot of life seen on top of the bank. However, under the boat were loads of bait and lots of marlin. We manage to raise on 3 teasers 36 striped marlin. Terry got 5 bites on the fly and released 3 nice fish from 120 the smallest to 180lbs the biggest. Fat Daniel using a popper plug on a spinning rod managed to get several furious jumps out of a 200# plus stripey. He got two bites from two fish he cast too that teased in very well. The small trebel hooks on his popper were no match for these aggressive fish.

        This is the best fishing I have seen in January in 3 years and things should only get better!

        You only live once so hurry up and book while there is still space available.

        Best regards,

        Braden Escobar
        President ECUAGRINGO S.A Hunting, fishing and adventure in Ecuador, Galapagos Islands and Peru

        Visit us on the web


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          Galapagos Fishing report Jan 31

          Dear Angler:

          Do you want to be a part of the world`s hottest marlin fishing? The bite hot in Galapagos. We can take you the most reliable and hottest marlin fishery on the planet. Here is the latest fishing report:

          Jan 31, 2009- Local Captain Edwin Buenaño took his boat the Johnamar to the Rosa Blanca Banks. His guest would be Mr. Tim Choate (a frequent client of the Johnamar for the last few years). Water conditions were nice with blue water offshore after 8 miles. Conditions on the bank were reported to be of "plenty bait, warm water and many tailing fish). Capt Edwin`s account of the fish raised was of 20 stripes on lures managing to release 3 fish. Capt Edwin prefers to use lures to baits. The day ended with much celebration and a tired client.

          Feb 1- It was time for the Capt Edwin to take his client Mr. Choate to Rosa Blanca again. The day was blue skies and very reasonable seas. Conditions on the bank were near perfect expressed Edwin. Plenty of tailing fish. However, the fish you did not see were the real biters. Edwin reported raising almost 30 fish. They released 4 stripes and had over 20 bites. The fishing seems to get only better.

          Don`t hesitate to book. Contact us today!

          Good Fishing

          [email protected]



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            Galapagos islands fishing report Feb 5-9

            San Cristobal, Galapagos Islands Feb 5-9, 2009 Fishing Report

            As February moves on conditions here in Galapagos have been pretty much stable. Hot days in the 90`s, partly cloudy days and very calm sea conditions have provide us with wonderful fishing. If you want to experience the world’s best marlin fishing then don’t wait to book as space is limited!

            Feb 5, 2009 – This was my first time fishing with Tom Wheaton from Virginia. It was Tom’s third time in the Galapagos. His friend Ralph Goins was experiencing his first time in Galapagos as well as going after billfish. It was a sunny and beautiful day in Galapagos as we headed out aboard the Blue. Navigating 36 mile to Rosa Blanca’s largest bank. As soon as we arrived birds were working and marlin could be seen slashing on the surface. Sea lions and dolphins were all part of the show. Ralph baited, hooked and caught his first striped marlin ever on this very day! Each angler would catch and release 4 stripes out of 10 bites. Keep in mind very hot water on the surface makes stripeys lazy eaters. In total 17 stripes were raised. Not bad for their first day.

            The Sea Hands, captained by local William Buenaño and trolling lures as opposed to baits released 7 stripes out of 15 bites and raised 20 fish. They fished the Rosa Blanca banks as well.

            Feb 6, 2009- We set out aboard the Blue with Tom Wheaton and Ralph goings. It was a choppy morning but turned out to be almost flat calm by 10 AM. The water again was very hot on the surface and the monitor was marking large balls of bait down 300 feet which would seldom come up on this day. Nevertheless we managed to raise 12 striped marlin, 10 bites and release 5 fish.

            The Johanamar, captained by local Edwin Buenaño raised 14 fish, had 9 bites and released 4 stripes on lures fishing the same area.

            Feb 7, 2009- Our third day of fishing with Ralph and Tom had us back on Rosa Blanca banks. There were lots of animals such as sea lions, whales and dolphins on the bank. Birds were diving and balls of bait were on the monitor. Surface water temperature was quite hot and again the fish very lazy feeders. The Blue raised 16 stripes, had 6 bites on baits and released 3 fish.

            The Johanamar, captained by local Edwin Buenaño raised 15, had 9 bites and released 3 stripes.

            Feb 8, 2009- On our 4rth day aboard the Blue we decide to try our luck on the banks West of San Cristobal. These were the same banks made famous while I used to fish aboard my old boat the Striper. It is one of my favourite banks as well as Captain Alan Star`s who also fished it for years alongside on another boat. As we arrived on the bank we found lots of bait, flying fish and mostly tuna. We did not raise a billfish that we could be sure of to count as a raise. A few tuna bites as well as a nice 30 lb big eye caught by Ralph would make for an excellent dinner.

            The Johanamar, had similar luck except they managed to raise and catch a blue marlin estimated around 300lb.

            Feb 9, 2009- Onboard the Blue we decide to head back to Rosa Blanca and boy we sure were glad we did. Shortly after we arrived a striped marlin came up to say hi. It did not take long for the rest of the fish to start showing. Birds, dolphins and sea lions were feeding on balls of sardines. The fishing remained strong all day in a radius of maybe half a mile. The surface water was very hot causing the fish to be deprived of the oxygen needed to be more voracious. Nevertheless it was a day that many only dream of. One day past the full moon and the fishing came alive. Tom and Ralph felt the frustration of what makes striped marlin fishing one of the most challenging. They are some of the hardest billfish to hook. Tom and Ralph did everything just about right but the fish would not help hook themselves. We raised 66 striped marlin, experienced 36 lazy bites and managed top release 6. I admit that a batch of bad wind on leader and old mate assembled for me caused us to loose another 4 fish we probably would have caught. Nevertheless the fish were difficult.

            The Johanamar and its captain Edwin managed to raise over 50 stripes, have 37 bites on plugs and release 11 stripes.

            Sportsmans Addiction

            123 N. Krome Ave

            Suite #200

            Homestead Florida 33030 305-396-6629 Fax 305-396-4986 [email protected]

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              Galapagos Fishing report Feb 16-20 2009

              San Cristobal, Galapagos Marlin Report Feb 16 – 20, 2009

              The Galapagos Islands continue to produce possibly the best marlin fishing on the planet. This latest report involves 2 of our regular yearly anglers now on their 3rd return to the enchanted islands. Thomas Noohan and Mike Eakins from Pennsylvania returned for 5 days of exciting marlin action. Thomas has celebrated with us a few first achievements before such as his first striped marlin, his first 300lb big eye tuna and now finally his first blue marlin! Congratulations Thomas!

              Feb 16- Started as cloudy day but with flat calm seas. As we made the 38 mile run to Rosa Blanca banks we spoke with Thomas and Mike about their “Rain Gear Productions” t-shirts. “Rain Gear” started as a joke, due to an ill fated first offshore trip to Mexico where they were rained out for several days. What a way to first experience offshore fishing! Although some rain could be seen offshore today, rain has so far never been a factor not to go fishing in Galapagos. The day started with a bit of a late bite. Dropping baits to the fish, the Blue raised 11 stripes, got 8 bites on baits and released 5 fish. Several nice 25lb big eye tuna would make for an excellent dinner. These anglers had never really experienced pitching or feeding baits to fish.

              Feb 17- A very sunny day and extremely calm water was waiting for the blue and our anglers on Rosa Blanca. The water was a very dark blue. Birds were active diving. A school of 20 or 30 marlin were slashing on the surface and chasing bait right before our eyes! The sites and sounds of Galapagos wild will play on repeatedly on an angler´s mind long after the trip is over. This was the first trip Mike and Thomas were dropping baits to the fish and it took a little work and getting used to. We raised 10 stripes, had 6 bites and released 2 fish.

              Feb 18- Another beautiful sunny day on the water. The ocean was the bluest color I had seen so far this year. Conditions were wonderful but the fish were down deep. The Blue raised 8 stripes, received 4 bites and released 3 marlin. It was a slow day by Galapagos standards but nevertheless it was fun.

              Feb 19- The wind picked up a little although it was no problem on the run to the Rosa Blanca banks. The ocean was slightly choppy yet comfortable. The water was blue and as the day went on the Northern wind calmed even more. Thomas and Mike were in for a treat as the action picked up quite a bit from the previous day. Thomas would have his biggest surprise of the trip as the first fish raised he pitched a bait back perfectly and hooked it. To our surprise the fish would charge the boat and Thomas would release a blue marlin estimated 240lb in under 6 minutes. The stripes were hungry and there were many more feeding on the surface. The Blue raised 22, had 17 bites and released 6 stripes and 1 blue marlin.

              Feb 20- The wind had barely picked up a little but was virtually gone as the day developed. The Blue travelled to Rosa Blanca banks and experienced another beautiful sunny day of fishing. The fish seemed tougher to feed and hook on this day. Now remember this is the first trip Thomas and Mike actually tried to feed the fish themselves. Considering the circumstances I would say they did pretty well. We raised 16 stripes, had 11 bites and released 2 fish.

              Folks don´t wait to book your trip. If you want to experience the best marlin fishing in the world then book now. These are not sailfish and any experienced billfish angler will tell you there is no comparison!

              Please enjoy a few pictures from the trip below.

              Tight Lines!
              Merijo Attong- Sportsman's Addiction
              123 N. Krome Ave Suite 200
              Homestead FL 33030
              305-396-6629 Fax305-396-4986


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                Galapagos Marlin report March 8 2009

                Fellow Anglers:

                As expected, the marlin bite has continued to hold in Galapagos. There are plenty of marlin on the Rosa Blanca banks. Some days offer many tailers, free jumpers and schools of marlin feeding, sites that are worth the trip alone. Take advantage of a few openings left in the prime dates. Come be a part of the world´s best marlin fishing.

                Our latest report comes in my absence but was submitted to me by Pete Santini who fished on the Blue with Captain Alan Star and a few anglers from Finland.

                March 3 - Santini reported a beautiful day with nice oceans and clear water. There was life as far as birds and sea lions on the banks. Lots of bait as well as tuna could be seen on the surface. The Blue raised 17 stripes, got 9 bites and released 3 fish. What nice way to start off a trip for these anglers from Finland!

                March 4 - The Ocean was a bit choppier and a few fish were seen tailing. 16 stripes raised, 8 bites and 3 releases on this day including a stripe estimated over 250#. Tuna and plenty of bait was reported seen on the surface. A few tuna in the 30# range would make for excellent dinners.

                March 5 - A little more wind was in the mix but it was reasonable. Santini noted that there were many tailers and marlin feeding but they were not very interested in what they had to offer. This is a common occurrence on days that the fish are full from the amount of natural food present. Nevertheless they reported raising 10 stripes, 8 bites and 3 releases.

                Contact us for some great fishing!



                123 N KROME AVE, SUITE 200

                HOMESTEAD FL 33030


                contact us at [email protected]


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                  Galapagos Marlin Report March 9-12

                  Galapagos Marlin Report

                  Well folks we are now well into March and 2009 has not let us down in Galapagos. Plenty of marlin continue to swim and feed off Rosa Blanca banks. The last week has been a little windier than usual but nothing like the rougher Atlantic Ocean. The Pacific Ocean that surrounds the Galapagos is true to its name most of the time.

                  Here is the latest Galapagos action report submitted by the various boats fishing:

                  March 9, 2009 Pete Santini from Boston who manages and operates the Sea Hands reported very good deep blue water color. Schools of squid and sardines were prevalent on the monitor as well as dozens of tailing striped marlin seen through the day. Fish were very aggressive on lures and seemed to have some size to them. Pete mentioned most fish were probably in the 180 to 200# range which shows a population of possibly older or fatter fish than earlier in the year. One fish released was estimated near 250#. The Sea Hands had 20 raises, 13 bites and 7 releases. Not bad!

                  March 10, 2009 Captain Alan Star, fishing a freelance group on his own aboard the Blue picked up a group of fly fishermen out of Santa Cruz and headed for the controversial (in name at least) bank known as 0/30 (also known as Braden´s Bank, Pacific National and the Big Bank) just East of Santa Cruz. Star reported lots of tuna feeding but no marlin. This bank has been off for 2 years now which seems unusual as it has seen incredible runs of marlin through it in the past.

                  Pete Santini fishing onboard the Sea Hands with his clients headed for Rosa Blanca banks. Conditions of the water were beautiful dark blue. The ocean was choppy due to the wind. Pete reported a high amount of bait and tailing marlin everywhere. Fish did not seem as aggressive but there were plenty of them. They managed to raise 22 stripes, 10 bites and get 3 releases.

                  March 11, 2009 Pete Santini onboard the Sea Hands was almost speechless when he related the experience of this day. He expressed that the fish were everywhere and they seemed to raise fish with every turn. They were not as aggressive on the bite and despite the high amount of raises solid hook ups on lures were hard. Water conditions were choppy with deep blue color. 35 stripes, 1 blue and 1 black marlin were reported raised. 2 stripes and a blue estimated around 500# were released.

                  Captain Alan Star onboard the Blue was fly fishing. He reported raising 27 striped marlin from which they had one bite on the fly and lost the fish after a short fight.

                  March 12, 2009 While this report is being written I called Pete Santini on his cell and he reported until 1 pm that the Sea Hands had raised 7 stripes and released 1. Conditions were beautiful deep blue water but the ocean was still a bit choppy with 3 ft waves.

                  I would like to thank the captains who provided this valuable information. Without this report would not be possible.

                  Folks, there is still time to book this year. Don´t pass up your chance to fish the best marlin waters in the world! If you would like to fish with any of these captains please don´t hesitate to contact us through our website or [email protected]

                  Sportsmans Addiction

                  123 Krome Ave Suite 200

                  Homestead Florida 33030 305-396-6629


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                    March Galapagos Marlin Report

                    Galapagos Marlin Report

                    March started as a fantastic month and showed some very solid fishing. The water remained warm and fluctuated only from 80 to 85 F on average. Most days showed flat calm seas and a few had low chops but nice weather nevertheless. Many anglers experienced their first marlins. The reports from March 16 to March 27 were submitted by Pete Santini aboard the Sea Hands. March 29th on were submitted by myself.

                    March 16, 2009, Pete Santini was kind enough to submit his report aboard the Sea Hands. Fishing on Rosa Blanca`s main bank Pete reported raising 21 stripes and a blue marlin on lures. He had 12 bites and released 3 stripes and 1 blue estimated around 400lbs.

                    March 17, 2009, Santini aboard the Sea Hands reported a beautiful day on the ocean. Fish were difficult to hook. 15 raises, 8 bites and 1 release were the product of high surface temperature according to Pete.

                    March 18, 2009, According to Santini on the Sea Hands conditions remained the same on Rosa Blanca Banks. He reported raising 22 fish on lures with 11 bites and 3 releases. The highlight of the day aside from the marlin was a few big eye tunas caught that made for a good dinner.

                    March 19, 2009, taking a break from the marlin Santini took his clients to Mac Gowen Reef for a day of wahoo and tuna fishing. The biggest tuna was a 65lb big eye. The fishing for wahoo and tuna is second to none in Galapagos.

                    March 20, 2009, Santini took his clients to Rosa Blanca banks for a “reel” treat! An incredible day which is common in the Galapagos showed the Sea Hands 47 raises with 28 bites and 5 releases. Many tailers were reported cruising the waters of the bank.

                    March 22, 2009, the Sea Hands reported another spectacular day on the Rosa Blanca banks raising 50 stripes and 2 blue marlin. A total of 32 amazing bites on lures which included a double header of blue marlin estimated 350 and 450# each plus 3 stripes released.

                    March 23, 2009, the Sea Hands had another double digit day with 24 raises, 15 bites and 2 releases of striped marlin.

                    March 24, 2009, Santini reported 18 raises, 9 bites and 1 release.

                    March 25, 2009, the Sea Hands raised 22 stripes with 13 bites and released 2.

                    March 26, 2009, Santini reported a flat calm day with greenish water on Sothern side of Rosa Blanca`s main bank. The Sea hands experienced another stellar day with lots of marlin with 35 raises on lures, 15 bites and 2 releases.

                    March 27, 2009, the Sea Hands raised 14 stripes, had 9 bite and no releases. Santini added that this was the only day he got skunked on catches this year.

                    March 29, 2009, we set out aboard the Johanamar arriving on the Rosa Blanca banks around 2 pm. It was a late day charter and I played mate for my client Ron Lidjahl. Ron had never fished for marlin in the pacific before and it would be in Galapagos that he would catch his first striped marlin ever! A nice stripey around 200# on 40# tackle. We raised 5 stripes had 4 bites and released 1.

                    March 30, 2009, aboard the Blue we set out with Ron again on a flat calm day. Today we were going to attempt to help Ron catch another stripey on light tackle with ballyhoo. Ron hooked a stripey himself and caught it as we went on to land the second of a double header. Once we had a couple of stripes on standup it was time to switch to fly fishing. Ron had been dreaming of catching marlin on fly. He came darn close as he managed to have 3 bites on fly. Unfortunately they all came loose. The final numbers for the day were 13 raises 5 bites on standup gear and 3 bites on fly with 2 releases on standup. The highlight of the day was a sighting of 3 spearfish on top water. I have never seen spearfish in the Galapagos before.

                    March 31, 2009, Jeff Morrow and his Son Slayton, Jim Sutton, Jim Shumacher and his son Austin and Caleb Massey would fill the Blue for an adventure. We fished Rosa Blanca`s main bank and raised a double on blues and 7 stripes. We released 2 stripes out of 5 stripe bites and 2 blue bites. Junior anglers Slayton Morrow and Austin Shumacher would release their first marlins ever!

                    April 1, 2009, Onboard the Blue we set off with the same group to Rosa Blanca`s first bank. Water was very calm and a few fish were seen on the surface as well as birds and marine life. We raised 9 stripes had 6 bites on ballyhoo and released 4 stripes. The highlight was a very stubborn stripey on 50# that Austin Schumacher released estimated around 200#.

                    April 2, 2009, This was the final day aboard the Blue with the Morrow group as we set for Rosa Blanca`s first bank. After raising only 1 stripey we made the 4 mile crossing to Rosa Blanca`s main bank. It wasn`t long after finding the birds and trolling a nice current rip that a blue marlin estimated 500# would engulf the ballyhoo on a 30# rod equipped with 40# line. Caleb Massey took the rod and put on a powerful performance by bringing the fish to leader in 1 hour and 3 minutes. Because the leader was only 150# the fish could not be wired properly for a picture so Caleb went on to fight it another 2 hours and 30 minute getting the release 1 more time. Finally the line broke on a last ditch effort to get the fish to the boat for pictures. 2 more stripeys were raised in a short amount of time left before we had to head for port. It was Caleb`s biggest fish marlin!

                    Thanks to Pete Santini for all his information.

                    Folks, there is very good fishing year round in the Galapagos. Please do not hesitate to book if you want to be part of current history`s best marlin fishing on the planet!

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