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  • Texas

    Freeport Offshore/Statewater
    Since Sat{4} trip was a blowout we opted for sunday{3-5-06}.I cannot stress enough how great our people have been.
    Trip 5.
    Headed out to offshore waters.Caught 6 triggers, 7 or 8 B-Liners,lost 1 real good grouper to structure, Had a good slick going but,nothing showed.Think the weather on sat had it messed up and water temp was still 65 deg.
    Statewater within 8 miles.
    8 red snapper-pink and 1 bullred tagged.
    Take care folks have a good week.
    Tight Lines
    Workingman Charters
    Wanted to Thank Everyone reading my reports,I try to tell it just like it is ..

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    Well, Not much to tell this we

    Well, Not much to tell this weekend except it was a complete blowout out of freeport, seas were rough 4-7'all weekend,couldn't get out pass the jetties at all. So Saturdays trip has been rebook for offshore @ a later date and Tuesdays trip has been set to thursday out of freeport for some good statewater snapper and bullreds.
    Tight Lines till then,


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      Well,looks Like seas and winds

      Well,looks Like seas and winds are not going to let me get out till friday. Boy this week has been a rough one to predict with the fronts moving in and winds changing direction.
      So here is a photo to wet everyone's lips till April 21 snapper season
      From Oct. Hollie and Steve from Oregon
      Bluewater trip for shark

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        Fishing has really been GREAT

        Fishing has really been GREAT in the flats around Rockport and Aransas Pass. We've had a lot of windy days, great for Shrimp and popping cork. We've caught limits of reds and half limits of Trout for about 14 days straight! look for the edge of deep water next to flats when the weather gets a little colder and the tide goes out. Drift the flats with higher Spring tides, the fish are there!

        Fish More, Live Longer!
        Capt. Scott McCune
        Capt. Scott McCune (USCG Master) with The Saltwater Cowboy
        Email: [email protected]
        web Page:
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          Kings are in bluewater right n

          Kings are in bluewater right now.
          Took a group out on the 25th of march ,
          Meet by nice blue seas.
          Had a full limit of king fish 35-40 pounds. Trolled for the hoo and couldn't buy a bite from one marked alot of fish but, no takers, ended a beautiful day with kings and spanish macks.
          Tight Lines,
          Workingman Charters


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            Hello All,
            Man fishing has be

            Hello All,
            Man fishing has been awsome for April.
            The sows are starting to show latest is 21 lbs. the wahoo are close as in 20 miles if you know how to attrack them,On the 14th of april brought in a nice 35+ pound wahoo to bridge bait. Hard to believe such a deep water loving fish can be found so close at times. Found weedlines and caught a few chicken dolphin nothing real large unless you want to count a nice 12' shark Had a guy named gary cooper fight him for 5 hrs. on a snapper setup ! what a ride, backing down 7 miles on that monster shark, a few glimpes showed 12' and huge not exactually sure of the species Just big, Gary Cooper also managed to pull a flounder bigger than a platter up from 117' of water offshore ! the guy had luck, his son managed a few shark and snapper, Mixed catch.No photos of it just shadows the shark. waiting on photos to post from mr. cooper. of that awsome shark bday present for son.
            here is the 20 miles wahoo. Oh yes the ling are also starting to come in also posting a nice Ling with Tommy Lindley and myself
            Till May Tight Lines
            Workingman Charters


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              Here is another wahoo report.

              Here is another wahoo report. The first 2 wahoo people said it was luck, Now they are realizing hum Capt.Bill maybe onto something Bait lure i will never tell.
              Here are 2 Nice wahoo caught on 5-7-2006
              We did manage a 18 snapper -5 being a limit for 6, Lost 2 nice ling boatside,normal trigger
              Wahoo weight was 50lbs. and 33lbs.
              La has Tuna Texas Has Wahoooooo

              Massive Hoo's Had to break the tails to get them in a 162QT cooler

              Mondays trip
              Read all about it in " The facts" Brozia County Newspaper


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                This is some people I took out

                This is some people I took out friday 5-5-2006
                Great bunch of men and women.
                Mixed catch snapper,ling,shark,trigger
                Thanks Tim you guys were great fisher people!
                Man those women could fish
                A few photos from Tim Tatums trip


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                  Report for may has been mahi,l

                  Report for may has been mahi,ling,snapper,wahoo,amberjack scattered kingfish,shark comming out alittle early this year,been getting some nice ling over legal, By June/July should be good.
                  Tight Lines,
                  Workingman Charters


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                    Chartered for the Oi

                    Chartered for the Oilmans out of Galveston Yacht Basin, Good seas flat all day!
                    Waiting for photos I didn't have the time for any. Galveston,Texas Boated a decent limit of kingfish,they were everywhere,1 ling just over legal 38", 2 short of a snapper limit nothing real big to weigh in, Galveston has to be the hardest area to fish because of the long run just very time consuming, It was a fun trip and I being chartered for this.

                    Offshore freeport Slam Great day on the water huge amounts of boats out, managed to get to my grouper spot and brought up a nice 10lb. Warsaw grouper,1 strawberry grouper,1 kingfish,40 dorado - green meanies all different sizes up to 36" had a great day with the guys and their kids. Nothing better than a guy who takes his kids fishing. The girl was slamming the mahi. Way to Go!

                    Offshore Freeport 5 guys, great seas,snapper is still there just scattered,ended the day with 2-3 kings,2 lane snapper up to 6lbs, 30 mahi mixed with teenagers and up to 3' long ,40lb ling,Had a huge kingfish it trolling about a 40lber hit the sky,really put on a show but, spit the hook.Didn't get any photos but, the guys said they would send some via-email. These guys were great for being new to salt. Had alot of hookups.


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                      This is a photo of some real n

                      This is a photo of some real nice Folks from Alaska her first time ever offshore, She was a real tropper her and her son caught these fish all by theirself while hubby sleep in the Air-Conditioned Cabin.
                      Way to Go Chance and Tammy Wells of Alaska !<font color="ff0000">



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                        You can go to my website and s

                        You can go to my website and see all the latest photos from page 4 and 5 looks like Lynn may have to add a 6th before the season is even over!
                        Jerry thanks for letting me posts some of my reports over here I love your site keep up the good work !
                        Workingman Charters

                        I do still have some sundays left and weekdays come&#39;on play hooky lets go catch some fish!!!
                        Deckhand is onboard at all times. and a AC cabin what more can ya ask.&#92;blue}


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                          Hello I&#39;m back - forgot t

                          Hello I&#39;m back - forgot to mention these are 50 mile offshore trips not deep sea
                          Saturdays catch was grouper,grouper,grouper all limits of all kinds gag,warsaw,strawberry,limit of snapper and kings ,Gary got knife happy and had them cleaned before bill got photos so none of that trip shame heard they were big !
                          This is Lynn the other half Bill just got me some pics from todays trip get a load of this baby
                          Big Texas Dorado florida ain&#39;t the only ones! I almost forgot also brought in wahoo again! We are still catching these just scattered and not every trip
                          The dock was full today but, he did get me some photos for the site
                          Sunday 8/06/2006 &#40;JK&#41;

                          &#40;Message edited by Capt.Bill on August 07, 2006&#41;

                          &#40;Message edited by Capt.Bill on August 07, 2006&#41;


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                            Lots of Variety From Mondays T

                            Lots of Variety From Mondays Trip This is one of our Regulars here Mr. Nick Andrews his son and buddies. See you guy&#39;s next year
                            grouper again,mahi,kings,and full limit for 6 on red snapper up to about 6-7lbs., ling,Fishing is getting even better, The storms have a way of stiring up the gulf,See ya Master Capt.Bill Curry
                            Here ya go Nick!


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                              Brought in snapper and ling to

                              Brought in snapper and ling today a added something xtra made it a trip very worthwhile !
                              Did finally spot a coastie at the dock at Bridge bait in freeport glad to see those guys are now checking permits, I may have a charter out of that one the guy asked me for a card very nice..
                              here is the lady Angler and her ling

                              Spotted this being towed by a tug reef or new boat who knows the things you see during the week offshore


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                                Can you say TrippleTail This i

                                Can you say TrippleTail This is a great eating fish! Been catching alot of these here lately. Very skiddish fish
                                Limits of snapper,kings,mahi,1shark,trigger,1-50lb ling lost at the boat went out of galveston yacht basin


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                                  August 18,2006 boat malfunctio

                                  August 18,2006 boat malfunction at the dock turned out to be a easy fix and went out on Saturday August 19,2006 had a great make up trip boated alot of fish not so much as huge but, nice to me, cuberra snapper 3 or 4,Ling none,limit of red snapper,1 shark,1- 29lb kingfish,saw alot of big fish comming in from deep trips,keep in mind I am running 50 mile trips not bluewater, I will be adding trip reports soon as bill calls them into me he is running alot of back to backs again
                                  Thank you Lynn


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                                    To catch us up to date.

                                    To catch us up to date.
                                    Catch pics will follow
                                    8-21-2006 to Sept.7,2006
                                    August 21 ,2006 private for hire trip . Sorry everyone Bill has been home long enough to grab a nap and he is off again he has been bringing in snapper,red and cuberra, lane,vermillion,wahoo still not every trip,Ling about every 4 or 5 trip,grouper ,Kings are still out. Amberjack are deep right now, Amberjack is hammering at 60&#43; miles so is the blackfin! Sept. 1,2006 Galveston Jetty Trip, Got out around 6:30 and anchored out. Man there is some Big reds right now at the jetties bite was slow but, ended with 5 nice ones all tagged, Hung into a huge jack crevalle Bait! decided to pull up anchor and head over to the beachfront to see what was happening, plenty of small trout with about 4 nice keeper about 20&#34;, caught a few whiting at the same spot keep about 6 of those that were decent size, headed over to the T-head and bite was pretty slow at first 20 min so we sat anchored a bit and boom shark on .Did manage to get a few sheephead This was a full day trip and a very productive day it was ,oh did manage 4 gafftop up to about 8 lbs...Sept. 2,2006 Galveston Jetty Fishing 2 people wanted a early morning trip so we headed out of dock around 4:00am and went to the jetties anchored out got a couple of trout near the rocks using my lights, had something big bite couldn&#39;t get it to the boat on light tackle bout the time he started reeling snap.. When I fish the jetties I use med tackle to heavy because right where the tides colide it is rough and you never know what is hanging in there could have been a Tarpon who knows we never saw it. well excited was high after that so we started with my penn&#39;s, next we hung a nice 7&#39; blacktip probably what we missed the last time after all they feed heavy at night around structure, they wanted him after a 1 1/2 of fight so in the boat he went.Headed back to the T-Head anchored out caught some nice fat sheephead ,somemore whiting, 1 wayward snapper this trip ended with snapper,whiting,shark,sheephead,reds,3 croaker pretty good eating size.Sept. 3,2006 Freeport Statewater fishing trip Had some returners back today always a pleasure, Great day out today flat as paper,Congradulations on the Anniv .Many more years to you two!!!! Had the bull reds, show up as usuall boated and tagged 4, hung into a HUGE! stingray, boated numerous trout,red snapper, kingfish and spanish mackeral, I mean we put some fish in the cooler today! Sorry I miss aimed didn&#39;t get all the catch in the photo but, you get the idea, see ya again soon!! Sept. 4,2006 Galveston Bay trip Good news! the bullreds&#40;redfish&#41; are picking up with the cold snap did a night trip, at night this is what i have found to bite trout managed about 10 for 3 people up to 20-22&#34;,3-big 5-6lb gafftop,only managed 1 small shark released,bay fishing is just slow laid back fishing, Sept 5,2006 Galveston Trip Came in got a cup of coffee and headed back out this time we ended the day with a 4&#39; shark, did see a big manata ray looked to have remora all over it, was a cool site,got several whiting and a few sheephead around the T-head pier lots of people, we pulled up and they sure didn&#39;t like it much so we backed off till they gave the signal and laid out about 6 lines, 4 rang off at the same time Reds you know it everytime, ended up with alot of crap fish throwbacks,had a nice day out,headed in around 12:00pm had 2 asleep in the cabin on the way in so we took it nice and slow.}


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                                      photos from trips- Now all the

                                      photos from trips- Now all these fish come from different fishing trips


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                                        hello All,
                                        well the snapper a

                                        hello All,
                                        well the snapper are comming back always in oct we catch some awsomely Huge snapper and what gives they always look bigger than what they are guess it is true the camera puts 10 lbs on everything hahaha.. Looking back the best thing about chartering is seeing the faces and smiles.
                                        Glad to have had some la. people on our boat this year! thanks Jerry,

                                        OK heres the straight scoop from today fresh!
                                        SNAPPER AND KINGFISH

                                        today was rough at first light going out with Big rollers 6&#43;&#39; , had a 2nd group of the same company onboard today what a bunch of troopers, we got snapper up to 16 lbs I know it looks bigger but, honetly I believe it went 16, Full limit of 24 finally good size snapper ! as i have said for years wait till Oct. and we got a couple of Kings legal good eating size.No wahoo i bet i trolled around 20 miles today we tried.But, they will be back when it cools down more,seems odd the rough seas seem to bring them in also