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Stunning Oil Spill News Media Won't Reveal

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  • Stunning Oil Spill News Media Won't Reveal

    Original Story on Yahoo News

    Captain Devin of Swamp Stallion Fishing Adventures goes on to unveil the truth about Louisiana two years after the BP Oil Spill.

    New Orleans, LA (PRWEB) April 30, 2012
    Just over two years ago a sensational disaster struck America’s Gulf Coast. This disaster was the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon, better known as the BP Oil Spill. This crisis struck at the heart of coastal communities, especially those in Louisiana. But what hurt most was America's negative perception of those coastal fisheries, causing a downturn in business for Louisiana fishermen, both recreational and commercial. What Captain Devin has to say changes everything, especially what you think you know about the BP Oil Spill.

    The mainstream media covered the event, displaying shocking photos of oil-soaked pelicans and tar balls menacingly floating adrift. The core of Louisiana culture, its seafood, was under attack and faced an imminent danger of being wiped off the face of the Earth.

    But over two years later, Louisiana is doing something the media will not report on. They will not do it because it isn’t the deplorable news they want to make headlines. After the oil spill, Louisiana is doing great!

    Interviewing a local who makes a living off the water, we take a real-world account from Captain Devin Denman of Hopedale, Louisiana. Captain Devin operates a speckled trout and redfish fishing charter, named Swamp Stallion Fishing Adventures, and depends on a healthy and abundant fish population to stay in business. He can only attest that stocks of speckled trout, redfish, bay snapper and black drum have been in abundance.
    “They were never really affected. We had some oil show in the area, but it’s gone and the fish stock is doing great. Louisiana has the best estuaries in the world. We have the Mighty Mississippi River! C'mon now! Because of this, we also have the best fishing in the world. It’s not uncommon to catch a hundred speckled trout in a day. Our fisheries can sustain that kind of catch.”

    “However, what's hurting us is the nation’s perception of what life is like down here and the mainstream media reporting we are still being affected by this oil spill. Our fisheries are great and safe to eat. Oysters, crabs, shrimp, fish…you name it! I eat a lot of good seafood. I’m okay!”

    And the fishing is better than ever! Swamp Stallion Fishing Adventures, despite the slowdown in business, had a successful year. Much to the happiness of Captain Devin, he would take his customers out, catch a cooler full of speckled trout and redfish before returning to the marina. Once at the docks, Captain Devin would clean their catch, letting them take home the freshest fillets for their own cooking pleasure.

    “Everybody always enjoyed their fish and will call or email me to let me know how great it was! You can’t beat the nutritional and culinary value of fish like speckled trout. Restaurants that sell tilapia are selling their customers short. People always tell me how much better speckled trout and redfish are. I eat them often and always like to try new recipes.”
    But he goes on to elaborate. “I take all kinds of people fishing and they always come back for more. We need your business down here in Louisiana! Come on down, visit the French Quarter, have some beignets. Book a fishing trip to catch some beautiful fish and see it all first hand, you won’t regret it!”

    You can see more pictures and video of Captain Devin and his fishing charter by following him on Facebook or Twitter. Just click a button below. He also has a blog about the Louisiana outdoors and his fishing charter, Captain Devin’s Louisiana Fishing Blog. Book a fishing trip by calling him at 985.788.4963 or email at [email protected].
    Captain Devin Denman
    Swamp Stallion Fishing Adventures