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  1. Default VIDEO Gulfstream Fishing Tuna, Dolphin, Grouper, Trigge

    We fished the Gulf Stream last Thursday, 72 miles off Topsail Island, NC. Caught 6 Mahi, 1 Blackfin Tuna, 2 BIG Grouper, 3 Triggerfish, a limit of silver snapper (pinkies), and our first Triple Tail. On the way out tot the stream we crossed some awesome bottom that we had to fish and Captain Chris Medlin pulled in a big Red Grouper within minutes. When we got to trolling, we had the long line hit with in seconds of deploying all the lines. All in All, a Fantastic Day.

    Captain Scott Erickson

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    Default Winter Fishing?????

    I can truly say that we started the charter season off today in grand style!!

    We were on a bottom fishing trip today with Danny Gillis, Joshua Waller, Alice Davis, Will Davis from Salisbury,NC and with them was Donnie Mabe from China Grove,NC.

    Our first stop proved to be the right place to be today!! We got the "Yeah Right II" anchored up on the down current side of a rock ledge and the Black Bass were there just waiting for our baits.

    The action was so hot that I had to come down from the fly bridge and give Capt. Chris a hand. He can usually keep up with a six man crew but today the fish were biting so good that both of us had trouble keeping up...

    If you are a Black Bass fisherman, this is your time of year. Even though the commercial segment of the Black Bass fishery is closed to commercial fishing, the recreational/charter headboat segment is still open, and there are some Big Bass biting now!!!

    Oh yeah, the Spiney Dog Sharks are here as well!! These are one of the best eating sharks that swim. It's the same fish that made "Fish N' Chips" famous!!!

    It may be cold and you have to pick your days, but when you get a good day, the fish are there!!

    The water was dirty all the way to the Horse Shoe area, and there was very few Gannetts in the area. Bluefin signs didn't look good in the area.

    As far as the temperature of the water, I can't say, my unit went haywire in the temp dept, either that, or the water temp was 90.3*

    Thanks guys for helping us start the season off in grand style. It was another one of those days that memories are made from!!!

    Till next time, God Bless!!!!
    Fish On!!!!
    Capt's Butch & Chris Foster

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    Default SOUTHPORT,NC Fishing Report


    We were headed offshore today with Tim Greene, Kevin Stanley, Eldon Hinegardner, Jerry Fredell, Olin Huffman, from Marganton,NC and Mike Greene from Lenoir,NC.

    We found the fish in the 350's area to be biting pretty good. The highlite of the morning was a big Hog Nose Snapper and a big Almaco Jack that gave a great fight all the way to the boat!!

    On the lite line the first King Mackeral we had was big enough that she bit through the #6 wire. We almost got her into gaff range before the wire parted and estimated her in the 30's.

    The next king was just above "snake" barely but then after that the current started backing up into the wind and that made running a lite line impossible for us as we anchor to bottom fish.

    We tried drifting so we could run the lite line but then everyone was staying tangled so we scraped that idea.

    We ended the day with the cart 3/4 full of fish for the crew, that's around 250 to 300 lbs. of fish. That should make a nice fish fry for everyone!!

    We all had a beautiful day even though the winds and seas picked up in the evening making the ride home a little "sporty" in the 3 to 5 foot seas, but the "old Mako" made short work of them as she challenged each and every one at a crusing speed of 30 knots and a dry ride!!!

    We didn't go out today, the weather was unstable and it looked like trouble was in the mix. As I have said so many times in the past, if you are not sure go with your first instincts!!

    As it would happen, strong storms developed on the coast. Reports of at least two boats capsizing and one drowing so far. Guy's, it's a grim reminder that a fish is not worth the chance.

    Just think what would have happened if these storms had taken an offshore path instead of going up the beach.

    Our thoughts and prayers go to the victims and their familys!!

    As for fishing tomorrow, I haven't decided yet. But you can bet that if there is the slightest chance of bad weather, we won't have a report on the fishing because I won't have my fishermen out there unless I know it's safe!!!

    Till next time, stay safe, fish smart, and God Bless!!!

    Fish On!!!!
    Capt. Butch

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    Default Southport,nc Fishing Report

    With a tropical storm brewing on the offshore grounds our offshore trip was cancelled for today.

    I was already planning what I was going to do with the day off Saturday when Bob Mace called to do a 1/2 day Spanish Mackeral trip.

    Bob and I have tried to get out before to the Gulfstream but was blown out by bad weather every time.

    This time with the winds coming from the NNE, a 1/2 day would work for us because the beach would be calm.

    I met up with Bob and Lisa Mace who own MACE ELECTRICAL SERVICE and with them were Joe Zlato, John Smith, and Garry Stamey all from Charlotte,NC.

    The Spanish Mackeral started off slow and progressed as the day went on.

    I located them about 15 feet of water just west of Yaupon Pier and they were biting best on the gold 00 Clark Spoons on #1 planers.

    An occasional fish would come on the 11/2 ounce trolling weight.

    We were having a lot of double hook up's on the planers, with some triples thrown in as well.

    After 1st Mate Barbara landed a few and the guys seen how it was done, they took over and were putting the Spanish Mackeral in the boat.

    We caught a lot of fish, and as in Spanish fishing some of the time they were too short and had to be thrown back for another day, but they were still fun to catch!!

    Around 11:00AM the sun was high and the winds shifted to the East, and as the East winds does down here, it shut the bite off!!

    We had plenty of fish to eat, had great conversation, and we all had fun catching the Spanish Mackeral, (the added bonus to a "fishing trip")

    We wound up with 37 nice keepers, that's 74 fillets for future fish dinners.

    The best part of the trip for me today again was the fine people I met today!!

    There are still some mighty fine folks left in this world and I do believe that most of them like to fish!!

    I do know that the people that fish with us are all some of the Greatest people in the world!!!

    See pic's at

    Till next time, FISH ON, Bob!! (he knows what I mean) Capt Butch, 1st Mate Barbara, and "Admiral Bodie" the fish dog says, Yeah, I dazzled everyone today with my charm and fish scaling ability!!

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    Capt. Matt Wirt (Reel_adventure) Guest

    Default The Wrightsville Beach Fishing

    The Wrightsville Beach Fishing and Carolina Beach Fishing action has been steady over the past two weeks. That is the main reason why these reports are getting further and further apart. When the fishing is good, the harder it is to stay on top of these reports! We have LOTS of pic’s and 2 new VIDEOS we just produced and we hope you enjoy watching them as much as we did making them! Now for the fishing report…..
    The flounder bite is picking up! They are biting in shallow water, deep water, ledges….everywhere. The preferred bait has been either live bait or Berkley Gulp! The redfish are stacked up and are working the docks and structure on the ICW, and the Wrightsville Beach docks seem to be producing the best. The flats are producing well when the wind allows and we had 2 of the best sight casting days that I can remember with lots of redfish caught and released. The flats are very non wind dependent and if the conditions are windy we simply fish the creeks or other nearby structure that is out of the wind. We produced a nice inshore slam under these conditions a few days back. The Bluefish are still around and have been snapping off a few carolina rigs every now and again.
    The Spanish are near the beach and are scattered one minute and schooled tight the next. Look for bait suspended in the water column (be sure to pull a planer through it!) or for fish breaking the surface. Always keep a light casting rod ready with 10lb test to sight cast to the Spanish. The tide lines near the inlets have been producing nice Spanish and are a good place to begin your search. The King Mackerel have finally taken up residence in the usual spots that are 5-10 miles off of the beach. We picked up a nice 12lb King Mackerel just off of the Blockade Runner 3 days ago. If the wrecks and AR’s are full of boats venture off to a near by ledge for best results. Live bait has been doing well but the dead cigars have been catching the majority of the fish. The Cobia bite is going strong and the Amberjacks are stacked up on the offshore AR’s. Try live menhaden for best results.

    Be sure to check out our new King Mackerel on a Fly Rod by clicking here:

    Also check out our new Hammerhead on a Flounder Rod Video by clicking here:

    There is NO DOWNLOADING….just double click the play button and it plays!
    Be sure to turn up your audio!

    For this week’s pictures click here: REEL ADVENTURE WEEKLY FISH PICS!

    Good fishing!
    Capt. Matt Wirt
    -Reel Adventure Charters
    -Next Level Custom Rods
    910-540-0570 Wilmington, NC

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    Capt Butch Foster (Captainbutch) Guest

    Default Today we were on another botto

    Today we were on another bottom fishing mission!!! We had with us Skeeter Midgette, James Midgette Jr., and Margie Midgette from Winnabow,NC and Ricky Midgette from Wilmington,NC.

    The day was filled with eventful events. James caught his first King Mackeral, and a nice one at that!!! Skeeter and Ricky caught a little bit of everything, but, the real prize winner was Margie. This lady caught two Kings at one time. She had one on the hook and the other one had wrapped its tail up in the line in front of the one on the hook. I've been fishing a long time, I have never seen anything like that before. To top it off, she wanted a grouper, so she catches one. But not just any grouper would do, she catches a real nice Black Grouper. First one of those I've seen in a long time!!!

    We ended the day with limits of Grey Snappers, Pinky's, Black Bass, Triggerfish, Almaco Jacks, King Mackeral, Grouper, and Sharks. The day was another beautiful day in God's glorious domaine. We are so fortunate we have the opportunity to share it with fishermen and fisherwomen and make so many lasting memories!! Check out other reports and pictures at Till next time, FISH ON!!! Capt Butch, 1st Mate Landon, and "Admiral Bodie" the fish dog says HI!!!.

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    Capt. Matt Wirt (Reel_adventure) Guest

    Default The fishing is really heating

    The fishing is really heating up! Our Wrightsville Beach fishing and Carolina Beach fishing trips are doing well now that the wind has subsided. Let’s hope it stays that way!

    Inshore: We have some nice redfish action going on right now. Try Gulp! or cut bait if you can’t find any live bait. (There is plenty of bait in the dredge pond.) The flounder bite is picking up a bit and there have been quite a few bluefish to play with near the inlets. These guys are a blast to sight cast to with a fly rod or light spinning gear. I expect the inshore fishing to EXPLODE when we get out first run of finger mullet.

    Offshore: Right off the beach the Spanish Mackerel have been doing well. The wind has the Spanish bite messed up pretty bad but it is getting back to normal now. We have caught a lot of them sight casting, and trolling with Clark spoons. There are also a few Bonito still around but you better be quick on the cast! Further off shore there are LOT’s of spadefish at the Dredge Wreck along with some nice Spanish and small Kings. At the School house there are also some Kings with some Amberjacks mixed in. WR-4 is producing some nice Kings and Dolphin and the Kings have been a little larger at WR-4.

    Check out this week’s pic’s at

    Good luck, and I hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day!

    Capt. Matt Wirt
    Reel Adventure Charters
    Next Level Custom Rods
    910-540-0570 Wilmington, NC

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    Capt. Matt Wirt (Reel_adventure) Guest

    Default Hello everyone. The season is

    Hello everyone. The season is really heating up and so is the fishing. Our charter trips out of Carolina Beach and Wrightsville Beach have been doing well and we have been catching everything from upper slot red drum, many 3 pound speckled trout, gray trout, tautog, black drum, bluefish, and sharks just to name a few. The weather has been fantastic and the fishing has been great right along with it.

    Inshore: The water temps have been ranging from 60 in the ICW to 66 degrees on the flats back in the bay. The red drum seem to be out of their winter pattern and are feeding heavily with the warmer water. Dead low tide on warm sunny days provides the best results. We are catching them with Gulp shrimp and jerk baits. There are many new reds coming in fresh off the ocean with sea lice attached to them and they are foraging around for food. These guys are aggressive and willing to take a hook! Dock fishing in the ICW has offered up some nice slot size redfish as well as some very nice speckled trout. These trout are large which tells me lots of them weathered the winter and we should have a banner year with the trout.

    Off shore: The water is in the 60 to 62 degree range from the beach out to 12 miles. We are starting to get some nice bluefish and gray tout on the near shore wrecks along with some nice tautog and black drum which are both great eating. I have seen numerous boils on the surface (in the 7 mile range) but they have been scattered out to much to find out what it is. It is either Bonito or False Albacore but again they have been too scattered to get a hook in one. Lots of birds are also working the bait. Speaking of bait, the wrecks are loaded with baitfish. As soon as the water temp rises the Spanish and kings will be in to snack on them. I can’t wait!

    As you can tell the fishing has been great, this time of year you just have to target what is biting and as long as the rod is bent I am happy! Be sure to check out our websites @ and soon for some new updated videos. And if you haven’t been to our main site lately there are lots of videos up right now. Check them out!

    Click here for this weeks pics!

    Let’s go fishing!
    Capt. Matt Wirt
    Reel Adventure Charters
    Next Level Custom Rods
    910.540.0570 Wilmington, NC

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    Capt Butch Foster (Captainbutch) Guest

    Default I woke up yesterday morning wi

    I woke up yesterday morning with no intentions of going fishing. Not that I didn't want to but the winds have been blowing steady lately and I figured today would be no different.

    Around 9:00AM I decided that I might go try some speckled trout fishing if it wasn't too windy.

    So, I made my way into the office and went to the weather here on the fishing reports page. The forecast wasn't bad for Monday.

    That caused me to pull up the few weather buoys that are still working offshore. At the buoy that is 250 NM SE of Charleston, which is about as close as we can get right now it showed a wave height of 1 foot every 7.7 seconds.

    Well, I went numb!! Here it is beautiful offshore and I have messed around until it was nearly too late to go fishing!!

    I immediately got on the phone and rounded up a few friends and we put this thing together at the last minute. I met up with John Leach, owner of DUTCHMAN CREEK BAIT & TACKLE, and one of our friends, Richard Croom. As I was at the tackle shop, another friend of mine, Capt. Steve Hinson had just landed his plane at the airport, which is beside the tackle shop, and I told him of our plans and invited him along with us.

    We finally got on our way around 12:30PM. I made our way to the #1 Tower reef some 24 miles offshore. As I expected, it did not show much, I never find much on this reef, about 2 more miles is the #2 Tower reef, this one I like best, I nearly always find fish on this one, this time was no exception.

    We got anchored up on some fish, I checked my tide watch, and saw that we had about two hours until the tide went slack, that was perfect, that's about all the time we had to fish if we didn't want to come home in the dark, and we didn't want to, because, for two reasons, one, when the sun goes down this time of year it gets cold on the water and second, it's just dangerous to run when you can't see what's in the water that you might run over!!!

    We all started off like gangbusters, but as the years have a tendency to do, after the first hour, John and I, the two oldest, were feeling the effects of our years and were forced to take a break from the fishing.

    The moral of this report is as I have said so many times before, this time of year you have to be ready to go at a moments notice. You never know when the weather will give you a break!!

    For no longer than we got to fish, and we didn't have a mate on board to keep us bait cut up and to take our fish off, we caught some nice black bass and a pile of vermillion snappers which all fell short of the 12 inch size limit and check out the big Tautog that Steve caught and is holding up in the picture.

    Steve had just hooked a big fish before that and when he hooked it, he thought he was hung up then it started swimming off. We never got to see what it was before it broke the 50 lb. test line. We figured it a shark, but it didn't really fight like a shark, but, we'll never know!! When he hooked the Tautog, he said, here we go again, but this one was easier to get up.

    This trip was just what we all needed to ease a case of "cabin fever". Weather looks bad for rest of the week, but, as it so often does like yesterday, it can change at a moments notice. Now I can go to the FISHERMAN'S POST FISHING SCHOOL this Saturday with a fishing story that didn't happen last year!!! Till next time, FISH ON!!! Capt Butch and "Private Bodie" the fish dog says, I got to go fishing yesterday for my 6th birthday present and even got some cheeseburger and scales in my hair and fish slime on my face, LIFE IS GOOD!!!! See Pic's on my web site under fishing report

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    Capt Butch Foster (Captainbutch) Guest

    Default Can you believe this!!! I list

    Can you believe this!!! I listened to the weather man again today and the predicted winds of 25 to 35 knotts this evening never came and I missed another great day on the water. But, with this ocean you have to respect the weather and with the predicted forecast it wasn't worth the gamble that they would be wrong!!!

    But, the Lord has given us two weeks of unheard of calm seas for this time of year. Although I have had a lot of preparations to be made for all the up coming events and haven't had a chance to fish much, those that have have been having a "field day"!!

    I will try to recap some of what's been happening. Notice I said try, there has been such good fishing, I am sure to miss something!!!

    INSHORE: Yesterday, I went fishing with my wife Barbara, she hardly ever gets to go anymore and she wanted to go catch some bottom fish but didn't want to go offshore. We went to the Lighthouse Rocks area and here we found the Black Bass, Bluefish, and Grey Trout to be very cooperative. The Black Bass we found were less than the new size limit of 11 inches. Most were 10 7/8" and we put them all back. The Bluefish are out there with a vengence. I bet we caught 200 of those and we threw all those back. We caught a pile of Grey Trout but only wanted enough for dinner, so, we kept five of those and came home. It was nice to just go and fish not caring if you even got a bite!!!

    OFFSHORE: Man, this place has been awesome!!!! The King Mackeral bite has been phenominal!!! They are slowly working their way offshore to the normal wintering grounds, but, right now they are a little SW of the Tower,(about 2 miles) Also, if you like the battle of a Bonito, there are plenty of those out there also.

    BOTTOMFISH: With the New Moon waining, look for the Grouper bite to get better. It's been a little slow lately, but will pick back up soon!! As for the other botton species, they are hungry and if you drop a bait in a school you better be ready, the bite will be instant. When we were drifting for Kings Sunday, I dropped a bottom rig to the bottom and it wasn't long until my shoulders and arms were aching. I talked to Capt Chris this evening and he said he was fixing some of them for dinner tonight!!

    BLUEFIN TUNA: The Bluefins are here, but, you have to find them!! They have been any where from the Shark Hole to the knuckle buoy to the fairway buoy to the 30/30 and anywhere in between!!! Look for the Gannett Birds diving on the bait. Look for the fish to actually be surfacing or jumping while feeding. Also, watch for "oil slicks" these are created when they are feeding. Use your nose, remember when you were a boy and you went bream fishing in the spring and you would sniff the air trying to get a whiff of that musky wetermelon smell that meant a bream bed close by, same thing here, but leave the breambuster at home!!! This past weekend there were some true Giants hooked up. These fish were brutes that were beyond your wildest imagination!!! The guys that were lucky enough, and I use the term "lucky" with mixed emotions, that were lucky enough to hook up these fish could not do a thing with them!! Other fishermen went to their aid to try to help, but, a fish that can pull line from a reel with a heavy drag and pull the boat sideways at the same time is a TRUE GIANT that is to be dealt with. The Giants are here, now will anyone be able to get one in the boat? I know I will be trying a lot more in January after all the shows are over!!!

    GULFSTREAM: I have not heard a thing from the stream, but I suspect there would be a wahoo or two hanging around the break!!

    INSIDE: The Speckled Trout and even a few drum are being caught. I hope I haven't left out too much!! As you can see, the fish eat in the winter just as you do. A lot of people think that when winter comes the fish quit feeding, when actually, it can be some of the best fishing of the year!!! So, when the weather gets nice again after this front passes, come on down and get rid of the cabin fever and catch you some fish!!! Till next time, FISH ON!!!!Capt Butch.

    The fishing lately has been good and today was no exception. Capt Chris came home this weekend to go Pheasant hunting with me Saturday, and today we were joined by his and my friend William Deal to get some more king mackeral quota on my federal king permit so I won't lose it. Federal requirements are that you have got to catch at least $10,000.00 or 25% of your earned income each year of King Mackeral or they will revoke your permit!!!!

    We went to the Tower area where we found the Kings willing to accomodate us. We were beginning to have second thoughts though after hearing on the VHF radio of the "Giant" Bluefin Tunas that were being hooked up. We had our Tuna tackle on board, but we knew we had to get some King Mackeral today, the time for me to qualify my permit was running out!!! There were around 8 Tuna hook up's that I heard about this morning, all the way from the Shark Hole to the Knuckle Buoy, and they were big fish, some were so big that they could not even be slowed down, much less boated, and 130 lb. test lines were being broken!!!

    Will be going out tomorrow to do a little bottom fishing on a 1/2 day trip. Will let you know what transpires and what I hear on the Bluefin's. Till next time, FISH ON!!! Capt's Butch & Chris Foster and "Private Bodie" the fish dog says, man, where did all those kings come from!!!!

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