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    Capt. Bob Baker (Capnbob) Guest

    Default Preparation Key For Winter Fis

    Preparation Key For Winter Fishing Costa Rica or Panama

    If you are planning a winter trip to Costa Rica or Panama , better start getting SERIOUS about booking your self or your group .

    We've begun a campaign to invite European anglers to enjoy the great fishing adventures we offer in both Costa Rica and Panama, and bookings are going very nicely.

    It just makes good sense to BOOK EARLY no matter where you are going. Ask about the "best dates' all you want, but here is the skinny from someone whose been here a long time.

    The best time to fish is WHEN YOU CAN GET AWAY.

    We have the same weather forecast for 6 months here in South Pacific Costa Rica. Sunshine, blue skies, possible afternoon showers, and PLENTY OF FISH !!

    Bring your favorite rods and reels, or use ours.
    Don't forget FLY GEAR. Most fly anglers like to use their own 'stuff' , after paying all that money for lessons, videos, fly-tying gear, and all the other materials that make that sport addictive. We're going to have , by all indications, a fantastic run of Pacific SAILFISH this season (DEC.- JUNE), so don't think you HAVE to be here in one certain week in February just because some expert 'told you so'.
    I've seen hot, hazy times in some February's here where the fish wouldn't come to the top due to high surface temps.
    Another tip. Make sure you spend enough time to fish for all the species you want to hunt!

    don't try to cram everything into one, two, or even three days and go home not having fulfilled your "dreams".


    There are things to see here in "National Geographic" land that they'll be in awe of, and will thank you for in the future.

    Inshore species, ROOSTERFISH, SNAPPERS, GROUPERS, and many more are all in good numbers.

    SNOOK AND CORVINA, two of our favorite fighting (and eating) fish, are looking good also.
    This past Sunday, while sipping some cold beverages on the beach and watching the surf (and bikini's), we witnessed a feeding frenzy in the surf. Big snook were slamming mullet schools right in the waves. As the surf broke, dis-orienting the mullet temporarily, the big line-siders attacked them before they had a chance to get upright again. Great spectacle !See Reports:
    Log onto , and BOOK EARLY!
    Good Fishing! Wherever you are Capn Bob

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    Capt. Bob Baker (Zancudobob) Guest

    Default Here is an update on results e

    Here is an update on results enjoyed by two angling groups who took my advice when they asked, "When is the best time for a good shot at a marlin." I answered both groups with, "RIGHT NOW!!" They both made arrangements to fish in August for our widely un-published "Indian Summer" marlin bite. First we had Gianno Ziliani and wife Pia of Milan, Italy. Gianno is a practical man, and although he brought fly tackle with him, he had traveled the world in search of a legally caught marlin , only to be frustrated,and he wanted to hook up on whatever they wanted FIRST, get his first to the boat, and THEN try the fly. On his 4-day charter, he had many ,many fish of all types. Pacific sailfish, roosterfish, dorado, yellowfin tuna, triple tail, 5 species of snapper, and finally, on his last day , in the last hour, he scored a beautiful BLUE MARLIN of 500 lbs.

    The fish actually was teased to his fly gear, but when it made it's final attack run , Gian saw the size and PULLED THE FLYLINE FROM THE WATER!! Capt. Jose Guerra substituted a dead mullet , pinned through the lips with a Diichi circle hook, and Gian fought the urge to strike the fish, instead letting the drag build tension on the line and permitting the circle hook to find a 'sweet spot' just under the animals bill. Four hours later he had his first marlin. His numerous SAILFISH releases were also a first for him, as were his three beautiful ROOSTERFISH, and some of the snapper. He took the tripletail(berrogate) on a small clouser fly around an offshore floating log.
    Our second group were from New Mexico, and after e-mailing me for months, CAROL RUIZ and her friends had plenty of action on all species. They actually got TIRED of catching YELLOWFIN TUNA! It was also the last day of their tour when they finally got the hook to find the zone on a beautiful BLUE MARLIN of 300 lbs.

    This was their 5th marlin raised in three days, so life aboard was not dull, by any means.

    We saw only BLUE MARLIN in August, but who cares! September usually shows more BLACKS than BLUES here and in Panama.

    And so, the 'forgotten' marlin season , short but electrifying, will continue for awhile more, and then we can concentrate on the other "Unknown" season..PANAMA WAHOO !!
    For info, mail me at
    GOOD FISHING ! Capn Bob

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    Capt. Bob Baker (Zancudobob) Guest

    Default PART TWO- Uknown WAHOO Season

    PART TWO- Uknown WAHOO Season -N.W.PANAMA

    I had to split this article into two posts , as I was up to the limit.
    If you read the previous post on the August marlin bite outside Golfito, C.R., you'll know that the purpose of these two posts are to enlighten anglers that WANT to go on a world class trip to costa Rica or Panama, but think that the fish leave during our 'winter.

    In N.W. Panama there are island chains , far offshore , that offer angling that most fishermen never thought possible. Where else can you send a whole, live bonito or yellowfin tuna down over a hump, hoping for a huge CUBERA SNAPPEr or broomtail grouper, and hook up with a BLACK MARLIN?! We've done it, and not just once. This is why we use heavier tackle in Panama than Costa Rica. It's different fishing.

    Now, when winter arrives in June, as we said, everyone in the States heads to the ramps with their own boats. Some believe there's "nothing going on' down in Central America during June to December, our 'winter'.
    Fact is, this area in Panama, all the way from Punta Burica to Isla Coiba, enjoys a WAHOO bite that lasts as long as the cloud cover and cooling rains prevail, usually until the end of December.
    WAHOO in the 30-60 pound class are taken in good numbers EVERY DAY. Many fish of 100 lbs. are taken each season. During this period there are very few boats on the water, as most charter companies go back to the States during this time. But we LIVE here year round, and we know that the fish don't leave, only the numbers of fishermen drops!

    Although WAHOO are the prime target, this is also the time for that huge YELLOWFIN TUNA you've always wanted to hook up with. Fish up to and over 300 lbs. are common.
    We fast troll for the wahoo with large rapala's and Braid Marauder-type deep running lures. Wire leaders are a must. These fish will hit weighted feathers and jet heads too. Anything that stays down. When we get into schools of porpoise , or spinner dolphins, we also cast , on surf rod/spinning reel combo's, large Yo-Zuri SURFACE CRUISERS and hook up with WAHOO this way . We also catch a LOT of yellowfin over 100lbs. this way. The strikes are UNBELIEVABLE!!!!
    If you are a WAHOO fanatic, don't miss out on this bite. It's summer vacation. Time to take your son or daughter on their first international fishing /travel adventure.
    Contact me at this e-mail address: and we'll put a trip together for you.
    GOOD FISHING !! Capn Bob

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    Capt. Bob Baker (Zancudobob) Guest

    Default August Marlin Bite-Golfito ,Co

    August Marlin Bite-Golfito ,Costa Rica Part 1
    "Off Season" WAHOO -PANAMA Part 2

    Many anglers from the United States are under the impression that here in Costa Rica we have only one period of super fishing that lasts just four months.

    Now, we in the sport fishing business here can appreciate the factors that bring us our clients during these months, January through March.

    Number one, it's freezing in most areas of the U.S. during this period! Christmas is over, and it's time for a winter fishing break.

    Number two, this period is summer HERE, and offers the best weather combined with good numbers of fish of all types. You need SUN, WARMTH, a vacation from WINTER.

    We also know why anglers don't come down fishing the rest of the year. When winters' grip starts to lighten up, spring fishing in their home waters creeps into the minds of serious anglers, and tackle, boats, motors begin to be prepared for the coming opener. No more deer hunting, duck hunting, whatever hunting on land, now is the time to get out and be the first to land a nice catch of "anything" in your home state. It's been a long time.
    Why own a boat in the States if you're not going to use it?
    Plus, it's school vacation time, summer trip time, family time.
    We understand these things.

    The fact is, the fish don't GO ANYWHERE here in my areas of operation, South Pacific Costa Rica and N.W. Panama. Numbers may fluctuate, but there are still plenty of fish inshore and offshore.
    We have Pacific Sailfish here every month of the year, no matter what the weather!!
    Now , speaking of WEATHER. The old Costa Rican tourist propaganda made a HUGE mistake when it was in it's infancy. That was about the time I came down here eleven years ago. The Tourism Institute mis-labeled the two seasons we have here, Summer and Winter(6 months each), as DRY and RAINY. What a mistake! They have now changed all literature of this type to read, HIGH season and LOW season, which is more accurate. These words reflect tourist numbers, not weather conditions. At least it doesn't conjure up images of torrential, never-ending rains day after day until you are picking leaches off your body and growing moss between your toes.
    Truth is we have very nice weather in this area almost every day. The difference during the winter is the same as it is in the States, which is hurricane season and all the tropical storms that pass across from Africa and up the Caribbean to the U.S. They pass here too, but we on the PACIFIC side don't normally get torrential ,long term rains from these ATLANTIC phenomena. Yes, it rains, don't think I'm painting some false ,rosy picture. But by the time it does, we're usually on our way back from offshore, or are in the lodge already! These things build during the afternoons and break around supper time.Same as the States , in many places . Florida is a good example. It actually makes it cool enough to need a blanket on your bed sometimes!

    The problem with these misconceptions is this. You, the angler MISS OUT on two fantastic fishing experiences . One is the BLACK MARLIN bite that takes place off of Golfito/Zancudo Beach during August. We've seen 5, up to ten marlin taken and released in a single day. And remember, not all lodges operate during this seasonso your not talking a lot of boats on the water. Many that have 'snowbird' owners, only open their doors during the HIGH season.
    But we're here YEAR ROUND.
    Are there other angling opportunities during this time of what is known as "VERANILLO" or "Little Summer? You bet! Yellowfin tuna of grand proportions are out there virtually non-stop. Dorado, bigeye tuna, rainbow runner are all outside. Inshore there is virtually no fishing pressure, and the rocks, reefs, and structure hold roosterfish, many species of snapper and grouper, African pompano, and many other hard fighters.
    We'll be here waiting for you.

    Check PART 2 of this post. WAHOO SEASON IN PANAMA
    Contact me through this site(Ask Jerry LaBella)or at : for C.R for Panama
    tel. (011-506)776-0007
    And take advantage of our Moderator Program. Line up a group of 5 fishing buddies, act as trip boss,handle money collecting, airline tickets, moving people through airports, etc. and fish for free!
    Good Fishing!! Capt. Bob Baker

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