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    Greeting fellow anglers,

    The fishing season in Central Oregon has began with a bang! Stoneflies, and Salmon flies are already being eaten by hungry trout on the Lower Deschutes, and East Lake, Lava Lake, and Crane Prairie are all open. We&#39;ve been experiencing a mild Spring season, with very little rain, mostly pleasant temperatures, and lots of sun. Our guides already have &#34;guide&#34; tans on their fore arms, calves, and necks.

    With in the next month fishing will improve greatly. We promise to keep you informed. But before we become completely obsessed with fish, we have a few up coming events we wanted to share with you.

    3rd Annual Trout Bum Fly Swap
    For the 3rd year in a row, Fly and Field Outfitters brings the Trout Bum Fly Swap to the anglers of Central Oregon. Mirroring ski swaps held each fall here in Bend, the Trout Bun Fly Swap creates the perfect environment for selling your unused, out of date, or retired fly fishing gear. At the same time you can up grade to newer gear or specialty equipment. Have you had your eyes on a 3 weight? What about a spey rod? Well get your butt to Fly and Field, on Saturday May 26th and Sunday May 27th. We will be excepting used gear, to be sold in the swap until Friday May 25th. For information about the swap, give us a call at 541-318-1616.

    Fly Fishing in Patagonia: Estancia Del Zorro By Brian O&#39;Keefe
    Wednesday May 30th Fly and Field Outfitters is bringing Brian O&#39;keefe to the TBD Loft, in downtown Bend, for a night of fly fishing and travel stories. Brian, a renown fisherman and photographer, will be presenting a slide show about his adventure last fall to Patagonia region of Chile and Argentina. He stayed at the Estancia Del Zorro and claims few places mimic the experience. He would know. He&#39;s fished in most of the place you dream of, and many places you&#39;ve never heard of.

    The night begins with hor d&#39;oeuvres and drinks. Then Brian will enlighten us to the world of the Southern hemisphere and the glorious brown trout swimming in those southern rivers.

    The event will be held at TBD Advertising&#39;s Loft, located in downtown Bend above the furniture store on the corner of Bond and Minnesota. The doors open at 6 pm. Show begins at 7 pm.

    For details, call Fly and Field Outfitters.

    Wednesday May 30th

    Fishing Report
    I love this time of year. The days are getting longer, warmer, and sunnier. Soon it will be over 100 degrees on the Lower D, and we will be wet wading. Before the super long caddis and PMD days of July, the world famous salmon fly hatch will engulf the Lower Deschutes. In fact it already has it&#39;s grips on a much of the river. Stoneflies, salmon and goldens, are present from Warmsprings to Mac&#39;s Canyon. Trout in the lower reaches are the most apt to swallow your hair and hackle concoctions. In the next 4 weeks anglers on the Lower D will see why this hatch is so renown.

    The river is lower than average for this time of year bumping the hatch ahead of schedule by a few days to a week. My guess is the hatch will peak this year, in the Warmsprings area, between the 5th and 12th of June this year.

    We still have guides available for this time frame, though limited. If you are interested in a guided trip on the Lower Deschutes during the famous stonefly hatch, call soon to reserve prime dates, 541-318-1616.

    The Cascade Lakes are also beginning to fish well. Our guides have been on Crane Prairie, the Lava Lakes, and East Lake. So far Lava Lakve has been the number 1 producer. We expect Crane Prairie to fish well this year. For the past 2 seasons this oce great fishery has been recovering. Each year has seen catch rates and size increases. We are excited to see what this season entales.

    The private lakes have also been on fire. Antone Ranch and Little Willow are a geat place to soil yourself rotten. For details contact Fly and Field Outfitters.

    Guided Trips / Fishing Reports

    Thanks for taking time away from your day dreams and fishing tales. We look forward to seeing you at the Trout Bum Fly Swap, or the Brian O&#39;Keefe night.


    Damien Nurre
    Head Guide