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    Talking Deep South Fishing Rodeo


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    Thumbs up Biloxi, MS- Sheepshead, Black Drum, & "Freshwater" Cats

    Yesterday was a wonderful day spent on the Back Bay of Biloxi. My clients were Michael and Jill Wheeler of Arkansas, and this was a suprise trip set up by Jill, a gift for Michael before his deployment to Iraq.

    Picking them up in front of the Biloxi Grand with boat in tow, Michael was completely suprised of the days adventure. Our first stop was at the old Hurricane Katrina ravaged Back Bay of Biloxi fishing bridge.

    Here, the duo manages to land a couple of hefty sheepshead, and to our suprise, Michael landed a really pretty freshwater catfish. That catch should indicate just hour fresh our local bays are at this time. Most definately extremely low salinity levels!

    Water was muddy and fresh, but they were still catching fish, a testament to keeping persistent and always keeping baits in the water. Our next stop was out near the mouth of the bay, and the old Ocean Springs fishing bridge was the target.

    Plenty of structure still lays around the bridge's pilings, and structure loving fish congerete near the barnacle-encrusted debris. Here, a few sheepshead were landed, but eventually a run of black drum passed through and the action heated up.

    Michael lost two huge fish that cut him off on underwater debris, but they soon got the hang of it and landed quite a few of the hard fighting bottom feeders. Jill landed a very healthy looking fish pushing 20-pounds, and 10-pound-test made fighting those fish challenging and flat out fun.

    After the black drum run it was back to the old Back Bay of Biloxi fishing bridge where a couple of more big sheepshead were landed, and Jill caught another freshwater catfish in the 5 to 6-pound range. Today was all catch and release, yet they still got to go home with plenty of graat fish pictures.

    Although the water conditions looked poor we managed to catch plenty of hard fighting fish on light tackle. Best of all, Jill pulled off the suprise, and Michael wil take some great fishing tales and memories with him while off to serve his country.

    We hope he has a safe journey, and that God is with him at all times. Thanks Michael! Hey, if we can catch fish under the poorest of conditions, well, just think how good it's going to get in a few weeks. Here in south Mississippi it's all systems go for a great new year of fish catching fun.

    So come fish with us..SOUTM MISSISSIPPI IS BACK!

    Capt. Robert L. Brodie
    C (228) 697-7707
    H (228) 392-7660
    Web Site:
    Photography Portfolio: under "teambrodiecharters"
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    Talking Bilox, MS-Structure Holds Black Drum & Sheepshead

    With heavy rains keeping local rivers and bays rather turbid, a steady bite of sheepshead and black drum have been providing some steady light tackle action. On my latest charter, a late afternoon bite of sheepshead and black drum saved the day once again.

    With four guys from Canada, a early bite was hard to locate. However, by late afternoon near the peak of high tide, the old hurricane Katrina ravaged Back Bay of Biloxi fishing bridge saved the day for these out of country visitors. Anchoring up current of a span of the bridge that was washed off its legs, anglers flipped bottom rigs baited with fresh dead shrimp at the face of the structure.

    The afternoon bite turned on, and they guys enjoyed the pull of scrappy black drum, sheepshead (2 to 10-pound range), and an 18-inch redfish. Now these guys were all smiles, and photo opts were in the making. Rigs consisted of 1-ounce bank or bullet sinkers, 1/0 Gamakatsu Octopus Hooks, and 25-pound-test Seaguar Flourocarbon leader material.

    By the way, the last fish of the day was a monsterous black drum pushing 50-pounds caught by Joseph Penner of Ontario, Canada on 10-pound-test Yo-Zuri Hybrid line, a 7-foot St. Croix "Triumph" spinning rod, and a Shimano SPHEROS 4000FA spinning reel. Amazingly, the big fish was landed in about 10-minutes. What a way to end the day!

    By mid March the big run of ground mullet and white trout should turn on, and then we'll be enjoying some incredible light tackle non stop fish catching fun. This is a great outing for childern, practically a bite on every cast, now that's fun!

    Hey, the Mississippi Gulf Coast is back and running full spead ahead, so be sure to come visit and fish with us this summer.

    Remember: Life is short...let's fish!

    Capt. Robert L. Brodie
    Team Brodie Charters
    15478 Village Drive
    Biloxi, MS 39532
    C (228) 697-7707
    H (228) 392-7660
    Web Site:

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    Talking South Mississippi Inshore Fishing On The Up Swing!

    Hello folks:

    Cold weather, heavy winds, and plenty of freshwater has been putting a damper on fishing here in south Mississippi. However, some excellent light tackle action as been provided by hard pulling sheepshead and back drum. Since upper bays have been flushed with freshwater, big bays have been producing the most fish. For example, at the mouth of the Back Bay of Biloxi, an excellent bite of black drum, sheepshead, and a few flounders and redfish have kept a bend in the rods.

    Also, near marinas and rock jetties off Mississippi's front beaches some nice speckled trout and large black drum, as well as a few ground mullet a.k.a. "southern kingfish" have been delivering some action.

    By mid March, a heavy influx of white trout and ground mullet will be sure to fill many angler's ice chests. And for us local inshore guides, well, this non stop inshore light tackle action will be our bread and butter, and thought these fish aren't large, there is no limit on these tasty fish.

    However, on spinning gear they are a blast to catch, and deliver the kind of consistent action that children love. As as you know, it's extremely important to keep those young minds occupied. Of course small sharks, stingrays, and hardhead and gafftopsail catfish give children just as much of a thrill.

    We hope you all come and fish with us here in south Mississippi. We are up and running full force, and our charter boat industry is set on go. So come and fish with us this summer, we have something for everyone.

    Best regards,

    Capt. Robert L. Brodie of TEAM BRODIE CHARTERS
    Web Site:
    Cell: (228) 697-7707
    Home (228) 392-7660
    Photography Portfolio: under "teambrodiecharters"

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    Talking Bagging Diving Ducks In The Mississippi Sound!

    For the last two weekends I've swapped the rods and reels for shotguns and over 100 decoys. Yes, I've been doing well on guiding diving duck hunts on the big-water of the Mississippi Sound. My clients have bagged redheads, buffleheads, greater scaups, lesser scaups, and scoters. Most hunters are on a quest to bag drake redheads and buffleheads for mounts. Considering the warm weather hunting has been good, and the Mississippi Sound is full of divers. On those real nasty day hunting is at its best. The heavy seas in the Sound puts the ducks on the move, and more apt to decoy. Fishing in the Back Bay of Biloxi has been steady too. If anyone out there is interested in a diving duck hunt please call me at Cell (228) 697-7707; Home (228) 392-7660; E-mail;; Hunting & Fishing Report:; Photography Portfolio: under teambrodiecharters; Web Site: Hunting and fishing remains good here in South Mississippi, so don't wait to get to the marsh, woods, or waters.

    Capt. Robert L. Brodie
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    Default TEAM BRODIE CHARTERS Bags Tarpon In Coastal Rivers

    Last Sunday was a great day for me and Eddie Jones. While fishing in our coastal rivers both of us were blessed with hooking up with a tarpon, and better yet landing them. Both fish were right at 3-feet in length, and in good healthy looking condition.

    By the way, besides light tackle inshore bay, river, and Mississippi Sound charters for all the common species like specks, flounder, black drum, white trout, ground mullets, flouder, redfish, and sheepshead, TEAM BRODIE CHARTERS offers catch and release light tackle outing for gars on our beautiful coastal rivers. It's really a lot of fun!

    Inshore fishing is still very good so don't hesitate to give me a call. Getting close to duck season, and I book exciting diving duck hunting trips on the Mississippi Sound as well. Fishing inshore is still going strong, and it's fun and relaxing in our beautiful protective waters.

    Capt. Robert L. Brodie
    C (228) 697-7707
    H (228) 392-7660
    Photography Portfolio: under teambrodiecharters
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  7. Default Inshore / Offshore Mississippi Gulf Coast

    Captain Scott Simpson / IMPULSIVE Charters,
    Mississippi Gulf Coast - Biloxi, Gulfport & Long Beach
    If you like to fish for Trout around our barrier islands or soak some live Croakers on the bottom at your favorite honey hole now is the time to really make things happen. On recent trips out to our barrier islands the bite on top water around some debris in the water left over from Katrina the bite has been really good on both Trout and some roosting Red Fish. It is amazing how an old saying of mine goes "Build it and they will come" both the fish and the fisherman that is. It only takes a little time before small bait fish start calling these places home.

    While fishing with live baits (Croaker, finger Mullet, Pinfish, Shrimp, etc.) the bite has been very productive around most bottom fishing areas such as Oyster beds, structures and our fish havens - all fisherman seem to be catching these days. The Trout seem to be on fire.

    The offshore bite on Shark, Bull Red Drum, King Mackerell, Tarpon, Jack Crevalle have been really consistant. It is another story all together around our offshore Oil platforms. Reports which I have heard are not too well on Snapper. It has been a real hit and miss from the reports which I have heard all summer long. The King Mackerel fishing has been red hot in these locatons with tons of hard tails around most rigs. My customers State Record on Tarpon still has not been broken. The Tarpon are hot and heavy just south of our barrier islands during the months of July and August. All of the 100 pound Tarpon you want to see, hooking up is another story in itself. Our 167 Pound State Record set May 21, 2001 is still on top...

    From inshore to offshore the bite on board the IMPULSIVE has been a good one this summer with plenty of Bull Red Drum, Sharks, Speckled Trout, Flounder, Cobia, Jack Crevalle, Tarpon and much more.

    Good fishing to all..
    Captain Scott Simpson / IMPULSIVE Chaters
    Mississippi Gulf Coast / Long Beach , Biloxi and Gulfport

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    Capt. Scott Simpson (Captscott) Guest

    Default Just around the corner our loc

    Just around the corner our local waters will start their normal warm up and things will start making a change with our bite here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Next month I will start making more trips a little farther offshore around our Barrier Islands in pursuit of more Speckled Trout, Redfish, Shark and our very popular Bull Red Drum.

    I love putting my customers on the Bull Red's mainly because of their brute strength. Most of the Bull Reds I am speaking of are in the 20 - 40 pound range. These are one strong fish. I use 30 pound tackle while pursuing the Bull Reds. And of course while targeting the Reds we do catch Jack Crevalle, Cobia, Shark and much more..

    Our rich fish havens will also start producing some good number of fish starting next month. So I will be visiting them also on most trips. The man made fish havens provide a "Buffet" for larger species I always drop a big line for the larger hungry feeders making their stop by for quick snack.

    My trips lately have still produced good catches of Speckled Trout, Reds, Black Drum and Sheepshead. These species are good catches for my customers as they will stay around our waters during the Mississippi Gulf Coast's short winter months. For the Mississippi readers look for a two-series show on fishing the Mississippi Gulf Coast with my self and the Capt. Tom starting next week Thursday, January 18 @7:30 pm. and again on Saturday, January 20 @ 6:30 p.m. Capt. Tom's show will air the following week on both Thursday and Saturday.

    Good Fishing to all...
    Capt. Scott Simpson / IMPULSIVE Charters

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    Capt. Scott Simpson (Captscott) Guest

    Default Had a crew down from Hattiesbu

    Had a crew down from Hattiesburg, MS and also two locals on trips over the weekend. Both trips yielded some nice Trout and Redfish. One trip we made it out to our Barrier Islands where the Trout were on fire for about an hour. The small Rat-Reds were also on fire, only thing they were about 1/4 - 2" too short. We did manage two keeper Reds during the Island trip. Stopped by one of our vast fish havens only to find a few Ground Mullet and White Trout. The bite was very slow at this particular site.

    During our second trip the north winds once again held us at bay close into shore. The winds and almost nip tide conditions did not slow the bite. We found some nice 2-4 pound Trout hanging around some structure still in the water from Hurricane Katrina. The ticket to a somewhat consistent bite was a very slow presentation on the bottom.

    The lure of choice on both trips was a Pearl 4" 3X Strong Minnow soft plastic made by Strike King. These soft plastics are super strong. We also fished the bottom for the Redfish and the baits of choice was simply fresh dead market Shrimp.

    Good fishing to all....
    Capt. Scott Simpson / IMPULSIVE Charters }}

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    Vladimir Rudenko (Rudvp) Guest

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