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Thread: Puerto Rico

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    Default Puerto Rico

    I will be in San Juan in few weeks, how easy or how hard is dxing radio in San Juan? Can you hear US Mainland stations in Puerto Rico? What other radio stations can you pick up from San Juan PR? Also, is DX-ing hard like Honolulu HI?

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    Cabo Rojo Boqueron Bay Puerto Rico

    Default Fly Fishing Tarpon Packages Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico Flyfishing Tarpon Adventure

    Hi in our commitment to offer the best deal in packages of fishing for tarpon we offer the following promotional packages for Puerto Rico.

    3 days of Fly Fishing adventures for Tarpon starting at 1st january ,2011.
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    Prices: Flyfishing packages in the West Coast of Puerto Rico start @ $900.00/ angler. Let us customize a Flyfishing Tarpon adventure for you.
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    5 days of Fly Fishing adventures for Tarpon starting at 1st january ,2011.
    Included: Room,Breakfast,Lunch ,Water, Sodas , Boat All Fly-fishing Equipment & Flies
    Prices: Flyfishing packages in the West Coast of Puerto Rico start @ $1400.00/ angler. Let us customize a Flyfishing Tarpon adventure for you.
    Ask for our itinerary about days and availablity!


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    Puerto Rico is the secret hotspot just a few hours from any major airport in the US mainland.
    You be surprise how affordable destination is Puerto Rico for the whole family in the holidays.
    This is a fishery that makes for lifetime memories. The guides and hosts will certainly add their special touch. If you are interested in more travel details please contact : Capt.Pochy to: 1-787-547-7380 cel or home 1-787-849-1430
    Themselves they be not forgot to ask for the special of summer in multiples fishing trips.
    Beautiful Weather and Awesome Fishing, Life is Good!

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    Cabo Rojo Boqueron Bay Puerto Rico

    Default The silver treasures of the flats

    Author: Captain Francisco Rosario | Posted: 11/23/2008 -Boqueron bay In the West Coast of Puerto Rico offers you an untapped resource for outstanding tarpon action. It’s a place where flyrodding and light tackle reign supreme.

    The area is home to a significant population of year-round resident tarpon. Plenty of larger fish also ply the regions bays, lagoon and estuaries throughout the year. The big Tarpon are present, presumably to take advantage of the warmer waters and plentiful forage.

    I had the good fortune to call the flats my office for work . Cabo Rojo is a magnificent area to cast a streamer in front of hungry tarpon. I was presented with the options of casting to schools of feeding fish over vast shallow flats, working amongst entangled mangroves to pocket pools & tiny creeks with single fish, and working the magic of the river. There’s enough variety in this game to keep anyone engaged.
    A massive mangrove shoreline dominates the coastal habitat. Crystalline waters are the norm for the lower reaches as they empty into sweeping flats. On the other hand, rust-stained hues characterize the smaller quarters of the upper river and tiny creek habitats. The estuary habitat is superb; shallow sandy-bottomed grass beds, banks dominated by mangrove roots and green canopy. The entire region sports an average depth of two to ten feet overall. The dynamics provide you with a perfect window to sight-fish.

    The estuary’s open water affords fly fishers with 360 degrees of casting opportunity. Keep your eyes peeled – scan for dorsals & tails, breezing baitfish, or erupting water and instant mayhem. The flats are a casters dream situation. The longer you can cast a line, the better your chances of reaping the harvest. Everyone standing on the bow of the flat boat have the opportunity to cast your fly in front of the silver king.
    It’s an awesome place to explore. It’s darn productive for feeding fish. This place isn’t for the faint of heart however as you’ll be challenged in all aspects of your angling skills. You earn every fish that comes to hand. I love this game.
    Once the fly hit its mark a tarpon wouldn’t waste any time with their reaction.

    Puerto Rico is the “secret” hotspot just a few hours from any major airport in the US mainland.
    This is a fishery that makes for lifetime memories. The guides and hosts will certainly add their special touch. If you’re interested in more travel details please contact :
    Capt. Francisco Rosario
    Light Tackle Adventure Fishing Trips
    PO BOX 355 Hormigueros, PR 00660
    (787) 849-1430/ (787) 547-7380

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    Cabo Rojo Boqueron Bay Puerto Rico

    Default Tarpon Fishing opportunities in Puerto Rico

    Tarpon Fishing opportunities in Puerto Rico
    Capt. Francisco Rosario
    September 10, 2008
    Boqueron Bay - Saltwater Fishing Report

    Hi Fishermans come to Boqueron Bay in this winter and enjoy the Action in one of the best spot to fish Tarpon in the Word...

    The client's anticipation builds with the rising sun and the buzz becomes a vibration. The angler's heartbeat can be felt on the bottom of my feet. The Sabalo surface for a gulp of air, and I position the flat boat. The angler's knees rattle. This is the moment he dreamed of, a chance of a lifetime, the opportunity to test his mettle against the silver KIng, the beast of all beasts,el Sabalo.

    Tarpon fishing has turned into an obsession with anglers who plan their whole year's schedule around the tarpon season and tarpon runs all over the world.

    It is easy to see why tarpon fishing is so addictive. Tarpon grow very large and are plentiful. Tarpon take a wide variety of baits, lures and flies. The fight of a hooked tarpon is one truly awesome experience in the world of sport fishing.

    Tarpon are known for their initial jumps and powerful runs. Even with modern gear tarpon are strong adversaries and are not easily taken. They are legendary for their ability to throw hooks because of their bony mouths make hook setting difficult. Hooking a tarpon is like trying to penetrate steel. Combine this with violent head thrashing jumps some as high as 8 feet. It becomes very clear why tarpon are able to not only throw hooks but break lines and leaders. A technique which is a lean toward the tarpon when it is ready to break surface known as "a bow to the king" creates a slack in the line to help keep the tarpon from throwing the hook. In spite of the many challenging traits tarpon have catching a world class tarpon still remains a highlight of many anglers. come to the right place Boqueron Bay Puerto Rico Our professional tarpon fishing charters offer a quality experience for all.

    no passport required for u.s. citizens

    For booking yours Fishing trips Call.Capt.Pochy to: 1-787-547-7380 cel or

    home 1-787-849-1430 we have few days open call soon.

    Beautiful Weather and spectacular Fishing, "Life is Good!"

    we Guarantee the best service and prices.

    Tarpon Memories and a great day of Fishing Guarantee applies any Trips.

    Target Species:

    tarpon and others

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    Cabo Rojo Boqueron Bay Puerto Rico

    Thumbs up The best fishing days in my life!

    Captain Rosario,

    Thank you for two of the best fishing days in my life! 24 tarpon, on flies, in one day! My brother Frank and I had an absolutely wonderful experience with you. The day before we caught the two dozen tarpon, we caught 10 with you and I simply didn't believe we could do any better. We caught them sight fishing in crystal clear water (4-6 ft.), in deeper water (20-30 ft.) and in the shallows (2-3 ft.). We caught tarpon around boat slips, in the middle of bays, along sandy beaches and along rocky breakers. You certainly know your spots and how (and when) to pick them.

    I do have to tell you that when we first went out on that second day and anchored in the middle entrance of a two mile wide bay, first thing in the morning, and you said the tarpon like to come here on Sundays, I thought to myself, well, at least yesterday was good fishing - today, I guess we'll be mostly practicing our casting. Fortunately, I couldn't have been more wrong. You know where the fish are and we certainly got into them there for several hours of steady action. I guess the best story of the day was my catching six tarpon on three casts - I would hook one, it would throw the fly somewhere in the middle of the fight, another tarpon would pick it up and we'd bring it to the boat. I've never seen anything like it. Talk about exciting action! And the fish - "huge" doesn't begin to describe them. I saw one rolling that had a back that looked like a decent sized dolphin. Most of the ones we caught were in the 30-50 lb. range, and man-o-man, these were tough, flying fish to hang on to.

    I've fly-fished for and caught all 5 types of Pacific salmon and they didn't hold a candle to these tarpon. I don't think I've ever seen fish leap and fight all the way in like them. They are spectacular - I remember the first tarpon my brother caught - about 60 lbs. and it tore out line like it wasn't ever going to stop and the tail-walks/head shakes were amazing sights. I think we chased that first fish for at least a 1/2 hr. and at least a 1/2 mile before we got it to the boat.

    I brought my own rods and reels but ended up using a lot of yours - thanks for supplying such high grade fly fishing equipment and your recommendations on flies. I also appreciate your hard work ethic and willingness to cheerfully put up with a couple of beginner tarpon fishermen. My brother and I went out fly fishing near the airport in San Juan earlier in the week and we spent the first hour watching the guide throw his cast net for some minnows. In sharp contrast, when you picked us up - the live well was already stocked and we were out and fishing in short order. I also appreciate your "catch and release" policy, silver kings certainly deserve this treatment (besides, I hope to one day return with you and catch them all over again...).

    Another thing that I still find hard to believe was the fact that in two full days of fishing with you for tarpon, along many miles of inshore water, we never saw another guide. In two days of fishing, on a weekend, no less, we saw a total of two other fishing boats, the closest about a 1/2 mile away. With this tarpon fishery in Boqueron, I'm stunned that the place isn't packed with fly-fishermen elbowing one another out of the way.

    My brother and I would certainly return fishing with you in a heartbeat if we got the chance. I talked to him today and he's already scheming a way to get us back next year. The 75 pounder that wrapped my line around a pier and snapped me off, still haunts me, and I won't be able to get his leaping form out of my dreams until I return.

    Thanks again for a most memorable trip.

    John Panizczyn
    San Antonio, TX
    Capt.Francisco Pochy Rosario
    we have few days open in april and may 2008.

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    Cabo Rojo Boqueron Bay Puerto Rico

    Thumbs up Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico: Tarpon from the Beach

    I had a great trip to Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico with my brother last week. We fished with Capt Francisco “Pochy” Rosario. We learned a ton of information by fishing with this guy. The transition from trout to tarpon is not easy, & there are several freshwater habits that become Tarpon losing mistakes. Mistake #1): the trout high stick #2) forgetting the strip set #3) palming the reel on Tarpon. Although we were warned, I think my brother and I managed make all 3 mistakes, but we still caught some fish. If you want to catch a Tarpon, Puerto Rico is the place to go. They are all over the place and are not transitory.
    The Fishing in Cabo Rojo was very good and in a beautiful area. We fished for baby tarpon along mangrove lined lagoons, & cast to fish cruising in the shadows of boats and docks, and poled and drifted over a couple beautiful flats.
    The highlight of the trip was sight casting to a couple of tarpon from the beach about 10 feet from the boat. These guys had their face in the sand and tails sticking out of the water like a couple of tailing redfish. We hooked 4 Tarpon in about an hour and grabbed the leader on 2. I lost one about 50 feet from the beach after palming the reel causing the shock tippet to abrade. Yeah, I won’t make that mistake again. We had an awesome trip. Puerto Rico is a beautiful island, the people are great and the Tarpon are always there.
    Here is a link to a short video I made about the the trip:
    we have few days open in april and may 2008.
    tel:1-787-849-1430home cel 1-787-547-7380

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    Cabo Rojo Boqueron Bay Puerto Rico

    Thumbs up Return from Puerto Rico/report

    I've returned successful from PR. My trip wasn't as successful as the report that i read that someone else has posted but Capt. Rosario is Class. I fished one day with Capt. Pochy Rosario and I landed my first Tarpon . We saw tons of tarpon and one monster barracuda! I had four eats and landed two, one of around 80lbs and a baby tarpon. One of the fish I have to admit I trout set on after he ate it stupid, stupid, stupid. After all I have been a trout guide for 15 years.
    I have to agree with one of the replies to my first thread to not fish San Juan. I know some people have had success there but after fishing in Cabo Rojo in crystal clear water as apposed to the murky lagoons of San Juan i'll take Boqueron any day. I didn't get a chance to get to culebra or vieques though i was able to catch some barracuda in some spots on the north shore in vega baja.
    Well for now I'll be here in Utah the BWO's are popping like crazy here so the fishing is going off. My next salt adventure will be on Cape Cod for two weeks in June. I can hardly sleep, stripers and now Tarpon have taken over my brain.
    On a seperate side note I have had a lot of experience fishing and guiding in Patagonia if any one ever needs info, I was there traveling for three weeks this past winter.
    Cheers everyone thanks for the info all
    Erik Hufnagle
    tel:787-849-1430 home cel:787-547-73870

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    Capt.Francisco Rosario (Tarponhombre) Guest

    Default ------------------------------


    july,30 2006.
    Tarpon on fly...
    By Mr Larry petersen
    Port Ludlow,Washington

    Captain Francisco Rosario:
    Thanks For one of the best guided fishing trips that I have ever had.Your excellent
    knowledge of the tarpons and the local fishing waters made all the difference.we
    were blessed with great weather,beautiful scenery and not another fisherman in sight.
    It was an exciting event to watch my son battle a large Tarpon for over 3 hours on a 9 weight fly rod, which you estimated to be over 150 pounds before we release it.
    Looking forward to booking again with you on my next visit to Puerto Rico.
    Larry Petersen
    Port Ludlow, Washington

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    Capt.Francisco Rosario (Tarponhombre) Guest

    Default July 14,2006 Capt.Francisco

    July 14,2006
    Capt.Francisco Rosario
    Hi Capt. Pochy here with the latest report from Puerto Rico Porta del Sol !
    yesterday we fish with Mr.Brian R Brennan from New Jersey.
    Mister Brennan like to fish in ultra lite tackle 4 pounds test line he bring two rods gloomis one 6 feet and the other 6.5 feet with shimano reels.
    baits we used during the day of fishing live sardine and artificial lure like buck tail jig,jig head and Curltail Grubs 1/8 oz.
    we release in 6 hours of fishing 4 gray snapper,5 jacks,1 tarpon,1barracuda,10 yellow snapper,2 lane snnaper,12 mutton snapper,1snook,1 lizard fish and 1 blue runner.
    what a day ...
    We have started booking for the 2007 Tarpon Fishing season book your fishing trip .
    or call tel.787-849-1430 cel.787-547-7380

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    Capt.Francisco Rosario (Tarponhombre) Guest

    Default Woman hooks 80-pound tarpon ne

    Woman hooks 80-pound tarpon near Puerto Rico
    Sherwood uses 8-pound test line to reel in fish.
    By Harry Morse
    Lady anglers have all the luck!
    While I fly fished my fanny off for tarpon on the shallow flats of Puerto Rico, Pam Sherwood hooked a worldrecord class tarpon on an 8-pound test line.
    She dangled a live sardine out of the back of our boat, and the fight was on.
    I wanted to try fishing for big tarpon as part of a cruise ship vacation. Since we departed from San Juan, Puerto Rico it was the logical place to book a light tackle/fly fishing trip for tarpon.

    We tracked down light tackle specialist Francisco “Pochy” Rosario in the small town of Boqueron. He pioneered light tackle guiding on the west side of the island. Eight years ago he started chasing tarpon on the local flats after moving over from running deep sea charters. For a guide so hard to find, he has an impressive list of avid fly fishing and light tackle anglers from Oregon to England.
    Pam Sherwood enjoys light tackle spin fishing but does not saltwater fly fish. Pochy said he could accommodate both our wishes with me casting flies off the front of the boat and Pam fishing bait out of the back. He felt both of us would hook tarpon with most of the action coming on live sardines and Clouser flies patterned after them.
    Climbing aboard his 17-footskiff, I was impressed with the quality of his gear. He carried a complement of five quality fly rods and five light spinning rods. His live well was filled with silvery sardines he caught with a cast net hours before we arrived at 7 a.m. and he had an assortment of other baits. His selection of flies ranged from traditional Clouser Minnow imitations to a home tied floater.
    We sped across three miles of crystal clear flats to Cobo Rojo Pass and pulled in behind several local fishing boats cleaning their night’s catch. A school of 60- 80 pound tarpon lazed along the surface down current of the fishermen picking up scraps and stalking bait fish. We anchored and waited for the schooling fish to move into casting range. As the tarpon worked their way past us I stepped up on the casting platform and started to cast. The fish spooked and bolted before my fly hit the water.
    So much for laying the fly out in front of the fish. Pochy baited up two rigs, one with a live sardine and the other with belly meat from a small tuna and cast them out for Pam. He chummed with live sardines and handed me a second fly rod with a silver Clouser Minnow fly on it. The tarpon responded to the live bait and moved back toward us. Almost immediately a tarpon lunged at my fly but missed.
    Pam had a hit on one of the bait rods but the tarpon shook the hook with the first jump. Then one crushed a bait and streaked off making the light spinning reel sing. Suddenly the line slacked. The hook was flattened.
    The tarpon lingered just out of fly casting range on the clear flats. We watched them fining and cruising around. I picked up one of the spinning rods and heaved out a live sardine on a circle hook.
    Immediately a tarpon struck my bait and streaked away, jumping at 100 yards. Pochy cautioned me not to put too much pressure on the fish since the line was only 8-pound-test. A half hour later and three jumps the hook pulled loose. We got a very good look at a 120-130 pound silvery fish. My adrenaline was pumping.
    Over the next five hours we changed locations three times fishing mangrove bays, dock structures and flats. We jumped two more medium size tarpon and I brought a small 5-7 pound baby tarpon to the boat for release in a steamy mangrove estuary.
    Pochy’s tenacity impressed me. He continually changed locations, stalked fish, changed bait and flies. He was working trying to get us each a big fish.
    Pam had kicked back and relaxing when a tarpon hit her 8-pound-test offering. It ripped line off the spinning reel as it headed seaward. The drag was just tight enough to embed the circle hook but not tight enough to break the line. Pochy continually checked the drag.
    Our jaws dropped when the fish cleared the water on its first jump. It was not one of the 15-30 pound tarpon we were casting to on top of the water. It was in the 80-pound class.
    The fish reduced a full spool of line to a quarter spool and Pochy started the motor and followed the fish. Pam’s first solid hook up on a tarpon came on the lightest line on board, 8-pound test.
    Over the next hour the fish led us through an obstacle course punctuated by acrobatic leaps. It swam towards buoys, boats and docks.
    Pochy skillfully maneuvered the boat to keep the line from tangling while keeping side pressure on the big fish gradually wearing it down.
    When Pochy reached down and grabbed the tarpon’s mouth we realized how big the fish was. Did we want to keep it? As a catch and release guide he did not want to kill the fish and neither did we. After Pochy released the fish we decided to call it a day. Pam was drained and we headed in for a cold beer.
    What a way to top off a vacation.
    Pochy Rosario is a topnotch guide and can be reached at (787) 547-7380 or visit his Web site at
    He is Coast Guard certified and endorsed by the official Puerto Rico Tourism Company. He fishes out of Boqueron, a two-plus hour drive on good highways from San Juan or a short 20 minute hop flight to Mayaguez. He can help arrange travel and accommodations. Prices start at $275.00 for two anglers for a half day.

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