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  • Maine

    Published Traditional Muzzleloading author Bill Sanders and his 20 point stag he harvested on 10/28/05.

    The first one is his first shot from a brush blind.............. Behind that smoke is a stag at 40 yards.Bill made a good forequarter shot that took out one lung. The stag went down hard but was up and gone in an instant.

    The second is his re-load..........We blood trailed the stag until he disappeared into a thick jack fir thicket. We figured that he was likely to cross a nearby tote-road.

    The Third is his second shot from the tote road......We backed off and repositioned ourselves on that tote road when the stag broke cover and began to run straight away from us. Bill took aim and made a dificult neck shot on his trophy. I was lucky to get this picture and was pleased to see how well the billow of smoke came out

    The Forth is where the stag went down.

    Here are a few words from Bill Sanders:
    After hunting at Hindsite Preserve with my flint lock for Red Stag, I can say that I recommend this hunt to any Black Powder hunter who wants a thrilling time , with a top notch outfitter in beautiful surroundings. The Quality of the Animals I saw and the one I bagged speaks for itself. The cabin on the lake was spectacular and the service by the guide .Bob and Mark was first rate. Do yourself a favor and book this hunt !
    Bill Sanders

    From the woods of Maine,
    Mark Luce

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    Now booking for fall '06 ;

    Now booking for fall '06 ; Deer hunts, bear over bait, Moose hunts! Inland Water sightseeing tours. Contact Howard Bros. Guide Service. (207)474-4632, [email protected]


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      [b]<font color="119911"><font

      <font color="119911"><font face="times new roman&#44;times&#44;roman"><font size="+1">Green Farm Guide Service</font></font></font>

      Matt Tinker

      Master Maine Guide
      1026 Rangeley RD

      &#40;207&#41; 246-5604 Coplin Plt., ME 04970 [email protected]

      Thank you for your interest in vacationing in the western Maine mountains and considering my services. I offer many different private adventures for you, your family or your friends. Guided adventures offer many opportunities to explore the outdoors. Go moose watching, hiking, canoeing or snowmobiling. Whatever season you prefer or the way you prefer to enjoy it Maine is the place to be. All trips are based on your ability with multiple day and family adventures available.

      Moose Watching.

      Moose watching is a popular activity and photographing them where they live can be very exciting and rewarding. Trips generally consist of both riding in my Jeep Cherokee and walking depending on your requests. Private moose watching trips have a four &#40;4&#41; person maximum unless otherwise discussed with us in advance. Half days are generally the morning starting around sunrise or late in the day near sunset.

      By car we will cruise logging roads in search of moose feeding in the different cuts while learning about them and their habitat. By foot we may walk through some remote areas where the moose live getting a close up look at their home. Also we have several blinds that are near small beaver ponds, streams and clearings that we could visit.

      As far as canoeing to see a moose, we could go to Flagstaff lake. The chances of seeing a moose are good but we may not get very close, also there is a additional charge for canoeing.

      Exciting fall moose calling&#42; adventures begin in September. This is the most exhilarating way to experience the Maine moose. We will spend most of the adventure on foot and in blinds. During this time of year the moose are very active and responsive to calls. Big bull moose have come within feet. &#42;No Children under 10 on any fall moose calling trip.

      I have been doing moose watching trips for several years and have had some amazing encounters. Although I have been very successful with sightings in the past, I always tell people that moose are wild animals and it is never a guarantee to see one. Patience and persistence are the most important thing for all wildlife watching. All of my moose watching adventures are focused to your individual needs. If you would like to discuss your needs please call me and we will talk.


      The western Maine mountains and lakes offer many opportunities for the photographer. Weather a massive moose, the delicate lady slipper or fall foliage, nature is full of beauty. Photography adventures are geared to your needs and preferred subject.


      Private canoe trips are a peaceful way for the outdoor enthusiasts or photographer to enjoy the outdoors. Paddle along Flagstaff Lake or maybe a short flat water trip on one of our local slow moving rivers may be more your speed. Enjoy the quiet surroundings while keeping an eye out for wildlife trying to blend into the scenery. Family and small group trips are also available with reservations required. Wind and weather are always a considerable factor with all canoe trips. Additional canoes available for a small fee. Price based on three &#40;3&#41; people.

      Day Hikes

      Day hikes are available for those who want to hike a mountain but may like a little assistance with the details. All hikes are paced according to your ability. The focus is an enjoyable, easy hike to get you out and explore the mountains. You will be provided a list of suggested things to bring before you arrive to hike. Along the way, we will discuss map usage, trail markings and basic things to bring on a day hike. Hikes may range in difficulty and time. Wind and weather are always a considerable factor with all hiking trips.


      Family or private fly and spin fishing trips available to local streams and ponds. Try your luck for trout, salmon, pickerel or perch. Fish from canoe or shore at some of the quietest places around. Most fishing gear is supplied. Maine fishing license required.


      Hunt in the western Maine mountains for deer and moose in WMDs 7 &amp; 8. The vast tracks of forest offer some outstanding habitat for giant deer and moose.

      Deer are taken locally that are field dressed at over 200 lbs. and with some patience and persistence you may get a chance at one. Deer hunts are from stands and blinds, with some stalking. All stands are set over natural areas, and trails. Bow hunts available. No more than three &#40;3&#41; sports per guide.

      &#42;Deer hunts in WMDs 7 or 8, $600/wk&#40;5 days&#41; one-on-one

      Price per person $500/wk&#40;5 days&#41; two-on-one
      $400/wk&#40;5 days&#41; three-on-one

      Moose are one of the largest game animals in America that you may get a chance to hunt. It is truly a once in a lifetime experience to take a moose. Hunting moose can be as easy as or as much of a adventure you may like. Generally we will spend time calling and searching for moose in cuts. If you would like a more traditional hunt, be advised that a moose taken deep in the forest takes a lot of time to retrieve. I live in WMD 7 and specialize in hunting WMDs 7 &amp; 8. I will also consider and have guided in other WMDs for an additional fee. I have a list of references available who would be happy to tell you about their adventures moose hunting. If you have additional questions or would like more specific information please call and I can address your needs.

      &#42;Moose hunting by permit in WMDs 7 or 8. $150/day, $600/wk min.

      Traditional hunt prices may vary.

      &#42;Lunch is included on all hunts. Lunch consists of cold cuts on bulky rolls, salad for topping sandwiches &#40;optional&#41;, chips, drinks/sodas, and desert. Soup is available on some trips for an additional fee. Some snacks and water are also provided.

      Local lodging available. Call or write for more info.

      ^Pricing may vary on all hunts.

      During the winter, snowmobiling or snowshoeing may be the only way for many of us to see remote areas of Maine. The western mountains offer hundreds of miles of trails with many spectacular views and the occasional moose and deer encounter.


      Guided snowmobile trips are a great way to discover new areas. Trail riding is an excellent way to get introduced to the sport or enjoy a beautiful day. Explore the Bigelow preserve with its stunning views of the Bigelow mountains and Flagstaff Lake or take a trip to Rangeley or The Forks for lunch. Backcountry trips around the local mountains are available for the more adventurous and experienced. Rental snowmobiles and gear are available through local businesses. Prices may vary for the 07 winter.


      Snowshoeing offers a quieter approach to the forest. Spend some time searching for moose or just taking in the surroundings. Although moose and wildlife can be difficult to find this time of year, with some walking we may have a little luck. Along the way we will discuss some of the mooses habits and their habitat while enjoying the stillness of the forest. Rentals are available with advanced reservation.

      General 2006 Prices

      Moose watching, Photography, Hiking, Snowshoeing trips&#42;

      Half Day $125 5 - 6 hrs

      &#42;Maximum 4 people to fit in Jeep Cherokee.


      Half Day $150 5 - 6 hrs $25 each additional canoe

      &#42;&#42; Based on 3 people, 2 canoes.


      Half Day $175 5 - 6 hrs additional pricing available

      &#42;&#42; Based on 3 people, 2 canoes.

      All adventures are $25 each additional hr.

      Special arrangements and pricing available for more than four &#40;4&#41; people.

      Water is provided on most adventures.

      Lunch is available on day trips for an additional fee.

      Lodging information available by request.

      Reservations preferred. Reservations require a deposit. Deposits are as follows:

      Half day $20, full day $40
      Deposits are non-refundable.
      Send inquiries and deposits to:
      Green Farm Guide Service
      Matt Tinker
      1026 Rangeley RD
      Coplin Plt., ME O4970-3011
      &#40;207&#41; 246-5604 [email protected]


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        Gearing up for Maine Black bea

        Gearing up for Maine Black bear over bait. Baiting starts the end of July, season opens August 28th. Still have openings.
        Contact Howard Bros. Guide Service
        [email protected]


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          Still have openings for Maine

          Still have openings for Maine deer hunts in November or blackpowder in December. Call now! Howard Bros. Guide Service &#40;207&#41;474-4632


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            Joe Williams a taxidermist from Virginia harvested this 16 point stag on 9/2/05. Joe is going to do a full body mount and display this in his den/ museum. Joe saw numerous stags, hinds and lambs before he saw this one. He was very pleased .

            The finished mount in Joe&#39;s Den, which is nearly filled to capacity !!!




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              It&#39;s the second week of Ma

              It&#39;s the second week of March and and things are finally warming up here in Maine. 5am and 39 degrees! I was out for a drive yesterday and saw a jake and 2 hens crossing the road, I pulled along side the birds and watched for a moment. They danced around in a circle and clucked and purred but did not run away, I have always suspected deer know when opening day is but never guessed turkeys would figure it out. After a few moments I realized the birds just wanted to get to the other side, &#40;that is why they were crossing the road&#41; and I was in the way. So I moved along and let the birds get on with their day and now I am watching the snow slowly melt and driving my wife &#40;and the dog&#41; crazy with my box call. Turkey season is near and I am ready for the sound of a gobble and the sight of that beautiful yet awkward flight down from the roost. I am ready for the little hairs on the back of my neck to stand up when I hear that first return gobble, ready for my heart to pound as a tom struts his way toward my decoy ready for a fight not knowing he doesn&#39;t have a chance against a 12ga 3-1/2&#34;. I am ready for Turkey season, are you ?

              Shawn Howard
              Howard Bros. Guide Service
              [email protected]


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                Openings still available for t

                Openings still available for the first 2 weeks of Bear season. Exciting Black Bear hunts over bait. Check out our web site


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                  We had an awesome 2006 season.

                  We had an awesome 2006 season. Eight hunters harvested seven bears. 100% shot opportunities.
                  Hunt with Bow, Rifle, Handgun or Muzzleloader.
                  See photos of harvest as well as Live BEAR CAM photos on our website:


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                    Howard Bros. Guide Service off

                    Howard Bros. Guide Service offering a free Youth day Turkey hunt.

                    Purchase any trip for 2007 and receive a free Youth day Turkey hunt on April 28, 2007.

                    This months booking special: 1 week summer camp rental, canoe rental for week, 1 day guided canoe trip for 4 people $600.00 plus 7%tax.

                    Shawn Howard
                    http://[email protected]}