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    Default New Zealand Marlin for Christmas

    NZ Marlin for Christmas

    The continuous strong, humid north-easterlies which kindly accelerated the arrival of warm game fishing water have proved a “double-edged sword” by keeping the boats tied in their marina berths with captains and anglers alike champing at the bit to get out on to the water.

    The wind and swells finally relented on Christmas Eve and anglers were rewarded with several Yellowfin Tuna to 80lbs; the reduction of commercial pressure on this species showing immediate effect.

    The first Striped Marlin was taken with several other “shots”, dropped fish and sightings of free jumpers and tailers.

    The loss of a Shortbill Spearfish was reported, after it shook the lure free.

    More surprising was the capture of a few Mahimahi, not normally expected until nearer February. This gives a clear indication of the warmth and good colour of the water and strongly hints that it won’t be long until the first Blue Marlin comes crashing into the spread of lures!

    Further south in the Bay of Plenty, they are celebrating the best run of Yellowfin for over a decade. Multiple hook ups are being experienced with mixed sizes of fish, some topping the 100lb mark.
    Complimenting this, especially around the active volcano of White Island, is an excellent run of hard-fighting Yellowtail Kingfish.
    These fish are typically good size with several in the 60-70lb bracket.

    The season is only just starting.....bring it on….!

    John Kimberley
    Fishingpro, New Zealand

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    Default Game on in New Zealand

    Well, it seems the earlier predictions were right as the first game fish of the season have been taken to herald the start of an early season.

    Yellowfin Tuna have arrived and early reports put the fish in the 80-130lb bracket.
    Very few boats have put in any serious effort as yet, though this news is sure to get a few more boats firing up the engines in the marinas.

    A commercial fisherman reported a good size school of Yellowfin in relatively shallow water in the Bay of Islands and general reports indicate widespread shoals of Skipjack.

    Just out of reach of most recreational anglers, some larger commercial vessels have seen numbers of Mahi Mahi and Marlin out wide.
    The current La Nina weather pattern from the North East can only help push the warm water closer, so it shouldn’t be long before these species also hit the headlines.

    The presence of Mahi Mahi so close already means a sea temperature peak of a couple of degrees higher than usual is likely for us this summer.
    The bonus is higher Blue Marlin numbers are likely plus possibly more of the less frequent visitors as well, such as Wahoo.

    Time to dust off my reels and get out there!

    John Kimberley


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    Arrow Very early start to New Zealand’s game fishing season?

    Very early start to New Zealand’s game fishing season?

    After a late start to last season’s game fishing, the prospect of the other extreme happening seems highly probable this time around.

    Although far earlier than seemingly possible, there have been reliable reports of Marlin sightings on at least four occasions.

    Added to this, one boat towing small Tuna lures had a Striped Marlin lit-up and darting amongst the pattern before slowly sinking from view.

    A second boat dropping a mullet head into the depths for Hapuka (Wreckfish) were astonished to become hooked up to a leaping Stripey.

    After 1hr 20 mins, several jumps and being right alongside on a couple of occasions the hook pulled whilst the task of wrapping taut braid was being pondered with trepidation!

    There are pockets of warm water relatively close to the coast and the Snapper are spawning early, so it could be that the game fish are arriving almost three months early!

    Bearing in mind that Marlin were still being caught inshore in early June and that there are few boats out at the moment (and none fishing for Marlin!) the prospects seem very good indeed.

    On another point, the short Bluefin Tuna season has come to a close after some fantastic catches. Later to arrive than expected but compensated by good numbers, multiple catches of these tough adversaries were commonplace.

    The best fished weighed was 715lbs but the practise of tag & release was, gratefully, widespread this winter. Fish above this weight were reported as returned.

    Bookings are already being taken for next year’s bonanza.

    Tight lines!

    John Kimberley

    Fishingpro NZ

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    Thumbs up Bluefin Are Firing

    Bluefin are firing!

    The run of giant Pacific Bluefin Tuna expected off the Hokitika Trench was later arriving than usual…….but the fish have made up for it in style, with big numbers present during August.

    Trips are usually a minimum of 16 hours in duration and some boats are being rewarded with as many as nine or ten of these huge fish per adventure. This means no time for rest….it’s been all action, day and night.

    The prime time is usually when the huge trawlers haul their nets, creating a massive berley trail and luring the Bluefin up to the surface.

    Numbers of fish this winter have been so great that they can be caught close to the trawlers whilst towing, as they shadow the large boats anticipating the next feed.

    The average size of the fish has been over the 500lb mark but it’s only a matter of time before one of the even bigger specimens snatches a bait ahead of the more numerous average sized fish.

    Greater numbers of fish are being tagged and released this winter, which can only be good for the longer term future of this amazing sport fishery…..long may it last!

    John Kimberley


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    John Kimberley (John_kimberley) Guest

    Default NZ Fishing news…………The season

    NZ Fishing news…………The season won't stop!

    After a very late start, the gamefishing season is now compensating by not knowing when to finish! We are now in early June, well into winter, and there is still plenty of Marlin to be caught close to the coast.

    At the beginning of the season the delayed warm water seemed to arrive suddenly, almost overnight, and with it came the game fish.

    Striped Marlin were plentiful and enough Blue Marlin were around to keep us on our toes. The consistency of the fishing at some ports, such as Tutukaka, has been very impressive with well over 300 Marlin caught and still being caught.

    Mahi Mahi weren't as plentiful as last season and the average size was smaller. Yellowfin Tuna numbers were also down but the average size was well up with several fish exceeding 130lbs. Some impressive Big Eye Tuna, some in excess of 200lbs, made an appearance including a new junior world record at 233lbs.

    Rare visitors, Wahoo, made a brief appearance and some nice fish over 60lbs were taken and (Yellowtail) Kingfish have provided consistent good sport with the best catch an amazing 101lbs...not far from the world record.

    Best Striped Marlin to date is a fish of 378lbs impressive enough, but a monster estimated at 550lbs was reportedly released at the Three Kings Islands. Several good Blues were taken, the best being a 780lb fish caught by a lady angler.

    Blacks haven't been quite as numerous as the last couple of seasons but the usual chance encounters with these uncommon fish have left some good stories. Three young lads were happily fishing livies on a reef from Whangaroa for Kingfish when a monster Black arrived at the party and promptly swallowed a bait. Over 5 hours later, with tackle being progressively destroyed the fish broke free having been close to the boat (not much longer than the fish) on several occasions. Estimates put the fish at over 900lbs.

    A second, similar tale, took place close to the Poor Knights Islands, when a lure on 50lb tackle intended for Stripeys was gobbled up by a big Black. The ensuing battle lasted over 7 hours until the line finally parted on the keel of the boat. Similarly, the fish was up close to the boat on several occasions, amazing the crew by its size and described as an absolute "horse".

    Attention now, at this time of year, is switching to Broadbill. Some fish have already been taken at the Three Kings and other offshore canyons but some decent captures have been made on the coast, including a nice 500lb specimen. It seems more are likely to follow.

    Preparations are also being made for the winter Bluefin Tuna hunt, due to start in July off Greymouth over the Hokitika Trench.

    With more boats taking part each season in this relatively new fishery, records are likely to tumble with fish over 900lbs a distinct possibility.

    To consider your NZ adventure see:

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    Default Fiordland, Southland and Otago

    Fiordland, Southland and Otago. New Zealand

    Well into November here in NZ. And we have rain! Its quite normal here for this time of year and the good thing is the rivers and lakes are getting a good top up.It has put things back for a week or two but the fish will be feeding hard again soon.
    The fishing has been good so far with reports coming through of large fish being caught. Ive heard of a couple of double fish getting caught locally, but so far nothing quite that big for my clients. With the weather getting warmer and the days longer we are starting to see more fish rising to dries. A combination of a large indicator dry with a nymph fished a couple of feet below that is proving to be the ideal set up for searching out the fish. This is great as the fish often see the dry and grab the nymph of the way up.
    Next week I'll be heading into the Fiorldand National Park to fish some of the small streams that flow into larger lakes, the country can be a little rough but the rewards are great. With Large rainbows and browns holding in pocket water, these streams are characterised by dense bush often over hanging the water and i'll be looking to fish with dries imitating the many terrestrials that fall in the the water. The countryside is stunning, with a back drop of bush covered mountains. We'll be using a boat to get around, staying in some out of the way huts and even if the fishing isnt red hot at least the surounding will make up for it.
    Tight lines

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    Default [img]

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    Default Fiordland, Southland and Otago

    Fiordland, Southland and Otago. New Zealand

    Two weeks into the season here in NZ and all the rain fed rivers are in great condition, nicely topped up from winter.
    There is still some snow melt in the main rivers but their tributaries are looking great. I took a walk up one such stream on a reconessce mission a couple of days before the season opened and counted between 20-30 brown trout all feeding well with many taking early mayflies. I'll be back there again in the next couple of weeks, this time with a couple of eager clients.

    Nymphing is the technique to get good results at this time of year with patterns such as hare and copper, up to size10, fished blind and really deep. Combining these with a polyyarn indicator, gives a great searching set up

    Overall the weather is warming up a little and evidence of terrestrials is starting to appear. So it wont be too long before Im putting a few more beetle patterns into the fly box. Talking of activities above the surface, this is a mouse year for us. Last year it was noticable that the beech trees had started to seed. The abundant food supply means that more mice survive through the winter and hence produce a huge increase in the population come the spring. The mice find their way into the river and often drown before being taken by eagerly awaiting trout. As the year continues we hope to be catching some larger than average fish as they pack on weight from the high protein diet. This only happens once every 5-6 years and is the time to come if your looking for a trophy, its when the true giants NZ is famous for get caught!

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    Default New Zealand Fishing News

    New Zealand Fishing News

    * Updated 22.8.06*

    <font color="0000ff"><font face="times new roman&#44;times&#44;roman"><font size="+1">Monster Bluefin Tuna</font></font></font>

    After a fantastic start and a generally very good game season, cool weather and strong winds effectively cut the season short, so all were grateful for that early start.

    The Broadbill season was disappointing compared to previous years though the lack of effort due to poor weather goes some way to explaining this.

    The potential is still here now to seek this tough adversary and, with New Zealand left as one of the few places left in the world where world record size &#34;Swords&#34; can realistically be targeted, it is a shame more effort is not being spent. Let&#39;s hope this fishery doesn&#39;t disappear in the holds of longliners like so many other places in the world.

    Good news is the continuing excitement with anglers chasing huge Bluefin Tuna off the south west coast. The last few weeks have seen some impressive captures with several fish around the 600lb mark and a few exceeding it.
    These fish are being largely caught on the heaviest tackle but are still taking hours to subdue

    One unfortunate angler saw his fish, reliably estimated at over 900lb, break loose after a battle lasting no less than 21 hours....this is not fishing for the faint-hearted!

    With spring not far away and the warmer warmer approaching, we look forward with excitement to another game season and the inevitable surprises and dramas that each summer bring!

    If you would like to join in the fun please contact us and we&#39;d be delighted to arrange an adventure for you too.

    For reservations contact:
    John &amp; Jessica Kimberley

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    Jerry LaBella (Admin) Guest

    Default New Zealand

    <font color="0000ff">New Zealand Fishing News </font>

    &#42; Updated 3.5.06&#42;
    The season&#39;s pattern changes.

    Blue Marlin were in early and good numbers continued, with fish up to 800lbs.
    As the water now cools, so the last of these &#34;Ferraris&#34; will move away.

    The Stripeys are still around in good numbers in the far north and are now responding better to livebaits rather than lures. The biggest to date remains at 415lbs but world records will now be sought as the fish reach prime condition towards the end of the season.

    The Tuna family put in a good showing with Yellowfin up to 175lbs and Big Eye up to 281lbs. These appear to have left now until next season.

    Shark highlights so far include an estimated 450lb Hammerhead which was tagged, what was described as a &#34;huge&#34; Mako, similarly tagged and released, and more recently a Thresher came in to a spread of lures trying to swat them with its tail.
    Now that the Broadbill season is underway, more Makos will be encountered plus the possibility of some huge Big Eye Threshers making an appearance.

    There have been excellent numbers of Mahi Mahi this season, with these exciting colourful fish still showing, along with a few Spearfish, despite the falling temperatures.

    A few more of the much rarer Black Marlin continue to be taken, but none larger than the one of 796lbs caught early on from Tutukaka.

    A top game boat has just returned from an extended charter up north with a catch of no less than 15 Marlin and 3 Broadbill!
    Arrangements are also in place to tackle the huge Bluefin Tuna from the South Island in a couple of months&#39; time.
    If you would like to join in the fun please contact us and we&#39;d be delighted to arrange an adventure for you too.

    For reservations contact:
    John &amp; Jessica Kimberley

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