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  • Ecuador

    Hello Fellow Anglers:

    Ecuagringo is putting together a fishing trip on the West side of the island of Isabela for January 25-29, 2009. This is an opportunity for up to 4 anglers willing to share a lobster boat as a mothership and our 33 Sportfisher the Blue. We will be targeting blue, black and striped marlin during the day as well as sierra mackeral, grouper, jack and tuna in the afternoons near shore. Fishing will be played by ear. This is a unique opportunity to fish uncharted waters in the sportfishing world. Since we are focusing on getting data and using this trip as research, we will be offering it at an incredible price. This is a true opportunity to target big marlin and if weather permits possible swordfish at night as well as many other species. No sportfishing boat has ever fished these waters!! Previous limited research nearshore indicated and incredible fishery for grouper, jacks, wahoo and tuna.

    The price per angler is $5900 and includes:

    2 nights of hotel in Guayaquil
    Basic bed on mothership
    A chef to prepare all meals onboard during fishing trip
    Aifare Guayaquil/Baltra/Isabela and return
    Tackle, bait and crew
    5 days of fishing onboard 33 ft sportfisher

    Here is the itinerary of how this trip will unfold:

    January 23, 09 Arrive in Guayaquil. Pick up and transfer to hotel
    Jan 24, 09 Take flights to Galapagos and end up in Isabela. Once onboard mothership and depending on the time of day we may depart for fishing grounds or wait until next morning. Night on lobster boat.
    Jan 25,26,27,28,29, 09 Full days of fishing. Night onboard lobster boat.
    Jan 30, 09 Return to Isabela airport and catch flight for connection back to Guayaquil
    Jan 31, 09 Depart Guayaquil

    A minimum of 3 anglers will be needed to fufill this trip. Maximum amount of anglers is 4 per boat. If we have a good response we may possibly put together a second boat if needed.

    If you are interested in booking please contact us ASAP. Space will be limited so don´t hesitate to take this incredible opportunity to fish nonstop.

    Best regards,

    Braden Escobar
    President ECUAGRINGO S.A Hunting, fishing and adventure in Ecuador, Galapagos Islands and Peru

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    Salinas, Ecuador fishing report

    Salinas´ Marlins out in force!!!!

    After ending our Manta season with some excellent results closing the year 2009, we are back in Salinas for its famous fishing season. Even though water temperatures were not as warm as they usually are at this time of the year (77F) which would have brought more fish, both groups had some excellent days on board.

    We had 2 groups fishing this past week; the first group was a couple of bird watching aficionados from the States on board our Bertram 28 ¨Don Chuma¨ with Captain Luis Moran and his crew, who made the most out of their fishing day with a Blue Marlin that broke the line about 10 minutes in and several Mahis on board. The Marlin seemed average size (around 300 pounds) but it sure gave a hell of a fight. Captain Moran made two more passes on closing Marlins when the Mahi started to get hungry. They landed a couple of Mahis before raising the lines in the afternoon and took them for a surely deep fried experience that night. The next day we set them up for a birdwatching tour at Cerro Blanco reserve in Guayaquil so they enjoyed the best of both worlds, not to mention all the birds they saw offshore.

    The second group fished 3 days on board the Hatteras 35 ¨Tianina¨ with Captain Adolfo Panchana. They were some very nice anglers from the States who call themselves the ¨Trolling Stones¨, led by Bob McIntyre, we were glad to host them and set them up with the fishing. They wanted to land the Big One here and the conditions surely were set for them. This is Salinas´ peak season with Big Blacks and Blues circling our shorelines. Just last week, angling legend Jorge Pancho Jurado, (world fishing recordman for 15 years of Blue Marlin in Ecuador and many Big Eye Tuna records still active) on board his Amalita had landed an 800 pound Blue about 25 miles northwest of Salinas so everyone was ready for that. They raised 2 Striped Marlin, fought 1 more and had several Mahis just like the other group who had fished with us at the beginning of the week. They searched for the Big One and made passes on a couple more fins, besides the Stripes they fought but the Big One just wasn´t there. They did have a great time on board and enjoyed fresh Ceviche from the Mahis they caught. It doesn´t get any more fresh than that. We said goodbye with a promise to return for the Big One.

    The tournament will take place in two weeks so we will be enjoying Salinas´ best fishing weeks for at least two more months. Let´s see who lands the Big One…….

    Buena pesca amigos
    Buena pesca Amigos y Buena suerte

    Luis Gomez Jr.