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    Jesse Fiske takes 480 pound trophy Newfoundland spring bear

    Jesse arrived in Newfoundland late May 2007 and hunted early June until He got a shot at this magnificent boar. Jesse’s bear green scored over 20” and will make the Boone and Crockett record book. Squaring out at 7’-1” this is certainly another Newfoundland success story. For more photos visit our website at

    We Specialize in Trophy Woodland Caribou, Eastern Canadian Moose & Black Bear Hunts, & Atlantic salmon &Sea Run Trout Fishing, Small Game & Migratory Bird Hunts & Wilderness Adventure Tours. __________________________________________________ ______________________
    Pricelist & Dates for 2008 -2009
    Rates based on 2:1 for black Bear and 1:1 for combo hunts and moose and caribou
    Caribou and moose will be $400.00 less per hunter with 2:1 guiding

    Spring Black Bear (Single Tag) ---------------------------------- $2500.00 Canadian
    Spring black Bear (Double Tag) ----------------------------------$3900.00 Canadian
    Fall Black Bear (same as above)

    Trophy Woodland Caribou ---------------------------------------- $5495.00 Canadian

    Trophy Eastern Canadian Moose -------------------------------- $5495.00 Canadian

    Combination Moose/Caribou---------------------------------------$7995.00 Canadian

    Combination Moose or Caribou with bear-----------------------$6995.00 Canadian

    Grand Slam Hunt (all Three) ---------------------------------------$8995.00 Canadian

    Non Hunter--------------------------------------------------------------$1500.00 Canadian

    Tags and licenses extra
    Moose $335.00 Canadian

    Woodland caribou $450.00 Canadian

    Black Bear $100.00 Canadian

    14% taxes on all prices. Clients can apply for 7% government rebate.

    Available Dates (Bow & Rifle)
    2008 Spring Bear
    May18th-24th Spring bear 2009
    May 17th-23rd
    May 25th- May 31st May 24th- May 30th
    June 1st-June 7th May 31st- June 6th
    June 8th-June 14th June 7th- June 13th
    June 15th-June 21st June 14th-june 20th
    June 22nd-June 28th June 21st- June 27th
    June 28th-July 4th
    Bow Hunting Only
    2007 Fall Caribou, Moose & Black Bear 2008 Fall Caribou, Moose & Black Bear 2009 Fall Caribou, Moose & Black Bear
    August 31st-September 6th August 30th-september 5th
    September 7th-September 13th September 6th - September12th
    September 9th- September 15th
    Rifle & Bow Hunting
    September 30th- October 6th September 28th-October 4th Sept. 20th- sept. 26th
    October 7th-October 13th October 5th- October 11th Sept. 27th - Oct. 3rd
    October 14th- October 20th October 12th-October 18th Oct 4th - Oct oct 10th
    October 21st- October 28th
    Oct 29th- Nov 3rd October 19th-October 25th
    Oct 26th-Nov 1st
    Oct 11th - Oct 17th
    Oct 18th - Oct 24th
    Oct 25th- Oct 31st
    Nov. 1st-nov 7th

    Please contact us concerning any prices and availability of hunting dates. These prices are all inclusive and do not include the taxes.

    kindest Regards
    Dean Crocker President
    Beaulieus Trophy Woodland Caribou & Black Bear Hunts
    97 Radio Range Road
    St.John's Newfoundland, Canada
    A1A 4Y4
    Telephone709) 579-2563 Fax709) 579-3182
    TOLL FREE 1-877-999-STAG (7824)
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