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Default Question about fishing the seabrook area

Hello all,
I'm new here and not sure if this is the right place to post a question, If not I'm truly sorry, please point me in the right direction and I'll get it right the next time. Heres my question I've heard that the fishing in the seabrook "Hole" Or area is a really good place to catch a few fish. I come to mississippi atleast twice a year to fish their barrier islands with my father and we do pretty good but my father has gotten on this thing about fishing in the big lake, Lake "P". So I'm doing some reserch and would like to try the area this time when we come down. I'm mlooking for information on Boat ramps and bait shops in the area that allow close access to that area. I've got really good maps of the area so finding it wont be a problem. We are comming down the first week of june, Is that a good time for the area? Any and all advise is greatly apprecaited. like i said we are new to that area and would love to learn how to fish it. Thank you of your time and help.
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