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    Michael Wagner (Mikefisher) Guest

    Default Blue Marlins after days of Thu

    Blue Marlins after days of Thunder}}

    after heavy rainfalls and thunderstorms blowing over the area the last two weeks it looks like we come back to normal this week for the local waters offshore Punta Cana.
    so this tuesday august 16th 42ft Bertram Shekinah took a half day charter to target our atlantic Blues and had to pass only one fight for the morning. around 10AM with Mate Chino on the weel Skipper Jose Manuel Mota hooked the first hit of the morning, a blue Marlin taking the small lure running on the long outrigger line on portside, hook set nice and easy in the sword's base and charter client Charles Wells had it's 90 minutes fight on a 30 lbs line, before they released an 200+ blue marlin.
    the afternoon of the same day didn't went that bad neither, 2 blue Marlin hits missed to hook within the first 1 1/2 hrs and a 35 minutes fight on the 3rd hit on a 50lbs line to release a blue marlin of max 200lbs. winner of the day been the uncle of Jose Manuel, fishing as the skipper on a private owned boat taking a Blue Marlin of 590 lbs, the biggest one this month so far, fishing 80lbs tackle and fighting 2hrs within several friends.
    winds on a 10knots blowing ENE (70') and visibility a 10nmls we hope to stay on that quiet conditions for a while to come back to the rhytm to rock'n'roll on the Blues.
    hopefully to be continued

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    Michael Wagner (Mikefisher) Guest

    Default Italian customer Fabio Steccan

    Italian customer Fabio Steccanella had only one dream in mind when he contacted Mike at first early 2006, " i want to catch a Blue Marlin ".
    we figured out together when the best time during the 2006 Blue Marlin Season on the Dominican east coast would be, fishing out of Punta Cana, so at the end i decided by weather/moon/tide predictions to recommend the days before the full moon in august, so Fabio chartered my 42ft Bertram Shekinah with charter captains Jose Manuel Mota and Luis Alberto caridad and their mate Chino for 5 consecutive full days starting Saturday August 5th til Wednesday august 9th.
    the first day, saturday, Sea was very calm, no waves, slow breeze, more the conditions for a boat ride, so he brought his wife Ariana with him. til 1PM they got only 1 Blue Marlin up in the spray but failed to attract him enough to take the lure, no hook set, no fight and then the weather changed quickly, by 3PM they run in under heavy rain and thunderstorms, weather conditions can change fast like that during hurricane season.
    day number 2, sunday morning, Sea on 5-6 ft, winds around 15 knots with higher gusts, the wife stayed at the resort. today the boat did 9 hrs and again it was not a successful day, only 3 Blue Marlins up and no hook set nice, no fight, sunday night the crew changed all lures/hooks, if an equipment is without luck on one day it will never work.
    today is day number 3, the boat is still out, but Jose Manuel Mota sent me the report for the first half of todays trip by mail.
    at 11:40AM Jose set the hook on a Blue Marlin female, 9/0 Penn reel, 50lbs line on, the hooks set right and Fabio has the first Blue Marlin fight of his life. the fight lasted 11:40AM til 2:06 PM, 2hrs 26 min, during that time the crew of 3 had no chance to give their customer a hand, he wanted to get his fish on his own, no help wanted, and he won. Manuel told me by phone a minute ago that Fabio is barely able to walk right now, but he has still a very wide smile on his face.
    lines are wet again, they have 2 more hrs left today and of course wednesday and thursday are two more days to beat the size of todays female, the crew counts it on an 300+lbs, so there's plenty of space to top this weight upwards.

    tight lines

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