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    Goooood Fishing Costa Rica May Fishing Report.

    Goooooooooooooood Fishing Costa Rica!!!!

    Well here we are in the merry month of May. Lets see what Sunny One has been up to. Hailing out of the world class Los Suños resort Marina. I got the report that goes as follows

    5-1-09 Sunny heads out bright and early with the Kuruck family aboard for some offshore fishing, Low and behold they dock 8 hours later after a Sunny day on the Blue Pacific having tagged a nice Rooster fish and check this out 30 thats right count em 30 snappers!!!

    Which I did not get a report if they hired one off our amazing chefs to prepare them pool side on the BBQ with plenty of garlic butter sauce. But just to let you know you do have that option.

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      Costa Rica Fishing Report - Los Sueños June 2009

      Goooooooooooooood Fishing Costa Rica!!!!!!!!! Welcome June, Well down at the beautilul Los Sueños Marina we find Captain and mate Miguel. Lets see how they are finding the month of June for Sportfishing on the Sunny One. And it goes like this...............

      6-3 Mrs Shelby McCray heads out of the slip and returns with 3 nice Dinner Dorado

      6-4 We find Don Cantolino on board Sunny and docks having landed 3 nice Sails.

      6-7 Ardia Neves who hails from Houston Texas has a fine time, returning after having hooked up a good assortment including 1 Dorado 4 Roosters and 1 Spanish Mackerel Super nice day!!!!!!!!!!!!

      6-8 Aboard today we find William Anderson who needs a gallon of Wasabi paste for the 5 Yellow Fin Tuna and 2 nice Dorados hooked up.

      6-11 Last but not least, Luis Angel Rincon sets out early on a beautiful sunny Costa Rican morning and returns with 1 Sail 1 Dorado and 1 delicious Wahoo!!!!!!!!!!!

      Well thats it for now, just a note in closing remember here at Stay In Costa Rica we have some Amazing deals for all budgets, so check out our website and give us a call. Until then we are waiting for you with plenty of Wasabi and Tarter Sauce .

      Keep your tip up!!!!!!!!!! ! Catchem up Salty dog
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        Costa Rica Fishing Report - Los Sueños July 2009

        Gooooooooooooood fishing Costa Rica!!!!!!!!!!

        Well as the sun sets on our hero Salty, we find ourselves at the Los Sueños Marina home of some of the best sportfishing in the world.

        Our report goes as follows;

        7-21-09 With the Lana Johnson group aboard Sunny One heads out and returns with 2 Dorados 2 Red Snappers and a fine Rooster fish

        7-23-09 The Johnsons join Sunny for another day of action on the Briny deep and steam in having hooked up 1 Dinner Dorado 4 Yellow Fin Tuna 4 Urels and 1 Rooster, a good day indeed.!!!!!!!

        7-27-09 Today we have Mr. Jan Maizler aboard and after a fine day they dock with 2 Bonitas 2 Spanish Mackerels and 11 Urels along with a Rooster fish

        7-27-09 Marcusula reports to us after having landed 3 Urels and 1 Rooster fish!!!!!

        7-29-09 Sail Call steams out early and returns having hooked up 1 Dorado and 4 nice Rooster fish , Dream II; Heads back to the Marina having released 2 Sails. Meanwhile back at the ranch, or in this case the yacht Sunny One reports 1 sail 1 Yellow fin Tuna and 1 Rooster fish.
        Whos Your Daddy; Docks after a super day showing 4 Yellow Fin Tuna 6 Wahoo and 3 Rainbow Runners

        7-30-09 Well one of our favorite groups who return every year The infamous Squire Group board Sunny and return having hooked up 2 Sailfish and a Dorado.

        7-31-09 The group had so much fun they are heading out again today,Later that day docking with 4 fat Dinner Dorado!!!!!

        Thats the news and all the news for now, The sportfishing has been good for July and the rain has been cooperating and holding off until late in the day.

        Well its a short one just to wrap up July, see you next week with an update on the first week of August....

        In closing just a note very important remember Moms Day is right around the corner and here at Stay In Costa Rica we have some great specials for Moms Day so check us out

        Give your Mom a hug its free!!!!!!!!!!!!! Later Catchem Up Salty Dog
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          The Billfish Foundation continues building strong relat

          TBF succeeds in push of Vessel Monitoring System
          mandate in Costa Rican waters
          The Billfish Foundation continues building strong relations on fisheries conservation
          SAN JOSE, Costa Rica and FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla., USA (September 7, 2009) -- New regulations enacted by INCOPESCA, the Costa Rican fisheries agency, will require electronic vessel monitoring systems (VMS) on all commercial vessels larger than 56 ft. that operate in Costa Rican waters. These rules were published on August 5 and all affected vessels must have operational systems within six months of that date.
          The Billfish Foundation’s (TBF) Chief Scientist Dr. Russell Nelson and TBF Central American Conservation Director Herbert Nanne have been pushing INCOPESCA to develop these regulations for a year-and-a-half. “The mandatory use of VMS will allow Costa Rica’s officials to monitor via satellite the exact positions of all purse seine vessels and large longliners and more easily enforce closed areas and other conservation directives,” said Nelson.
          Nanne added, “Costa Rica does not allow purse seine fishing on FADs (fish aggregating devices) because of the high bycatch of billfish, dorado, wahoo and other finfish, but we have for years suspected the foreign permitted vessels of using this destructive fishing practice in Costa Rica’s waters. Now VMS will reveal whether they are fishing inside our 12 mile territorial waters, or going into protected areas like the Coco Island National Park waters.”
          Ellen Peel, TBF President, observed, ”We all owe Luis Dobles, the new President of INCOPESCA for taking yet another step towards stronger fisheries conservation. Hopefully purse seiners being tracked on VMS will think twice before repeating last year’s incident in which several sport fishing boats after being deliberately surrounded by a large purse seine and threatened while peacefully trolling for tuna.”
          The regulations taking effect Feb. 5, 2010, do not apply to private and charter sportfishing vessels.
          Over the past year Costa Rica has been proactive in enacting conservation laws and measures to control commercial overfishing. Last December INCOPESCA passed measures protecting its sailfish and other sport fishing resources by putting a halt to the exportation of sailfish meat and stopped the use of live bait by the commercial long-liners. A month later Costa Rica formed the first national sport fishing federation representing the interests of its anglers and the sport fishing tourism industry.
          Established in 1986 The Billfish Foundation by the late Winthrop P. Rockefeller is the only non-profit organization dedicated solely to conserving and enhancing billfish populations worldwide. With world headquarters in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., USA, TBF’s comprehensive network of members and supporters includes anglers, captains, mates, tournament directors, clubs, sport fishing and tourism businesses. By coordinating efforts and speaking with one voice, the organization works for solutions that are good for billfish, not punitive to recreational anglers and good for the local economy.
          TBF’s web site is and its phone number is 800-438-8247, ext 108 for Ellen Peel or (561) 449-9637 for Dr. Nelson.

          9/7/2009 TBF PR counsel - Pete Johnson, Johnson Communications,
          Scottsdale, Ariz., USA
          480-951-3654 (ph) --
          Saltwater Fishing Articles & More by Outdoor Writer Jerry LaBella


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            Costa Rica Fishing Report - Stay in Costa Rica November

            Goooooooooooooood fishing Costa Rica!!!!!!!!!!! Here we are starting Nov. Lets head down to the beautifull Los Sueños Marina and see whats up ..... or down? Capt Waltons report from Sunny One goes like this...............

            1-11-09 We find Skip Jamison aboard, they return after a great day with 1 Sail bite 1Marlin tagged and 16 Tunas Holy Wasabi!!!!!!!!

            2-11-09 Mr. Don Ross steams out on Sunny and docks after 4 Sails and 2 Dinner Dorado

            3-11-09 Skip Jamison joins Sunny One again and is not disappointed docking with 2 Dorados and 2 nice Tunas...........

            Thats the start of Nov. Keep in mind to check our Web often, as our SICR Marketing staff is always working on new ways to make it easier to rent one of our Luxury Condos or Elegant Villas, along with new tours and services and as always some of the best Sportfishing in the world. Sooooooooooooo until next time Stay on the Sunnyside..

            Later Catchem Up Salty Dog
            Salty Dog