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    104.5lbs white Marlin

    42ft Post Intrepido

    The real start for the 2006 white Marlin season we aspected starting with the first quarter moon, 50% full, rising 8:19AM on wednesday april 5th, but last sunday march 26th charter client Jason Jones was close to a record for our local waters white marlins, moon a Waning Cresent, just 10% full, early for the season to start.
    On board of our 42ft Post Intrepido with charter captain Jose Manuel Mota and mate Franklin Johansi Recio they hooked at 9:20AM, 50 minutes after leaving port, only 35 minutes lines wet, 2.5 nmls offshore, their first hit of the day on an 30lbs Penn International reel, 4.00 line on.
    They enjoyed a 49 minutes stand up fight fighting one of the biggest white marlins in our local waters for the last decade, bringin a weight of 104.5lbs.
    continuing the trip the charter received 3 more white marlin hits, hooking up an other one of 60lbs.
    I will continue to write at least one fishing report a week on this board to keep you guys informed about our white marlin season, lasting at least til mid/end july, joined by blue marlins starting around mid june.

    check this Fishing Reports page out frequently, i'll keep it up to date


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    April 9th, Report by charter c

    April 9th, Report by charter client
    Fishing Punta Cana on 42ft Post Intrepido
    Author: Jake Walker
    Date: 4/12/2006 4:21 pm EDT

    Man o Man what a day!!! I wanted to post a report on our fishing trip last Sunday 4-9-06 so that people like me had some customer feedback on the fishing in the DR. We started the day by being picked up at our hotel at 7:30 am and our driver was early, waiting on us when we got to lobby. After a short ride to the charter office we got all of the paper work out of the way and we were off. To give you a little background I live in Alabama and billfish quite abit out of Orange Beach and Destin and have also worked as a deckhand on various boats during school summer vactions, so I had a good idea what to expect and a firm grasp on how thing should be done. Saying that our trip was great. We cleared the reef around 8:30, in just about 15 or 20 minutes lines were in and we stared pulling baits about 3 miles offshore, the shotgun line went crazy and then a small blue marlin was hooked and the fight was on, in the DR they fish with light line and even lighter drags so the battle was epic. After about an hour and half we managed to get a hand on the leader (a legal catch) and as soon as the fish felt the pressure it went crazy and then just like it was posted in fishing report section the fish released itself. Now I'm feeling good and would have been happy with the day but it only got better. We then caught a couple of single dolphins (mahi-mahi),five minutes later we a double header of dolphin and then after getting those in the boat we had triple header of dolphin. Again I would have been happy if the day had ended there but it didn't. An hour or two passed when the right outrigger poped, we hooked a white marlin, the fish showed itself one time with an acrobatic jump and threw the hooks. About an hour later was when we hooked the second white and this time I was stoked because now we had a good hook set and I fought the fish for about 40 minutes or so again light line, lighter drag makes it all the more fun, we released that fish and I told the Cappy it's been a great day let's start heading back to the beach. But he, like me, remembered you don't leave a good bite, so we stayed around alittle longer and pickup up a couple more dolphins and it was time to hang'em up. Man o Man what a day!!! Our captain and mate were great and very personable and it was a great great day on the water.

    Jake Walker,`Alabama


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      this is the white Marlin seaso

      this is the white Marlin season update for tuesday april 11th, afternoon ride.
      Charter client Philip Heilpern, sheduled for 4 consecutive half day charters, had a great start on the first one this afternoon.
      after heavy but short early morning rainfalls sea was calm this afternoon, charter boat Intrepido, a 42ft Post run by skipper Jose Manuel Mota, left port 1:30PM and run into great action during the hour 2-3PM.
      first they got up a double of Sailfishes, they failed one but hooked the second on a 25lbs line, fish had around 40-45 lbs and has been released unharmed after the fight.
      while bringing the lines out after the sail fight right away they got hit by a white marlin, hooked on a 30lbs line, the 60lbs fish also been released unharmed after his nice fight.
      i'll keep you up to date with reports on our white marlin season.

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        fishing Report update for Mike

        fishing Report update for Mike's Marina, dominican east coast out of Punta Cana.
        Saturday, May 13th

        Charter boat Altamar, our 40ft Searay, run by Skipper Luis Alberto Caridad with his mate Alberto Rodriguez cleared reef 8:30AM that quiet sunny saturday morning, trolling the area Bavaro-Arena Gorda for white Marlin and dolphin fish, sea level 0ft and winds close to 0 knots offered the perfect visibility conditions for anything floating on the surface, but mostly they stood on slow trolling of around 6 knots by strong current lines, present all over just 2-4 nmls off the Punta Cana coast.
        just one day after the full moon the skipper didn't aspect big white marlin activities, so he took his chances with any baitfish activity promising dorados(mahi mahi) and did it just right.
        the boat been chartered by Andrew Burt and friends, 6 at all, and they took one nice sized Dorado after the other, brought in the bigger ones, a dozen with 25-40lbs each, nice fights on 20lbs lines, so it doesn't has to have a sword in it's face always.

        keep in touch and tight lines


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          let's stay on Saturday May

          let's stay on Saturday May 13th

          what a lovely day, after Searay Altamar reporting one dorado after the other, one bigger than the other, Skipper Jose Manuel Mota said to himself 'we are in white marlin season, so we fish for white marlin, to hell with the moon phase'.
          with the sea level close to 0 ft and no winds present he cleared reef close to 9:00AM, a bit late that day because clients took the wrong bus, but after that day they knew they've been on the right charter boat with Mike's Marina Fishing charters.
          mate Franklin Johansi Recio took care of it's clients wellfare, like always, 6 charter clients for the full day, Dennis Wallace and friends, a group of 6 friends, served them the fresh caribbean fruits for on board breakfast, of course first all lines wet, so Jose Manuel took off the coast and run south to the area in front of Punta Cana's International airport, to run a fast trolling on 12+knots against all bad moon phase conditions in the area 10-14nmls off the coast. the result for that lovely sunny saturday was an amazing one. out of 8 received white marlin hits the group of overwhelmed charter clients had to fight 5 white marlins and fought them all to the end, each hook set just right that day.
          after the 2nd one been hooked Jose Manuel called me from the board phone to tell me i should burn my fishing reports which include moon phases, after he called me over radio to inform me about hit number 8 that day i've been very close to start a campfire.
          you can write down experiences over a lifetime period, but then there's the fish and his behavior, that what makes the big game hunt what it is, the best men can get, and always full of surprises, it does not matter how long you're on the job.
          pics of the jumping and fighting whities will follow in a couple of days, they've been taken by Dennis Wallace who promised to pass them over after his vacations on our fishing paradise island.
          to be continued
          tight lines



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            we're still on perfect qui

            we're still on perfect quiet sea conditions for our locals, sea 1ft, winds close to 0 knots, ocean flat like a lagoon.
            clearing reef 8:30AM that morning with 3 charter clients in our 31ft Bertram we found a weedline just 1/2 nml off the coast, following her for a while and found a dorado school about 2nmls offshore, where we took 5 of them, nice sized 15-25lbs each.
            leaving the weed line, looking for something floating or a current line aso not even 40 minutes later we got hit by a white Marlin Double, 1 hooked one left, fighting stand up on 30lbs tackle for 20 minutes we released the 50+lbs unharmed. lines wet we started trolling for more whites, recognizing good baitfish activities in the area around 4nmls offshore, we got 7 more dorados, 1 tripple, 1 double, 2 singles when the action started again shortly before we have to head backwards, charter was sheduled for just 4hrs, an other white Marlin double hit, again we hooked one and lost one, fight took only max 15 min. before we released a small max.40lbs. heading backwards with 5 lines wet to pass again the weedline from early morning we got right away an other white marlin hit, this time a single on the 20lbs center line, and he brought us the fight of this lovely sunday morning, 40 minutes stand up before we released a 70lbs white marlin, running in to cover some of the lost time for the late fight.
            tight lines



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              Charter Clients Travis and Holly Johnson sent the following e-mail to add to their fishing report:
              Hey Mike! First of all, let me say what a wonderful and great experience we had fishing with your crew at Mike's Marina! Our Captain, Manuel, and First Mate, Franklin, were absolutely perfect to fish with. I don't regret booking our charter with them and you guys! We had the time of our lives! It will be one of the most remembered experiences of our honeymoon!
              If we had thought when we ended our day and your crew asked us if we wanted our pictures taken, we would have. Especially now after reading the May 24 fishing report on your website! We might have had our picture on that report! We were just so exausted after the full day of fishing we weren't even thinking. So, with that in mind, could I send you some pics that we have from the charter that day, and could you post them along with the report also?
              local waters still calm, no waves, no winds, no nice predictions for the upcoming 2006 Hurricane season, but perfect conditions for our mid. white Marlin Season, running on the favored moon phase on the dark side of the moon, a Waning Crescent on 8%.
              42ft Intrepido cleared reef 8:30AM with charter clients Travis and Hollie Johnson for an 8hrs out of Punta Cana's local waters on their Honeymoon.
              charter captain Manuel Mota found only poor action before noon, they took a couple of minor dorados, sized 10-20lbs, but then the movements changed rapidly after he found nice baitfish activities in the 8nmls area off the coast. within a couple of hours the charter received 7 white marlin single hits, failed to set a hook on the first five, but then they did it right on the last 2 Marlins and got their fights for 2 white Marlins in the 50-60lbs class. together with a couple more of dorados even with 5 missed hits at first a great day on sea at the end with the expected fishing action.
              good luck to all


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                hanging out with my buddies fo

                hanging out with my buddies for some couple of cold beers Friday night the nightmare came true, cell rings and the charter group for Saturday morning canceld their trip at a time when i could book 3 more charter boats a day if i had them.
                the decision was done within a few minutes, we'll take the boat for our own fishing trip.
                after slipping $20.- to the man in charge at the local Marine's station we cleared reef 7:00AM sharp, regular time to run out would be 8:30AM.
                sea still flat, no waves, no winds, the beautiful conditions we have since two weeks now, i moved 20 minutes offshore to bring all the local lobster traps behind us, so a 5-6nmls out i left the fly bridge at the hands of Gerhard, a friend from austria, it was his first day in Blue Water, to rigg some baits and get the lines wet. my second buddy Ralf, a german guy is an experienced salty, he operated his own charter boat at the north coast a couple of years ago. 5 lines wet for the first 90 minutes we saw absolutely nothing, no weedlines, no currents, nothing floating, very poor baitfish activities on the surface. to hell with it, beer cooler was full, a lovely sunny day, no norgeling clients to take care of, we went outwards to cover the area 12-15nmls offshore, changing baits to ballyhoo combos to stand the higher speed, trolling on a 10-12 knots. close to 11:30 i saw the shaddow coming besides the center line's ballyhoo, my lucky rod i always keep with me on the bridge, the bastard took his first pieze and then came back for the rest of his lunch, a few seconds later the hook been set and we saw the beautiful jumps of an 50lbs Atlantic Sail, my two buddies shared the 25 minutes stand up fight on a 30lbs line, Ralf introducing Gerhard in the stuff i call the best men can get. i tosed the tired but unharmed sail a maybe 2-3 minutes with us in the water beside the boat until he seemed to calm down, and away i let him go to meet again on an other sunny day with maybe a few more pounds to fight. still no white Marlin hit in the middle of season on perfect conditions fishing my favorite dark side of the moon. Ralf starts getting lines wet and i start a trolling on a regular 8-10 knots pointing inward, because the regular crew had to run a charter on that boat, my 40ft Searay named Altamar, at 1:30PM that afternoon. second and last hit that morning we got in the shallow water right shortly before hitting the passage to cross the reef inwards while bringng in the lines, a Barracuda hooked himself on the line Gerhard was bringing in that moment, he had acceptable 25 lbs for beeing caught so close in front of the beach.
                so at all not the big deal for a saturday morning, but at the end my newbie buddy got his first big fight of his life, and it was not something, it was a Sailfish , this time of the year unaspected in our local waters, and by the way he can say he set his first hook right, even when the Barracuda did it himself.
                good luck to all


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                  this Saturday morning june 3rd

                  this Saturday morning june 3rd we made a great catch, even failing to release all caught Billfish.
                  Charter client Brad Gabriel and Family went out for a half day charter, just 4hrs, and Brad got tyred from realing in white Marlins.
                  sea on lovely 2ft, winds 5-7 knots east south east, skipper Alberto Rodriguez and his mate Franklin Johansi Recio cleared reef on sheduled 8:30AM, just a few minutes after our first quarter moon came out on 8:22AM at 80' in front of today used charter boat Intrepido, a 42ft Post. preparing lines only 2nmls offshore in front of the bavaro passage it took just 20 minutes before the first white marlin hit, hook set like on all hits this morning and Brad got his first fight on, it took him 25 minutes to get the 50lbs white Marlin beside the boat, where they released him unharmed, used reel was a penn international 30lbs. lines wet again it took an other 30 minutes and the second hit came up, different that time for several reasons: Alberto set the hook right away, but this time on a Penn international 20lbs and the white marlin had a 65lbs, showed all he could and fought for more than 90 minutes. sorrily the Marlin had his tongue badly damaged from the hook, so the crew decided he would not survive and gaffed him. now Brad was really tyred, lines wet again, boat position just 5 nmls off the coast that time, so they start a slower trolling inwards to maybe get some dorados for the 2 kids on board, anyways the 4hrs of a half day charter pass by fast when you get several hits. just 1 1/2 nmls in front of the Bavaro Passage heading inwards to cross the reef they got a third hit, again a white marlin, again the hook set right on first try, so Brad had to proof his strength again. this time the 50lbs white Marlin been hooked on a Penn international 30lbs with a 50lbs tested line on, after 15-20 minutes he was beside the boat and again we got a injured Billfish we could not release today, hook been set right through the eye of the fish, again they had to use the gaff today.
                  at all a nice start for Punta Cana's weekend, on a 4hrs charter 3 white Marlin hits and all hooks set, looking forward what's coming up tomorrow morning.


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                    Even trolling for Marlins not

                    Even trolling for Marlins not everything coming up on a Kona Head has a Bill.

                    This week 31ft Bertram run by Skipper Carlos Manuel took a 10nmls offshore Punta Cana a hit by a big Thresher Shark, fighting over 3 hrs on a Penn International 80lbs bringing in a weight of 485 lbs.

                    congrats to the beautiful accident of the season.


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                      Fishing in Punta Cana, by Mike

                      Fishing in Punta Cana, by Mike's Marina Fishing Charters S.A.


                      I finally got my first marlin caught on one of Mikes boats from ...yea i got sea sick...for the first time ever but it was deff worth it.
                      It was a great trip...we also caught 2 dolphins and 2 small barracudas...i was sleeping on the deck it was bad...i hate sleeping on a boat im there to be fishing not sleeping but i was done and had no choice...i heard the mate say mahi mahi twice and i was like no way am i getting up for that i want a soon as i heard marlin i jumped up and grabbed the rod right out of the mates was great ill post more piks

                      Nick, from the Patty Lee



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                        take a lovely day in the north caribbean, out of Punta Cana on the Dominican East Coast, take 3 buddies named Ron Szotak, Armando Rebelo and Shawn Strauss, put them on board of Mike's 42ft Bertram named Shekinah for just 4 hrs offshore and be sure the guys bring the action on.

                        lines wet shortly after they cleared the reef, skipper Jose Manuel Mota stays with nice baitfish activities around 5 nmls offshore and they get today's first hit, a white Marlin double, one hooked one lost the first action is on, light tackle 30lbs is the right choice for the 50+lbs marlin which they release after the fight. Area still hot on bait they keep trolling over there and get the next white Marlin hit, 20lbs tackle this time and at the end the gaf comes out to send the injured smaller white of around 35lbs to the BBQ. Just 1 hrs later, no more than 7 nmls off the coast they get the next white Marlin up, hook set right and again on the 30lbs tackle they get the fight on, over 30 minutes this time and the released white Marlin got his 60+lbs.

                        for a half day trip a great action in our local waters out of Punta Cana, and for sure Ron Szotak, Armando Rebelo and Shawn Strauss had their expected fun and action offshore the Dominican East today.

                        Pics are take by the three friends themselves



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                          Italian customer Fabio Steccan

                          Italian customer Fabio Steccanella had only one dream in mind when he contacted Mike at first early 2006, " i want to catch a Blue Marlin ".
                          we figured out together when the best time during the 2006 Blue Marlin Season on the Dominican east coast would be, fishing out of Punta Cana, so at the end i decided by weather/moon/tide predictions to recommend the days before the full moon in august, so Fabio chartered my 42ft Bertram Shekinah with charter captains Jose Manuel Mota and Luis Alberto Caridad and their mate Chino for 5 consecutive full days starting Saturday August 5th til Wednesday august 9th.
                          the first day, saturday, Sea was very calm, no waves, slow breeze, more the conditions for a boat ride, so he brought his wife Ariana with him. til 1PM they got only 1 Blue Marlin up in the spray but failed to attract him enough to take the lure, no hook set, no fight and then the weather changed quickly, by 3PM they run in under heavy rain and thunderstorms, weather conditions can change fast like that during hurricane season.
                          day number 2, sunday morning, Sea on 5-6 ft, winds around 15 knots with higher gusts, the wife stayed at the resort. that day the boat did 9 hrs and again it was not a successful day, only 3 Blue Marlins up and no hook set nice, no fight, sunday night the crew changed all lures/hooks, if an equipment is without luck on one day it will never work.
                          today is day number 3, the boat is still out, but Jose Manuel Mota sent me the report for the first half of todays trip by mail.
                          at 11:40AM Jose set the hook on a Blue Marlin female, 9/0 Penn reel, 50lbs line on, the hooks set right and Fabio has the first Blue Marlin fight of his life. the fight lasted 11:40AM til 2:06 PM, 2hrs 26 min, during that time the crew of 3 had no chance to give their customer a hand, he wanted to get his fish on his own, no help wanted, and he won. Manuel told me by phone a minute ago that Fabio is barely able to walk right now, but he has still a very wide smile on his face.
                          lines are wet again, they have 2 more hrs left today and of course wednesday and thursday are two more days to beat the size of todays female, the crew counts it on an 300+lbs, so there's plenty of space to top this weight upwards.

                          i will download the pics from the cams tonight and post them by tomorrow afternoon.


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                            after heavy rainfalls and thun

                            after heavy rainfalls and thunderstorms blowing over the area the last two weeks it looks like we come back to normal this week for the local waters offshore Punta Cana.
                            so this tuesday august 16th 42ft Bertram Shekinah took a half day charter to target our atlantic Blues and had to pass only one fight for the morning. around 10AM with Mate Chino on the weel Skipper Jose Manuel Mota hooked the first hit of the morning, a blue Marlin taking the small lure running on the long outrigger line on portside, hook set nice and easy in the sword's base and charter client Charles Wells had it's 90 minutes fight on a 30 lbs line, before they released an 200+ blue marlin.
                            the afternoon of the same day didn't went that bad neither, 2 blue Marlin hits missed to hook within the first 1 1/2 hrs and a 35 minutes fight on the 3rd hit on a 50lbs line to release a blue marlin of max 200lbs. winner of the day been the uncle of Jose Manuel, fishing as the skipper on a private owned boat taking a Blue Marlin of 590 lbs, the biggest one this month so far, fishing 80lbs tackle and fighting 2hrs within several friends.
                            winds on a 10knots blowing ENE (70') and visibility a 10nmls we hope to stay on that quiet conditions for a while to come back to the rhytm to rock'n'roll on the Blues.
                            hopefully to be continued


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                              What a lucky son of a b...Brav

                              What a lucky son of a b...Brave Fisherman!

                              We are in mid Hurricane Season for our local waters, off the Dominican Republic's east coast, out of Punta Cana, but this lovely sunny saturday morning we have winds of 5Knots and less, sea 2ft max, sun is the typical caribbean power plant.

                              We are mid Blue Marlin Season, but 42ft Post named Intrepido is running out fishing with my friend Gabi, her brother and his 3 kiddies, all firsttimers, so Skipper Ramon Emilio frequents the close to shore waters 2-4nmls off El Cortecito to target Dorados and Wahoo on light tackle, Kiddies stuff.

                              5 lines on 20 and 30lbs Penn Int.'s in the water for around 30 minutes the portside longrigger clicks, Ballyhoo in the mouth of a small 150lbs Blue Marlin, hooked himself, the unexpected fight is on by a 20lbs reel and line. Fighting down a Blue on that tackle would bring the Billy more dead than alive to the boat for the long fighting time, Ramon is chasing him mostly with the boat, so after 30 minutes Marcos gets a hand on the Bill to loose the hook, away he goes.

                              the next 1 1/2 hr brings the targetted Dorados fishing a weedline, all 10-15lbs class, the right stuff for our new offshore anglers. Still running on slow trolling along the weedline for more BBQ meet Ramon can see from the bridge what is coming up next, a once a lifetime hit, 4 Sailfishes on only 5-6 knots trolling speed in the spray at once, he hooks the one on the center line on the Bridge, Marcos failes one but hooks the other two and they fight 3 midsized Sails of around 40-50lbs the same time, a 14 year old boy, his father and the third one been for Mate Marcos, because the rest of the kiddies been aged 4-7, a bit too early.

                              I never in my life got 3 Billfishes hooked at once, so Ramon and Marcos had THEIR day today. After 40 minutes the last one been released and they went back inshore, BBQ waiting for the Dorados. For sure an unforgetable day for the firsttimers, even for an experienced crew.

                              We should target Dorados more often during Blue Marlin Season.

                              tight lines



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                                The deep sea fishing in punta

                                The deep sea fishing in punta cana have been great and successful during september.the weather was alright comparing with years before,slow wind and sunny,the ocean was normal (1 to 3 feet wave) perfect for the easrtern coast of the Dominican Republic.
                                Our charter Captain Emilio Santana on our sportfishing boat named INTREPIDO has had one of his best sports fishing season in punta cana,the bigest surprise was at the biggining of september when him and his firstmate Marcos ventura caught 4 billfishes at only 3-7 miles offshore with light tacle 20 and 30pds penn international reel, in this catch they had 3 sailfishes bite at once and 1 white marlin around 68 pounds,wich were all released.
                                The mahi mahi season is been also spectacular this month our skippers report 200 pieces (12-50 pounds) during september wich were very good for the BBQ.

                                Our skipper Manuel Mota on our sport fishing boat Bertram42 named SHEKINAH reports 3 blues marlin,2 sailfishes,1 white marlin and 150 dorados during september.
                                In october we espect to break this number because the winter is almost arriving and it atract mahi mahi,bonito in big shools to the feeting spots,
                                In First Class Fishing Charter as salt water fishing outffiter we will keep you update with the latest fishing report from Punta cana Domnican Republic.

                                [email protected]


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                                  Dominican republic east coast,

                                  Dominican republic east coast,Punta cana deep sea fishing charters report the last sport fishing trip on our
                                  Sport fishing boats;Intrepido and Shekinah with Manuel Mota and Emilio Santana as skipper.

                                  The sports fishing trip during the first week of october have been successful,our charters captains and mates are motivate than ever. The sky is partialy cloudy ,2-4 feet wave,trolling 3-4 knoots wind ,2-10 miles offshore. excelente sea condition for dolphin and wahoo. In Punta cana the weater condition its been good caparing with years before during the huracan season.
                                  We have been fishing with light tacle (20-30 line) and ballyhoo prepared with steel wire for wahoos,barracuda and mahi mahi,we were also using the kona head for big blue marlin but we could not get what we were looking for ,only we had 7 hits but we fought 2 betwee 150-180 pounds released and five scaped.Big schools of mahi mahi on floting wood,we caught almost 325(5 to 20 kg )in 15 day trip, the wahoo fishing been owsome almost 2 per trip (7-15 kg).
                                  We hope to bring the doble of those amount on board during the last quarter moon,of course the sailfish sponing season is cominig soon.
                         will post every fishing news from Punta cana in the eastern coast of the Dominican Republic.



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                                    This is our sport fishing news

                                    This is our sport fishing news for Punta cana Dominican Republic at are using light tacles 20-30 at 3 to 8 miles offshore,with our sports fishing boats;Shekinah,Alta Mar,Intrepido our charter captains Manuel Mota,Luis Alberto and Emilio Santana hope a better season is coming soon during the winter.
                                    The sea condition is stady,clear,2-3 feet wave and the fishing action is just as hot. Solid catches of 20-30 pounds dorados are being taken throughout the region, particularly around Punta cana. School size yellowfin tuna are abundant at four miles offshore. There have also been good catches of Sailfish three miles offshore and multiple sailfish released in the area. Wahoo have also been caught offshore and several Blue Marlin have been released in the same area in the past several days.

                                    Things are looking good and shaping up nicely saifish and mahi mahi Season, particularly in Punta cana the eastern coast of the Dominican Republic.First Class Fishing Charter keep you update with lastest accomplishment.

                                    [email protected]


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                                      Sport Fishing Report in Punta

                                      Sport Fishing Report in Punta cana Dominican Republic By Client Vicent Vacca.
                                      During my 1 week stay in the Dominican Republic I wanted to do some fishing and was directed to First Class Fishing. They told me of the top notch service, boats, equipment and crew they run. THEY WERE CORRECT. We started out fishing about 2 miles off the coast trolling fresh ballyhoo and each fisherman had his own rod. About an hour into the fishing a big school of Mahi-Mahi came through and everyone was hooked up. Everyone landed their fish and then some. The 5 man charter ended up with 16 Mahi-Mahi up to 15 lbs and a BIG barracuda. The captain Manuel made sure we had fish for our trip and the mate Marcos was extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend these guys. GREAT JOB GUYS. THANKS AGAIN FOR A GREAT TRIP. GRACIAS PARA TODO!!!!



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                                        sport fishing in Punta cana Re

                                        sport fishing in Punta cana Report by Vicent Vacca

                                        During my 1 week stay in the Dominican Republic I wanted to do some fishing and was directed to First Class Fishing. They told me of the top notch service, boats, equipment and crew they run. THEY WERE CORRECT. We started out fishing about 2 miles off the coast trolling fresh ballyhoo and each fisherman had his own rod. About an hour into the fishing a big school of Mahi-Mahi came through and everyone was hooked up. Everyone landed their fish and then some. The 5 man charter ended up with 16 Mahi-Mahi up to 15 lbs and a BIG barracuda. The captain Manuel made sure we had fish for our trip and the mate Marcos was extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend these guys. GREAT JOB GUYS. THANKS AGAIN FOR A GREAT

                                        Sport Deep sea fishing report by First Class Fishing charters from Punta cana Dominican Republic.
                                        Fishermen been having a great moment with our fishing trips experience, coinciding with good weather conditions. It definitely has been tough for the new anglers and this week was a prime example. our captains reported excellent fishing on Monday with flat conditions and warm temperatures in the Punta cana areas. Fishermen from all regions of the world are starting to fish in our local water.

                                        Many schools of Big bull head (Mahi mahi or dolphin) and bonitos are finding at 3 to 8 miles offshore now.Many fishermen have begun to troll deep along punta cana and catching nice saifishes. Punta cana is still a good deep sea fishing destination that still remain a secret to discorver in the caribbean’s region.The blue marlins are still finding at couple miles behind the small mahi mahi and bonitos in the feeding area, baitfish are migrating under anything floting and they have been intercepting by the big predators.They are swept along in the current.
                                        In all regions of punta cana have being caught 10 to 65 pounds dolphin,Fishermen are also chumming with good success for barracuda,wahoo are also still catching blue marlin,bonito,yelow fin tuna, with ballyhoo and plastic lures.The 2006 sailfish sport fishing season could be one of the best we ever had, will inform with the lastest deep sea fishing news in Punta cana Dominican Republic.

                                        [email protected]