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    Capt Butch Foster (Captainbutch) Guest

    Default Today was another windy day an

    Today was another windy day and our offshore trip was pushed back to a 1/2 day inshore trip that proved to be a beautiful day, just too windy to head offshore. In my previous report I mentioned that the Spanish bite was improving, well, it was, but todays ENE winds had it shut down nearly completely. Out of all the boats that were Spanish Mackeral fishing, there probably was not a dozen fish total caught. I know my contribution to the tally would have been only one about 6 inches long!!!

    We decided to try some shark fishing. This was not hot by no means,but, it was better than the Spanish bite!!! We caught two that we put into the boat, had one to break off and had two that missed the hooks.

    Now, please forgive me for not getting everyones name that went with us today, I didn't even get a picture!! You see, yesterday, Capt Chris left to go back too school and may have give up the fishing business for good, and I am having a hard time adjusting to him being gone and the thoughts that he may not be back. He plans on helping me from time to time, but very possibly not full time anymore.

    I have a new mate, his name is Eric Ross. I have known him for more years than I want to talk about. You will find Eric to be very knowledgable about the tactics and ways of fishing, he will also give you that personal attention that we are known for, and I feel very lucky to have him to take over and help me out in the charter business, but, Capt Chris is my only son, and my only child, and I am going to miss him dearly as will a lot of our past fishermen that have become more than our customers, but, have also become our friends. We are still going to give you that personal attention that you have come to expect from our charter service, but there will be an empty place in our hearts as we move on with the business!!

    The weather is supposed to improve by tomorrow, and we may possibly be able to get back offshore!! If so, I will try to pull myself together a little better and remember to get names and photos. Till next time, FISH ON, Capt Butch and "Private Bodie" the fish dog says, wer'e going to miss Capt Chris, even if he does aggravate the stuffings out of me!!!

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    Capt Butch Foster (Captainbutch) Guest

    Default FRIDAY, 8-11-06 Today we we

    FRIDAY, 8-11-06
    Today we were going offshore but with the forecast of severe weather possible this evening we decided to stay close in and do some Spanish Mackeral fishing.

    We were fishing today with Steve Greer, Lynn Parker, Laura Parker,Jenny Parker,Jordan Parker,and Harrison Parker. The seas were a little "bumpy" on the beach this morning, but it wasn't too bad of a ride down the beach to the area off of Lockwood Folly where there were some Spanish Mackeral being reported.

    We started trolling the area and were picking up one here and one there, and then the birds started working the area and the bait was pushed up to the top and the Spanish were jumping every where, we were hooking up one, two, three at a time everyone was getting into it and the fishing was getting hotter by the minute , then it happened!!!!

    The most feared and dreaded thing in a ocean fishermans world!! Yes, that's right, seasickness!!! Don't laugh, it can happen to anyone at anytime. And when it does, all the fish in the world are the last thing you want to see, all you want to see is some dry and solid ground.

    So, that is where we headed, to solid ground, but we did manage 22 nice Spanish Mackeral for the short time we were in them today!! It was a pleasure meeting you all and having the opportunity to share a part of my life with yours today. Till next time, FISH ON, Capt Butch & Chris Foster, "Private Bodie", the fish dog says HI!!!.

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    Capt Butch Foster (Captainbutch) Guest

    Default MONDAY,6-5-06: The fishi

    The fishing has been fast and furious lately!! I finally got a chance to put one of the reports on!!! Check out the rest on our web site!! Today we woke up to thunder storms and heavy rains. We were to go fishing with Orvin Severeid, Kyle Severeid from Montana, and Joel Herrmann from High Point. We waited until 9:00AM before we left the dock. By this time the "Intellacast" on the computer showed it to be moving on up the coast with clearing behind it. By the time we get to where it is it will be gone!!

    It was, and after a 2 foot sea ride out this morning, the seas laid out flat for the evening ride back. But before we came back, we gave Orvin, Kyle, and Joel a sample of deep sea fishing off the coast of Southport,NC.

    The first stop was instant action, the bite was non stop for a little while before it slowed up some. Being from Montana, we wanted them to experience a little of all of it if we could. We next went fishing for a few King Mackeral. It wasn't long before we had a double on!!! Also, we got a few grouper, but they were all too small to keep. But Joel made up for that when he landed a Hog Nose Snapper around 15 lbs.

    Would be nice if I could get them a Mahi-Mahi I was thinking to myself. Well, I must be living right, for about that time one "skyed" with the pogy. Now, it was a "peanut" but it was a dolphin. Next time, I'll think about getting a big dolphin!!! We continued to troll the area aroung the Tower and pulled out another decent sized King Mackerel off of a dead Cigar Minnow; but for some reason once again the action slowed and we decided that it would be worth a try to see if we could get an Amberjack from around the legs of the Tower so that these guys could experience the awesome power of these 40-60lb mosters! No luck on the Amberjacks but Chris did manage to hook up on what we believe to be an African Pompano that resulted in a broken line :-/! Maybe next time

    After awhile of Jack fishing we decided to try for some more bottom species. Capt. Butch located another ledge and we dropped anchor, soon after to find the 3-5lb Triggerfish and Silver and Grey Snappers coming over the side. On the way in we stopped at a rock just offshore of the South 40 and found there to be many NICE sized Black Sea Bass that were ready to feed, except one problem... the Sharks were there too! What a "grand finale" to the day exclaimed Kyle and Joel!!! "We catch all these good eating fish and then we get to hook into some that can REALLY pull back!!"
    All in all despite the later start and the bands of rain and storms this morning we had a great day on calm seas and were even able to get out of the rain. The fish were hungry and willing to cooperate and the Captain and crew of the Yeah RIght experienced another Great day on the sea!! Check out the pic's on our site!!!!!!
    Capt. Butch, Capt. Chris and Private Bodie, the fish dog says HI!!!!. YEAH RIGHT SPORTFISHING CHARTERS, Southport,NC. (910)845-2004.

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    Capt Butch Foster (Captainbutch) Guest

    Default Sunday,5-14-06; The winds are

    Sunday,5-14-06; The winds are blowing again so I finally got a break long enough to catch up on some of my "paper work". Yesterday we met up with the gang from Fayetteville, NC. They were Tony Cameron,Fred White, Billy Owens,Clyde Brooks, and James Williams. We went after bottom fish and we found a wide variety that wanted to ride to the dock on the "YEAH RIGHT" and so we welcomed them aboard!!!

    We had some big triggerfish, some big silver snapper, some big vermillion snapper, some big Black Bass, some very nice grouper, some big joltheads, some big grey snapper, but Fred White's big American Red Snapper was the rarest catch of the day!! We don't get a lot of those off our coast anymore and when you get one it is a real treet and a big surprise, not to mention some great fillets on the grill!!!!

    We got these fish at only three stops, two were some of our usual places but one I found as I was moving to another place. I seen it on the color scope and turned around and got it "pinpointed" on the GPS, pulled up current from it, dropped anchor, drifted back on top of it and we dropped the baits down. Now let me tell you, from that point on, it was on!!!!!! These guys had the electric reels "smoking". We even hooked two fish that took the gears right out of two of our 4/0 reels. I mean you could not stop these two fish!!!!!

    The last two days, first in the Gulfstream slamming big Mahi-Mahi, busting off big Wahoo's then the next day catching bottom fish till your arms ache, I love it, I could not think of doing anything else, and when you get to fish with the kind of folks like the guys from Fayetteville, why would you want to do anything else? CHECK OUT THE PICTURES ON MY SITE. Till next time, FISH ON!!! Capt Butch Foster, Capt Chris Foster, and "Private Bodie' the fish dog says HI!!!!! YEAH RIGHT SPORTFISHING CHARTERS,Southport,NC (910)845-2004.

    P.S. Fred, we saved you a few for the next time. The other guys didn't want too, but I made them!!! Sure hope Mrs. Brown is doing better!!!

    Thursday,5-11-06: Am I dreaming or did I spend a BEAUTIFUL DAY in the gulfstream yesterday with Mike, Sherry and Brian Gould and Brian's fiance Kim Smith. The weather and seas were gorgeous. We got a late start, so we set a course to the 100/400 to start our day. We left the dock at 7:15AM and we reached our destination at 9:05, yeah, it was CALM SEAS!!!!

    Upon arriving, there were several other boats already there. The reports were a very few fish bing hooked up. An occasional Mahi- Mahi, an occasional Wahoo, but no reports of a Tuna. We thought maybe we could be the one to start the Tuna bite so we put our lines in and set towards the Blackjack Hole. Between the 100/400 was a slightly formed weed line. Looked like what was left after the day before 10 foot seas had busted it up, but was enough there to pull the baits around. We tried and had no results!!

    After reaching the Blackjack, the reports were still that the bite was slow. Thirteen miles to the Steeples. Let's pull the lines in and run to there. Capt Chris, who was mating today, picked up the first rod to bring them in, and we had a double hook up of Mahi- Mahi. OK, we will stay here!! Another 30 to 45 minutes of pulling our Ballyhoos proved fruitless. OK, Let's go, I have got to try to get some fish in the boat and I don't think this is going to be the spot today.

    Upon reaching the Steeples, the water was a deeper blue and the temps. were 3 degrees warmer. The bait was not as thick as it was a few weeks earlier, but there was some. We fished the rest of the day here, never got a Tuna bite, but had a good day on the Mahi- Mahi. Mike even fought a big Bull Dolphin that we seen several times, even on the International 50 wide reel, Mike would take in 10 yards of line and he would take back 15. This battle back and forth finally was more than the 50 lb. line could handle and it finally parted leaving Mike with only a memory of a battle well fought with the Mahi winning this one. We don't know how much he weighed, but, it was a very large bull!!!! Now, as for the Wahoo's. Somedays, no matter how hard you try, sometimes nothing goes right. We had plenty of chances to get a Wahoo!!! We had lines cut, baits bit off, fish get off, lines broke, we had the Wahoo bites, but that was it for the Wahoos, could not get one in the boat. Today was their day, but there is an old saying something about the sun not shining somewhere all the time.

    We thank the LORD for giving us a beautiful day to spend in the Gulfstream with some good friends!! These are the times you cherish and remember back on as life goes on. A good day on the water with some GREAT friends.

    As for the weekends weather, right now they aren't talking in our favor, but they may change it as the weekend gets closer, let's hope it gets better!! CHECK OUT THE PICTURES ON MY SITE!!!! Till next time, FISH ON!!! Capt Butch Foster, Capt Chris Foster, and "Private Bodie" the fish dog says HI!! YEAH RIGHT SPORTFISHING CHARTERS, Southport,NC (910)845-2004.

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    Capt Butch Foster (Captainbutch) Guest

    Default Saturday 4-22-06: Sorry this r

    Saturday 4-22-06: Sorry this report is late, don't have an excuse, I just got lazy and am just now getting to it. We left the dock Friday morning with Bill Roberson,Chris Brafford, Joe Arthur, Jon Caton, David Arthur, and Joe Cotton. We were to start off king mackeral fishing. I figured this would be easy enough. Just two days before we were catching kings to the SW of the Tower.

    I set our MAKO "YEAH RIGHT" on course to the spot we were at the other day. I told our crew to get comfortable, the first stop was 35 miles out. At around 8:00AM I pulled the throttles back on the HONDAS and was suprised to find that the area looked like "The Dead Sea". I made several circles to find nothing. The water looked good, the temperature was almost 70* but there was no fish or bait.

    No need to start here I said, let's move on to another place. I put in some more numbers and off we went. As we got closer I realized another boat was already there. Not much happening here, was the report!! OK, I got a spot about ten miles from here. The way things are looking, I believe these fish may have moved to a little shallower water. We will be going with the swell so we can make short work of the 10 mile run.

    By this time I was thinking to myself. I bet todays charter thinks they are on an expensive boat ride. I hate to have to ride like this, but if you make a bad call and don't find the fish, then regroup and don't waste time at that spot and go try to find them. We left the second place and now the pressure was on me!! Was I going the right way? Should I go farther offshore? Should I go to the East? maybe West? I got to find these guys some fish and not take all day!!

    I arrived at the 3rd place. By not wasting time at the areas where we marked no fish or bait it was only 9:00am. Not bad for running 35 miles offshore then another 5 miles then another 10 miles. Upon arrival, I told everyone this looks good!! Capt. Chris baited up the rods and put them out, I set the trolling speed at around 1.1 mph on the GPS. As we crossed over the high spot, I said, these fish are feeding. No more did I get that out when the first rod went off, FISH ON!!!! someone yelled!!!!

    The bite was starting to heat up, we put 5 kings in the boat rather quickly, then just as it started, the bite went off. We trolled on and kept circling the bait to no avail. The reports from the other boats were that the bite for them had also shut down. So, with this info. we decided to quit wasting time and go bottom fishing. We were in luck, I was real close to some of my favorite bottom structures. We got anchored up and the bite was on!!! We hit four places and at each one the bite was fast and furious but they didn't last real long, maybe an hour and a half at each one. But as the bite would taper, we went to another place. That evening, the tide went slack, the bite shut down and we came home, but, not before we had a good catch of fish for everyone!!!!

    Another good day of fishing with a great bunch of guys!! Thanks for being patient with me while I was hunting the fish!! Sometimes they seem to not want to play fair!!! Goes back to the old saying "it's called fishing, not catching" But we did find some of them, they can't all hide all the time!!! Enjoyed it guys, looking forward to our next trip!!! Todays Gulfstream trip was blown out, tomorrows trip has been blown out, Mondays Gulfstream trip is in question right now. The weather forecast does not look good for a week at this time. If we get to go we will let you know how we did right here. I am beginning to wonder if the winds are ever going to settle down where we can get back offshore more consistantly. Yeah, they will eventually, but until they do, just make the best out of what you have by fishing inside and just be glad we are free and can go fishing, period!!!! Be sure to check out the pictures on my site under "FISHING REPORTS & CATCH PHOTOS" page!!! Till next time, FISH ON!!! Capt Butch Foster, Capt Chris Foster, and "Private Bodie" the fish dog, says HI!!!!!. YEAH RIGHT SPORTFISHING CHARTERS, Southport,NC.

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    Capt Butch Foster (Captainbutch) Guest

    Default North Carolina

    Thursday 4-13-06. It is 11:00PM Thursday night and I hit the floor running at 4:00AM this morning, so, I will probably make this as detailed as I have the ability to right now. We left South Harbour Marina this morning with Mike and Tim Laudicina, their friends, Rob Wilson and John Fleming. Our mission was the Gulfstream and Tuna and dolphin and Wahoo.

    The first stop we made was at the 100/400, the water temp was fine and there was a little bait around but I didn't like the water color so we moved on to the Black Jack. Here things looked a lot better!! We put out a spread of Cedar Plugs and a deep diving lure, a Manns stretch 50 in a pink color. It wasn't long before a reel sounded off as a Mahi-Mahi crashed the bait, a black and purple cedar plug. We boated him and not long after that something attacked the deep diving plug we had out. I mean literally attacked it, and as far as I know, he still has it!! Figured it was a Wahoo as it cut the line just above where it was tied on!!!

    Now, the reports from the other boats were very slim to none!! I only heard of one Wahoo and one Yellowfin being caught today on other boats,. I decided after trolling for about another hour with nothing happening to head to the Steeples. When we got there, the water was that beautiful cobalt blue gulfstream water and the temps were warmer and there was some flying fish here and a lot more bait than at the first two stops.

    Here I marked a school of bait and pulled the lures through it to have three reels go off. One cut off a "Green Machine" the other one had a smaller blackfin tuna, and the other "had" a good size Blackfin Tuna, but, when the dust settled all we had was 1 and 1/3 Blackfin Tunas in the boat. Something big ate the biggest blackfin, all but the head!!! The stream is still slow to get fired up this year, it is past time and it should explode at any time!!

    We continued to circle the bait where we caught the blackfins but it was soon obvious that we were done here so we left and finished the day bottom fishing. The bottom fish are still cooperating rather well along with the sharks. We caught nice sized Black Bass, Big Pinkies, Big Grey Snapper, Nice Joltheads and Triggerfish, a good Flounder, and even a few B-liners. The King Mackeral also decided to bite fairly good today after a terrible day yesterday!!

    We have cancelled tomorrows charter due to the forecast winds. Saturday doesn't look any better as does Sunday and Monday. Yeah, it's that time of the year, we don't have to like it, but, we can't do anything about it but wait until it decides to settle down and be ready to go when it does!!!

    You may want to consider this if you fish much!! You can get the "Road Use Tax" you pay on gas refunded to you on fuel you use in your boat or any other appratus that is not used on the hwy ie; tractor, lawn mower, etc. Just keep all your reciepts and call the North Carolina Dept. of Revenue Motor Fuels Tax Division at (919)733-3409 before the end of the year and request form "Gas-1201". If you are also commercial as we are, you can also save the Sales Tax. You may want to consider this, it can save you a lot of money on fuel if you fish much.

    Well, when the weather breaks again we will be back out there and we will let you know what's going on! Or at least what's going on with us anyway!!! So. until we can go again, Check out the pic's on our web site on the "FISHING REPORTS & CATCH PHOTOS" page!! FISH ON!!!!Capt Butch Foster, Capt Chris Foster, and "Private Bodie" the fish dog says HI!!!!. YEAH RIGHT SPORTFISHING CHARTERS, SOUTHPORT,NC (910)845-2004.

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