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    Well the 2006 NH Striper season started off with a bang for Reel Ecstasy. Usually I begin on June 1 but this year I booked a trip a day early on May 31. The fishing started out slow with only one 29 inch fish and a couple of very small fish by noon. With a tide change and some different tactics the fishing really picked up. We caught a number of decent size fish with 2 other keepers and a real nice 37 inch fish. Small schoolies, around 14 inches or so were up on the surface for most of the day which was a great sign as well. Looks like the season is going to be another great one. Tight Lines Capt. Joel,

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    June 22 Fishing Report. The

    June 22 Fishing Report. The last few trips have yielded plenty of fish but not to many NH keepers. Today changed all that. I was fishing with one client, Todd from northern Vt. and we caught many fish but also managed to land 4 keepers over 30" with the biggest just a little shy of 40". We took a ride to the mouth of the piscataqua took pictures of the light houses, shipyard and many of the other sites along the river and just had a grand old time. Well worth the drive from Vt, Todd said at the end. Hopefully the weather will finally stabilize some and the bigger fish will move back into the river in force. Tight lines. Capt.Joel


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      First week of July fishing rep

      First week of July fishing report- Well the buzz word for the last few weeks has been plenty of fish. On most days we are getting over 50 fish. The action has been fast and furious with constant action on most spots. We are getting some NH sized keepers but certainly this year the numbers of fish being caught are amazing. It appears the bigger fish are around but there are so many smaller fish they are just not letting the baits get down to the big Stripers. Light tackle has provided us with great action and many smiling faces and sore arms. A couple of small blues have made their way into the river but at this time they are few and far between. I have not seen a lot of surface activity of late which is surprising with all the fish here.. Tight Lines, Capt Joel.


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        2009 NH Striped Bass Fishing Begins.

        Fishing Report Week Ending 5/24/09

        First two charters for the season took place this week. It was a bit earlier
        than I usually run trips but, after some preliminary fishing over the last
        week or so I was confident I could get people into fish. Both days turned
        out to be successes. On Thursday, I went out with Lee, Jeff and Dick for a
        4 hour trip. The temps were around 90 degrees but with the breeze blowing
        were comfortable. Actually, Jeff just up from Florida thought it was a little
        cold, Ha!!. We landed about a dozen stripers with two over the legal 28”
        mark. Both keepers were returned to the water unharmed. On Saturday, Nat
        Peter, and Ted went out for a 4 hour trip. What a temperature difference over 2 days.
        I don’t think it ever got over 60 degrees, and with overcast skies it was cold.
        The fishing was better, it took a while to find em, but once we did we landed
        about 2 dozen with 1 over 28”. On a few occasions we had more than one fish
        on at a time.
        It looks like the striped bass fishing in NH is fully underway and I am looking
        forward to many more successful trips.
        Tight Lines, Capt. Joel


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          6.14.09 NH striped bass report

          Fishing Report Week Ending 6/14/09
          Fishing or more so the weather had many ups and downs this week. Monday was bright sunny skies and we did awesome. Took out long time friend and client Jeff with a few of his customers. We did real well with about 35 fish, and 3 over 30". Jeff and I have fished together for years, he brings along the food and drink and keeps his customers with well fed and I try to keep them into fish. We usually succeed very well and many come back on their own with friends and family to do another trip.
          Tuesday was good till the temps and wind made a drastic change about 1p.m. Prior to that we had about 20 fish with some really fast action for the first 2 hours or so. Later in the week we had lots of rain, We still got out and did ok catching stripers getting about 15 on each 4 hour trip. Not perfect but everyone caught a few.. The large bimini top I can set up on the boat underneath my T-top really helps to keep everyone dry and happy.
          Our biggest problem, as the week progressed, was the weeds. With all the rain, many spots I like to fish were thick with weeds and floating debris. The fish were there but we couldn’t keep the baits clean which is so important in order to catch fish. Hopefully the weather will start to cooperate and we can really enjoy the fishing.
          Tight Lines, Capt. Joel


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            NH striped bass

            Fishing Report Week Ending 6.21.09

            Once again it was a week of rain, cold and Striped Bass. Not sure when we will really get summer but at least the Striped Bass are here. We did have one slow trip this week.
            We got 7or 8 fish but considering that in the morning we got over 25 it just wasn’t right.
            The fish were around but just wouldn’t cooperate. We got to one spot and caught 3 within about 10 minutes and then not another hit till we moved. It isn’t usually like that,
            find a few and there are more there as well. Even our slow trip was a great experience though, as we had 3 generations aboard for a real fathers day treat and we all got to see Dylan with his first striped bass. Good job buddy!!
            Except for that one slow trip, every other trip this week yielded 15-25 fish. We caught a few in the 30” range as well as a fat 34” fish on Sat.
            Monday was cold with temps in the mid 50’s and with out of state clients from Florida, they were wearing everything they brought, and borrowed some clothes from one of my friends at the marina. They had a great time though and were really impressed with the great inshore fishery NH has to offer. Friday on the other hand was warmer but it was rain, rain and more rain. Thanks to the bimini top both morning and afternoon customers stayed fairly dry, but after 9 hours on the water, with much of my time outside of the tops cover I was wet. The rest of the week was damp weather, except for Saturday when the sun came out and it was just a beautiful day.
            Tight Lines.
            Capt. Joel