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    Kids Hunting For A Cure Redneck Adventures TV show near Nashville!!
    Redneck Adventures TV show and Kids Hunting For a Cure Picture this: 300 Kids Hunting For a Cure, Thats St. Judes U know the folks I am speakin of!!! These 300 kids hunted in Fayetteville Tn. and parts around Nashville Tn. A special thanks to landowners who provided Farms and Huntn land for these folks to N joy. Of these 300 kids around 100 Whitetails were Harvested. If U can imagine a line of trucks with 6 pts.8pts. and even a brute a 12 pt. taken by none other than a young Buck named Hunter. The prized Buck was taken by little Aaron woh got a real tall 6 pointer. U C he is in a wheelchair and hunted with Kirk Thomas of Outdoors without Limits and that afternoon young Aaron scored and thanks goes out to the crew and yes it is on film. Young Danielle got herself a fantastic 9 pt.

    Special Thanks goes to all the folks that donated the tons of prizes and gifts for these young uns to take home. Stands,Cameras,Knives,Blinds,and 2 many more to list. The Auctions were conducted by RJ Auctions along with the Crew from Redneck Adventures and many many more great Job all!!!
    Lawn Mower Racin on Saturday Afternoon was a blast and JimBob and Stork even opened up the races U will have to stay tuned and watch 4 it on U'R TV to C who won!!! Special Guests and Country Music up and coming stars Tyler Farr hunted and sang a few tunes for the gang and Blake Wise filmed one of what I call the Tripplett Twins these two young men got one Doe the morning and the other brother got 2 mature Does that Afternoon!!! My little Buddy Justin got his first Deer Ever and the smile is priceless Folks U C Blake Wise came and got us from the ground Blind and my little Buddy Free Handed a Doe with a 22-06 at about 100 yards.

    If U want to make a difference find out how to git N volved with a fantastic group by contacting none other than Super Dave Norval at 731-925-7613 I must say he did a Super Job!! Dr. John Waples and the whole bunch I tip my Hat this touched my life!! The Vendors that set up and The Outdoor Channel I must thank 4 playin our Redneck Adventures Best of Seasons 1-12 DVD that got the folks smilin!!

    A marketing firm was put in place for the 20 or so states that from this event stepped up to the plate to do events in their respective states!!

    A Challenge to U: If U have or have never been touched by Kids of St. Judes and the vision of Danny Thomas U owe it 2 yourself to check it out!! If U have the ways means and want to know more as a landowner,ranch owner,avid hunter that believes in our youth and Huntn for our future git N volved!! Also, I must say a special thanks to Gander Mtn.,Cablella's,Bass Pro,little box stores,Gatlin Guns,CVA,Bad Boy Buggies,Summit Tree Stands and all that donated and again to the landowners because without U there is no place to hunt!!

    I said all of that to say this 300 Kids N the Woods not on the Couch Huntn with Mom R Dad, over 100 Deer Harvested more Bucks than Does.

    50,000 Dollars and growing I'll keep U posted, A weekend N Tn. never to Forget P R I C E L E S S !!!

    Have a Redneck Day and look 4 this episode coming soon to U'R TV set or our website!! I invite all to post thier story or part of this event or any other at


    P.S. I must thank the 10 camera Guys that most of got Kids and Deer Harvests on Film!!!!