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    Capt Butch Foster (Captainbutch) Guest

    Default The fishing here in Southport,

    The fishing here in Southport,NC is about as good as it gets!!! This week so far has been nice offshore and the fish are cooperating real nice!! The story on the speckled trout and red drum continues. Fishing for these are good in the creeks, rivers, bays, inlets, jetties,etc;etc; look for the red drum in the backs of creeks now. If the weather doesn't get too cold this winter, it should stay good for the rest of the winter.

    King Mackeral fishing has been hot around the Tower at this time. Be sure to check the Horseshoe area on the way out, you may not have to run all the way to the Tower!! Try cigar minnows,(jigged up alive or frozen) you can also expect this time of year to have some of your baits ambushed while trolling for King Mackeral by the False Albacore AKA: Boneheads, that are here this time in the season. These fish are not good to eat, or, at least that is my opinion, and yes, being that I love to cook, I have tried them!! They do make excellent strip baits though for the up coming spring Gulfstream Fishing!! Also, don't be too suprised if you hook up a lost Mahi-Mahi while out there king mackeral fishing around the Tower, yeah, there's still a few around!!!

    Bottom Fishing, what can I say, at around 5 to 10 miles and on out, it's about as good as it has been all year. It may very well be the best right now that it has been all year!!! This IS the time to fill your freezor with usually big Black Bass, trigger fish, Grey Snapper, vermillion Snapper, Grouper, and who knows what else out there may bite!! Before you go bottom fishing be sure to check with the web site as the size limits and bag limits has changed on some of the bottom fish and groupers!!

    Haven't heard anything from the Gulfstream, but would expect some Wahoo's to be on the prowl around the Black Jack to the Steeples, somewhere along the break!!

    The big news remains the Bluefin Tuna's!!! There have been Bluefin Tuna hooked up from the Shark Hole to the Frying Pan Shoals Slough, and that's the ones we know about!!!This past weekend there were a couple of Bluefins landed in Morehead over 600 pounds each. When these fish make their way down to our back yard, well, you know the outcome!!! Last year Capt Wally Trayah and his crew fought one on the "FISHWHISTLE" for over 11 hours and pulled his 31 foot Contender boat 21 miles before it finally broke the leader. This fish was estimated to be over 1000 pounds!!! No, that's not a "typo" error, that is "OVER 11 HOURS, 21 MILES, AND OVER 1000LBS"!!!!! These fish feed hard and by January they have put on a lot of fat and January is the month when you can expect to have the opportunity to hook up a "REAL GIANT"!!

    The weather and fishing is in top form at this time, however, don't expect this weather pattern to last much longer, remember, it is winter time, and when you get a "break" this time of year, you got to move on it, you can't wait around for it will surely change, and soon!!!! Till next time, FISH ON!!!! Capt Butch Foster, Southport,NC (910)845-2004

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    Capt Butch Foster (Captainbutch) Guest

    Default Todays fishing trip was an ext

    Todays fishing trip was an extra special one for me. Today I had on board the "YEAH RIGHT" Rudy Jenkins, Brian Robbins, Darrell Kennedy, Ronnie Hussey, and Steve Blanchard. Now, what made this one so special. Well, back more years than I want to admit, I used to Striper fish on Badin Lake, one of the lakes on the Yadkin River Chain of lakes. Rudy, had a house on that lake and we fished mostly in the winter time when the stripers were schooled up chasing the small shad from the past years hatch.

    We would pull "Green Things" this was the name that was tagged onto a bait configuration that I do believe that Rudy was the one that was the originator of this bait that worked wonders on the stripers, especially in the winter months. It was not uncommon to have two stripers on at one time (on the same rod).

    Well, it was cold out on the water this time of year and we would meet at Rudy's house around lunch time to get a bite to eat and warm up before the evening fishing started. It was a great time in my life, and as fishing does so many times, it provides you with some great friends, great memories, and makes you realize just how short life on this earth really is so you should make the best of the time you have here, and those years spent fishing on Badin Lake was definately some of the most quality time I have ever spent with friends and my son Capt Chris!!!

    Now, as for the fishing. A lot of you fishermen and women have met Rudy. He fishes a lot of the King Mackeral Tournaments here out of Southport and is the owner of R&D AUTOMOTIVE in Asheboro,NC. Seems ironic that two friends that loved to striper fish on Badin went our seperate ways only to wind up back fishing together on the high seas, with a love for a different type of fishing that we both can share again. The only thing missing today was Capt Chris. Had he been able to have made it today, the circle would have been complete. We all missed you Capt Chris, and had you been with us, I bet we would have had more Grouper in the boat. Grouper have a hard time outwitting Capt Chris!!!!

    Today we were after bottom fish and grouper, please, no king mackeral!! I went to some of my grouper rocks that I haven't fished in a long time,(you can't fish them too often, or you'll burn them out). The first stop, SW of the Tower showed a good concentration of fish on the rock. We anchored up, baited up, dropped down and it wasn't long until a rod doubled over and the fight was on!!! A nice 14-15 lb.GAG Grouper came aboard. Now, you got to remember, I had King Mackeral Fishermen on board. These guys were not aware of the vicious bite and battle that the grouper can lay upon you with no advance warning!!

    The next bite nearly resulted in a lost rod and reel. The comment came the starboard side of the boat, THAT FISH NEARLY TOOK THE ROD OUT OF MY HAND!!!!! Well, if you grouper fish, you know what that means, yep, he was in the rocks, GAME OVER!!!! No more than that happened, the same came from the Port side, well, if you grouper fish, you also know what two fish broke off in the same rock means, GAME OVER!!! It shuts the bite off nearly ever time, this was no exception!!!

    We left there because the bite shut off after two break off's. The next rock we anchored up on provided two more grouper bites, but, they were too fast and powerful to get them up out of the rocks, so again, GAME OVER!!!

    The tide turned on us and made for a whole different set of circumstances. This time the current was "screaming"!!! The schools of fish I was marking was gone and the few I marked, would not bite. I guess they were holding on to something to keep from being washed to England.

    OK, enough Grouper fishing, let's get some bottom fish in the boat for the freezer. Well. with the current running like it was, I decided to make a run towards to shoals and get on the down side of the shoals in shallower water. Here, the current would have a break, and should not be as strong in the shallower water allowing the fish an opportunity to feed.

    I love it when a plan comes together, I found a good break, marking a good concentration of fish on the high side (a good position to indicate they are feeding). We anchored up and when we dropped down, this time, FOR THE FISH, it was GAME OVER!!!! With a 20 fish per person limit on "reef complex species" these guys were limited out in less than an hour!! The bite was as fast as you could drop, mostly two at a time!!

    Our creel for the day consisted of Black Bass, Vermillion Snapper, Triggerfish, Grouper, Grey Snapper, and a few Silver Snapper. With all the fish on board and the winds building the seas up,we decided to head back since we had a "head sea" of around four feet and building. I put the curtains up I designed last winter to use in these kind of conditions, got out the bean bags, got the "YEAH RIGHT" set and trimmed to a good ride at around 23 knotts, (even in a 4 ft head sea) Man, MAKO makes a fine boat, I looked back after about five miles to see how everyone was doing, but, I couldn't get many answers, those on the bean bags were asleep, so, I figured they were doing OK!!!

    Some more great memories made with some GREAT friends, and we even caught some fish too!! Rudy, be sure to tell Deb and Tracy and all the guys in Asheboro,NC I said hello, and I will cherish this trip for years to come, just as I will always remember the striper trips!! Till next time, FISH ON!!! Capt Butch and "Private Bodie" the fish dog says, there was so many fish coming in the boat at one time, I thought we were under attack, so I went and hid behind a bean bag!!!

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    Capt Butch Foster (Captainbutch) Guest

    Default Let's hope all this rain d

    Let's hope all this rain doesn't mess up the fishing because they are "chewing" real good. And I mean REAL GOOD. The king mackeral bite has been hot at the horseshoe with some mixed in Blackfin Tunas. The bait of preference has been live cigar minnows with the second best being frozen cigar minnows working best early. If the bite stops on the frozen, go jig up some live ones, also, if you can jig up some live Boston Mackeral, count how many you have and most likely, that's how many hits you will have on those also!!!

    Have not heard from the Gulfstream, but, if the weather allows, I will be going there this Sunday. I can't hardly wait, I am real excited about putting out one of these new baits from BONEYARD BAIT CO. out there. I know it will be something that they have never seen before, and it should tear their nerves all to pieces!!!!

    On the inside, The Speckled Trout are biting about as good as you could ever expect them too!!! Reports are that the spots are still on today off tomorrow. The best bait for the spots has been the "FISHBITES BLOODWORMS". If you have trouble finding them DUTCHMAN CREEK BAIT & TACKLE (910) 457-1221 has them, they are located beside the BRUNSWICK CTY. AIRPORT, just before the bridge that goes on to OAK ISLAND. Be sure to tell them that Capt Butch sent you there, I'd appreciate it!! Whitings, Flounder, and Bluefish are biting as well.

    Grey Trout should be on the inshore reefs along with some big Red Fish. Try cut bait, squid, mullet minnows, or jigging spoons such as the "Stingsilvers", or "Diamond Jigs".

    The offshore bottom bite, well unless something drastic has happened to the ocean out there, it should be good as it always is. Sometimes you just have to look a little harder from time to time to find them, but, they are there somewhere and will usually bite!!! It looks now as though we may have a decent weekend to fish, keep your fingers crossed!!!! Till next time, FISH ON!!! Capt Butch & "Private Bodie" the fish dog.

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    Capt Butch Foster (Captainbutch) Guest

    Default SUNDAY11-5-06 OK, I'm b

    OK, I'm back. Where have I been? Well, again we had a "bug" hit our computer, this time we had to call the "Computer Doctor". And yes, I lost all my e-mails that I was fixin' to answer and everything else, AGAIN!!!!!

    So, if you will, please just shoot me another email if I didn't get yours answered and I will get back to you ASAP!!!!

    On the fishing scene, the King Mackeral bite is hot in the 15 to 25 mile areas. Even been some Blackfin Tuna's mixed in and caught too, sure glad to see those around.

    Went over to the piers yesterday and the fishing was slow, but, that was yesterday and today it could be hot. Give them a call, they will tell you what's happening. Be sure to tell them where you got their phone number. YAUPON PIER (910)278-9400 and OCEAN CREST PIER (910)278-6674.

    We have another new sponsor now. They are BONE YARD BAITS from Homer, Alaska. I have some lures that I will be debuting at the Saltwater Shows in Greensboro and Raleigh. There has never been anything like these to my knowledge ever used on this side of the USA. They should prove to be real good for Gulfstream Fishing. I expect them to also be really good for the Bluefin Tuna Fishing. And, they should be a hot item for deep jigging for "BIG" Grouper. I don't plan(at this time) on selling these, I was asked to be the East Coast Distributor, but, I really don't have time for that(at this time), but, I will use and promote these lures for BONE YARD BAITS and hopefully they will be available in local tackle shops before long. Stop by our booth at the shows and let me know what you think of them!!! Your input and feed back is very important to us!!! Till next time, FISH ON!!!! Capt Butch.

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    Capt Butch Foster (Captainbutch) Guest

    Default SUNDAY 10-1-06 Can you beli

    SUNDAY 10-1-06
    Can you believe it!!! October is already here. And this month means great fishing along the Southport, NC beaches, and today was no exception.

    We left South Harbour Marina with Willie Spivey and his son Alex, along with Brandon King, James McNeill, Alvin Chriscoe, and Gene Turner from Asheboro, NC.

    We decided since the King Mackeral bite had been so hot the day before that we would just go out and load up on those and then go bottom fishing. Let's see, isin't there some kind of saying about counting chicken before the eggs hatch or something like that,well, it should pertain to fish eggs. Every one was finding that the King bite from the day before had vanished. There were some being caught but pale in comparison to Saturday.

    We started at the Shark Hole, the bite there was slow, I did see one boat hook up with a fish, don't know what it was, it pulled the hooks before they could ever see it. There was very little bait there. Left there and went to the 18 mile rock, same scenerio, 22 mile rock, same thing. I decided to head to the Gary Ennis, on the way out, we decided since the King fishing was so slow we would try bottom fishing.

    First stop the Vermillion Snappers were biting like bulldogs. The guys were pulling in 2 to 4 pounders as fast as they could get to the bottom. Next thing we knew, we started getting only the heads in. Sharks and 'Cudas moved in and took over, And just as I would have done, the Snappers left!!! We moved to several more places only to find the bottom fishing to be slow also. I went to place to place in my search and marked plenty of fish but they were reluctant to bite.

    We decided to call it and head in. As I was cruising back towards the Cape Fear, I told Willie I got one more place I want to check. I haven't fished it in a couple of years, it has always been my "Ace in the hole" so to speak. I altered course about 30 degrees and set out for my "hot spot".

    Upon arriving, The fish were there, now will they bite, or be like the other spots. It has been a good while since I got my fishermen into Black Bass that were biting like these were. Two at a time as fast as you could drop and crank them up!!! It was no time until we had a five person limit of Bass in the boat and these were the big ones. There is no telling how many smaller ones we threw back. Not only that, the guys pulled two nice Flounder off the spot and limited out on Atlantic Sharp Nose Sharks at the same time.

    I must say, I tryuly thought that today was going to be one of those days that I was going to be ashamed to report on as far as the catching is concerned, but again, perserverance and the drive to not give up paid off once again.

    Oh yeah, Alex, who is 8 years old, well, I won't tell you put right about all the big fish and big sharks he caught, but, I would like too tell him to be sure he doesn't spend all those guys money at one place. He did so good, I even paid him also because I was on the boat!!!!

    Willie, It has been a while. Seeing you again brought back memories of the old Striper fishing days on Badin Lake. Thinking back makes me realize how fast time on this earth is slipping by. Hope to see all of you again soon!! Hope everyone had 1/2 as much fun as we did!!! Check out pic's on my site!! Till next time, FISH ON!!! Capt Butch and "Private Bodie" the fish dog says, don't forget the dog treats!!! YEAH RIGHT SPORTFISHING CHARTERS, Southport,NC (910)845-2004.

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    Capt Butch Foster (Captainbutch) Guest

    Default Fished today with Jason and La

    Fished today with Jason and Larry Blackburn and Reverand Roger Radcliff from Pikeville, Kentucky. We started off looking for King Mackeral. The first stop was at the South 40. We put the lines in and in short order we had a King Mackeral screaming the drag. Then we had another run, missed him, had another, missed him, then missed a few more and had several short strikes. We thought we had found the "mother lode" of Kings that have been so elusive for so long!!! Don't ever think you have fishing figured out, it will bite you!!! Then the bite for us and the other boats that were there just quit. We had King Mackeral "skying" around the boat with bait fish in their mouths, but, our baits were not to their liking, so, we quit trying to figure them out and went bottom fishing.

    Now, the bottom fish are biting. We caught Black Bass, B-Liners, Triggerfish, Yellowtail Snapper, Grey Snapper, Silver Snapper, Grouper, and sharks. If you see Jason ask him about wishing for a big fish and what can happen. He wanted a big shark all day. We were getting ready to call it a day around 3:00PM that's when it happened. Jason got a bite, then nearly 3 hours later, he had his big shark at boat side for a photo shoot. Congrats Jason, we were glad you were able to get your shark fishing with us.

    Fishing tales and memories made again today!! I THANK YOU, all the men and women of the armed forces for keeping our country free so we can have the opportunity in this country to do what we want to do and I THANK the LORD for giving me the health and drive to do what I do and I THANK all the fine folks that have chose us to fish with, MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!! Till next time, FISH ON!!!! Capt Butch Foster and "Private Bodie" the fish says, man, I got a workout today, where did all those fish come from???? Check out the pic's at

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    Capt Butch Foster (Captainbutch) Guest

    Default My report is running a little

    My report is running a little late today. Had a 1/2 day trip, but, when I got back I worked the rest of the day until 11:00PM on a new windlass that I just put on the boat. It is a shame that you have to pay an arm and a leg for items like these then have to machine out parts to make them work right. Guess I should be thankful that the Lord gave me the talent to do these kind of things, and I am!!!!

    Now, to the fishing. We left South Harbour Marina this morning on a 1/2 day trip with, Richard Turner, Cerrie Turner, Lisa Ramirez, Marro Ramirez, Gilberto Cruz, and Julueta Cruz. We dropped the Spanish Mackeral lines in at the Hot Hole where there were a few birds diving. After a few circles, it was evident that they either were not there or if they were, they were not biting.

    I kept watching and saw nothing that represented a Spanish Mackeral or the bait fish that they would feed on. OK, time to go to plan "B". You don't have a lot of time to put it together on a 1/2 day, especially when the water is as dirty as it is right now. However, it is clearing up, the cleaner water is getting closer to the beach day by day.

    I asked if they wanted go to some rocks I have about 8 miles out and see if we can get some bottom fish, they did, so we did!! As I pulled up to the rock ledge, the fish were stacked up. I dropped anchor and immediately they started hauling in some nice grey trout, some mixed sizes of Blues, and a few Black Bass. Even hooked up a few sharks.

    Just as it started it stopped, the fish were there but the bite turned off. I checked my tide watch and sure enough, the tide had gone slack, dead low, and that usually means the bite will shut down until it turns again. But, only problem, when it turns today, we will be already back at the dock!! We still picked up 1/2 a cooler of fish, more than likely a whole lot more fish than we would have had if we kept on Spanish Fishing!!

    Today, we were able to put the puzzle together. What's the saying, "Someday's you get the bear, and someday's the bear gets you". Thankfully, we have managed so far to stay one step ahead of the bear!!!

    The arrival of the grey trout is a sure sign that the fall fishing is about to kick off. So, if you have been to busy to go fishing yet, you have just been too busy, it's time to go!!!

    In closing this report, I would like to share a suprise with you that I recieved the other day. I was at dinner, and the phone rang, and I answered it as usual, but, on the other end was George Poveromo. Now George is the man at SALTWATER SPORTSMAN MAGAZINE that does articles for the magazine, he also has a Saltwater Fishing Show on ESPN, plus, he heads up the SALTWATER SEMINAR SCHOOL that travels the country each winter teaching people how to fish. I have been honored by being invited to join their seminar sessions this year and I have accepted their offer.

    And with this invitation I must thank all the people that has made this possible, for without the blessings of the Lord, and the people that I have had the honor to take fishing, this would have never been possible. THANK YOU ALL for fishing with us and the comments that you put on our "Guestbook". As I have said before, "without all of you, what I do would be useless" THANKS AGAIN!!! Till next time, FISH ON!!! Capt Butch and "Private Bodie" the fish dog says, Man, I sure love them trouts!!!! YEAH RIGHT SPORTFISHING CHARTERS, Southport,NC (910)845-2004

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    Capt Butch Foster (Captainbutch) Guest

    Default Today we finally were able to

    Today we finally were able to get back offshore. It wasn't the calmest day I've seen, but, it wasn't too bad. Mostly in a big swell. We had one of the crews from Washington, DC with us today and when we left the dock they said we want to catch some grouper. So, off we went to the East side with, Reuben McNair, Clifford Stone, Rev. John Myers, Donald Stancell, James Hunter,and Samuel Cole.

    Upon arriving at the first grouper rock, they were there!!! We got the boat anchored on top of them and only had to move a couple more times all day. We caught Grouper, Reds, Scamps, Gags, we also got Triggerfish, Grey Snapper, Amorings,(Amoco Jacks), B-Liners, Silver Snapper, Bigeyes, Sharks, and we hooked some BIG sharks,Black Bass, Porgys, and be sure to look at the BIG Hog Nose Snapper that Clifford Stone caught, I wasn't sure just who was going to win that battle, but Clifford came out victorious!!!

    Finally, after two weeks of being landlocked, we got back offshore, and I think we started off the weekend pretty good. I bet these guys won't have to be rocked to sleep tonight, they stayed busy all day. As always, another good day of fishing with some great guys!!!!

    Got a 1/2 day tomorrow, we will see if the inshore bite has gotten any better!! Till next time, FISH ON!!!! Capt Butch and "Private Bodie' the fish dog says, Check out the pic's on my site!!! YEAH RIGHT SPORTFISHING CHARTERS, Southport,NC (910)845-2004

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    Capt Butch Foster (Captainbutch) Guest

    Default SATURDAY,8-26-06 Today the

    Today the saga continues!!! We picked up Larry Housand, Kyle Saburn, Gary Saburn, Chris Pruitt, and Eddie Hollifield, and again we were cursed with a ENE wind. This is the "fish bite stopper" wind here in Southport,NC. I don't know why a E wind "turns them off" but, it does. Maybe someone can enlighten me on this, I have my theories, but that is just what they are, my theories!!!

    As we were leaving the dock, I called Capt. Buster on the SEAHAWK III and he said the Spanish Mackeral were biting so we decided to try for a few of those. It wasn't long before we spotted a school up on top chasing bait out of the water, then it wasn't long before the long awaited call of "FISH ON" was heard!!

    We were picking up Spanish on a regular basis then the decision was made to go bottom fishing. I knew that my work was "cut out" for me from that point on!!! Remember, I said in the beginning, "The saga continues" we were still dealing with an East wind. The first several places we hit revealed real slow action. We had to get to deep water, so I headed South, this way I would have a little trough to come home in this evening!!

    We couldn't go to our regular places due to the time we used Spanish Mackeral fishing, but we ran out to 80 feet plus water and here Larry Housand found himself hooked up with a real nice Gag Grouper to go with the Spanish Mackeral that were caught earlier. They also added Black Bass, Grey Snapper's, and some good size B-Liners

    Another good day on the water, although it was a little rough, we had a good time with some more great people. I am very fortunate to be able to do what I do and get to meet so many Great people, you know they are great before you ever meet them, how could they not be? They are fishermen and fisherwomen, need I say more!!!! Till next time FISH ON!!! Capt Butch and"Private Bodie" the fish dog says, I had to rest today, two days in a row is hard on my little bones!!! YEAH RIGHT SPORTFISHING CHARTERS, Southport, NC (910)845-2004

    FRIDAY 8-25-06
    Today we were fishing with Billy Owens, Fred White, Albert Craig, and Joe McMillan. Our destination this morning was to start in the 350's and work our way to the 360's. The bite was tough and staying on the fish was even tougher with the building NE winds that were predicted to be 5 knots and variable, "YEAH RIGHT"!!!! they were more like 15 to 20 steady!!

    But, just the same, we found some fish and kept aggravating them till they bit. Our creel today consisted of Grouper, B-Liners, Black bass, Grey Snapper, Triggerfish, and some sharks!! We even had a few fish hooked that we couldn't turn or stop, some acted like Big sharks and some acted like Big Grouper!! All we can tell you for sure is that what ever they were, they were more than the electric reels could handle!!

    Although we didn't have the numbers of fish we usually have, we all still had a good trip, and these guys are always a pleasure to fish with and we always have a good time, Thanks for the memories!! Till next time, FISH ON!!! Capt Butch & "Private Bodie" the fish dog says HI!!!!. YEAH RIGHT SPORTFISHING CHARTERS, Southport,NC (910)845-2004.

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    Capt Butch Foster (Captainbutch) Guest

    Default MONDAY, 8-14-06 OK, I'

    MONDAY, 8-14-06
    OK, I'll admit it, I got lazy and didn't put yesterdays report on last night. In fact, after the day we had, I was too tierd to put it on last night. So, i'll see if I can get caught up here.

    We had the pleasure and honor to be able to fish again with Joe Davis and Terry Goyer from Toronto, Canada. We went after Grouper, bottom fish, and what ever else would bite!! We went on the East side and were greeted at our first stop with Grouper, black bass, Grey Snapper, Sharks, "BIG SHARKS, Joltheads, Pinky's, King Mackeral, even had Mahi-Mahi all around the boat but they refused to hit anything we threw at them!!!! The next stop proved much of the same. We threw at least 40 Grouper back in the 18 to 191/2" range.

    The fishing was fast and furious all day long. There was something pulling on a line just about constantly all day long!! Good to see you guys and fish with y'all again!!! Hope to see you again next time you're in town. Check out pic's on my site!! Till next time, FISH ON!!! Capt Butch Foster and "Private Bodie" the fish dog says, HI!!!. YEAH RIGHT SPORTFISHING CHARTERS, Southport,NC (910)845-2004

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