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    Bluefin are firing!

    The run of giant Pacific Bluefin Tuna expected off the Hokitika Trench was later arriving than usual…….but the fish have made up for it in style, with big numbers present during August.

    Trips are usually a minimum of 16 hours in duration and some boats are being rewarded with as many as nine or ten of these huge fish per adventure. This means no time for rest….it’s been all action, day and night.

    The prime time is usually when the huge trawlers haul their nets, creating a massive berley trail and luring the Bluefin up to the surface.

    Numbers of fish this winter have been so great that they can be caught close to the trawlers whilst towing, as they shadow the large boats anticipating the next feed.

    The average size of the fish has been over the 500lb mark but it’s only a matter of time before one of the even bigger specimens snatches a bait ahead of the more numerous average sized fish.

    Greater numbers of fish are being tagged and released this winter, which can only be good for the longer term future of this amazing sport fishery…..long may it last!

    John Kimberley