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  • Switzerland

    Animal Rights Law Passed in Switzerland
    Catch and Release Fishing Banned

    Switzerland has recently passed a law with the intention of clarifying acceptable treatment of “social animals.”

    The law that goes into effect September first establishes desirable treatment of animals such as dogs, fish, horses, and even rhinoceroses. An array of animals has been included under the bracket of “social animals” and a part of this new law states that any of these animals will be considered abused if they are not able to cohabit with another of their species.

    Under the law dog owners must take a two part course on recognizing the needs of the dog, and properly walking a dog. Swiss fisherman will now be required to participate in a course that teaches them how to catch fish humanely. Catch and Release fishing has been banned; instead fishers must now kill the fish immediately after being caught with “a sharp blow to the head with a blunt instrument.”

    This law affects farmers as well, who are barred from restraining horses, sheep, and goats. Pigs and cows must not be forced to reside in areas with hard flooring.

    Although animal rights groups are jumping for joy over this new law, many Swiss farmers are complaining of the numerous extra costs it will require them to run their farms.
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