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    Wildlife Management Remains Priority in Kofa Refuge
    Anti-hunters halt their advance against sporting rights in Arizona District court

    October 30, 2007 (Arizona)

    Threats to immediately halt critical wildlife management on federal hunting land has been overted, at least for the present.

    On Oct. 18, environmental groups withdrew a motion for a temporary restraining order, which sought to shut down wildlife watering devices on the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge in Arizona until a legal complaint against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is settled. The suit was brought in the U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona by groups that claim the agency is violating federal environmental policies and Wilderness statutes by restoring and maintaining the waterers. The U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation and other conservation groups that have filed to join the suit are satisfied with the withdrawal, which will allow the watering facilities to continue supporting desert wildlife, including wild sheep.

    “While it is impossible to fully know why the environmental groups withdrew their motion, the USSAF and other wildlife advocates, along with federal and Arizona agencies, had vigorously argued against the temporary restraining order,” said Rick Story, USSAF senior vice president. “Why grant an emergency cessation to interrupt the watering facilities, especially when the plaintiffs are unlikely to ultimately prevail on the merits of their lawsuit?”

    The U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation has argued in previous suits that a Wilderness designation does not preclude wildlife conservation. It worked with the Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society and other conservation partners to urge the Interior Secretary to protect wildlife management on the Sonoran Desert National Monument when environmentalists sued to prevent the upkeep of watering devices. It also urged the National Park Service to allow watering devices on the East Mojave Desert National Preserve when wilderness advocates petitioned to end their use.

    The Kofa National Wildlife Refuge is home to desert bighorn sheep and an array of other wildlife species. In 1990, more than 80 percent of the refuge was designated Wilderness by Congress.

    The U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation is joined in the suit by Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society, Arizona Deer Association, Arizona Antelope Foundation, Foundation for North American Wild Sheep, Yuma Valley Rod & Gun Club, Safari Club International and the National Rifle Association. Plaintiffs in the case against the FWS include Wilderness Watch and Arizona Wilderness Coalition.
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    PETA Calls on Arizona Governor to Ban Hunting for Those

    PETA Calls on Arizona Governor to Ban Hunting for Those Under 18

    On November 11, PETA sent a letter to the Governor of Arizona, Janet Napolitano, urging support of legislation that would ban hunting by anyone younger than 18 saying that that hunting teaches “children to see others as nothing more than living targets.”

    PETA is attempting to exploit recent November 5 news coverage of a tragedy in which an eight year-old boy allegedly shot and killed his father, Vincent Romero, and Timothy Romans with a .22-caliber rifle. The organization claims that the violent act was fomented by a recent family prairie dog hunting trip.

    “PETA always uses the most distasteful tactics to make headlines. In this case it is exploiting a tragic situation to advance its anti-hunting agenda,” said USSA Executive Vice President Rick Story.

    “There is no reason to believe that banning hunting for youth would have prevented this act”, Story said. “A ban on hunting for those under 18 will prohibit thousands of law abiding, responsible sportsmen and their children from engaging in a time honored tradition”, he said.
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