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    Jaco le Roux (Lerouxjaco) Guest

    Default Thanks for the article on yell

    Thanks for the article on yellow fin tuna "Yellowfin Tuna Fishing How-To For Small-Boat Owners".
    It always good to read and try the opinions and methods used by other anglers and most importantly to share this information with others. We found drifting for tuna and pulling the line out by hand (reel in free spool and ratchet on) at the front eye while throwing a hand full of chum out and letting our bait(the back half of a sardine)drift out with the chum very effective in South African waters

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    Capt Butch Foster (Captainbutch) Guest

    Default Hi Y'all check this site o

    Hi Y'all check this site out!!!!

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    Capt. Ray Kelly (Capt_ray_kelly) Guest

    Default Jerry, You have an excellen


    You have an excellent site here with alot of info. Keep up the great work.

    Thank you and good luck fishing. And remember- "Let's get kids hooked on Fishing...NOT on drugs!"

    Capt. Ray Kelly
    Adventures In Fishing

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    delia hendges (Lia) Guest

    Default }hi my name delia hendges from

    }hi my name delia hendges from davison middle school Michigan and i was recently hearing more and more reports of sting ray attacks and i was wondering that maby that their behavior is cased be global worming that maby the drastic change in temperature is making the agitated and changing their behavior i know it may sound stupid but that what i thing might be going on. thank you

    go Tigers

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    Liz (Deligator) Guest

    Default Jerry LaBella, It's been

    Jerry LaBella,
    It's been a while since your last article. When can we expect a new one? How about one on Dolphin fishing techniques?

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    Patrick Kelly (Patrick943) Guest

    Default I would hope that a portion of

    I would hope that a portion of the sales from the Stingray Guards you are promoting ON TOP of the Steve Irwin link would go to a conservation fund in honor of Irwin.

    In Loving Memory. Steve will be missed by all.

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    Cecil A Cecilson (Ahoy_poloi) Guest



    He was a champion for ANYONE who loves life, ALL life.

    Peirced through the heart, such a positive force for inspiration, and of hope. I want to blame it on a conspiracy but it wouldn't bring him back.
    How utterly devastating, yet despite my broken heart, I can scarcely imagine what this loss for Terri, despite her INCREDIBLE strength, is having to endure. Their story could not be a more perfect example of the traditional concept of soul mates, in perfect Faery Tale fashion. Their combined force has been nothing less than epic, a myriad of humbling accomplishments, the awareness they've raised alone. Such a severing would require an entire country worth of empathy, thankfully, she has that in the least, and two of his children certainly.
    No less for his closest friends, who long before he was famous, stood as paladins, undying loyalty, won over by his courage, strength & integrity & justness of his heart. For the community of people closest to him, who have lost such a creative and positive force.

    With his death, collectively, the entire world, anyone with the capacity for empathy has been skewered, whether they know it or not. Ominous,in a time when there is no time to lose. In this utterly corrupted world subjugated by diabolic motivations. In this OILgarchical, modern feudal serfdom, a mere commoner, Steve Irwin rose to a truly deserved nobility (UNLIKE politicians), he's a template which humanity should aspire, and what a hero should be ascribed. Through his leadership, he encouraged us to face our deepest fears, to help us recognize the animal/human condition. Obviously in great part, by his unwavering love of crocs, unjudgemental by nature, he vigourously inspired in great part with positive attitude, avoided in making us feel guilty. Mistake that is often associated with an elitist environmentalist snob like I'm about to be.
    Conservationist, is a very stagnant, static, compartmentalized, polarizing word to describe anyone who would desire to save the quality of life, let alone Steve. Certainly, doesn't do justice to a man who embodied a brilliant combination of compassion, energy, passion, courage, humility, love, which he had for humans and animals alike, matched only but easily with his passion to share, to teach and inspire everyone.
    If you know you need clean water, clean air, viable soil, for the human race to survive, let alone have freedom, whatever "freedom" means, the idea of the label, namely conservationist becomes ridiculously redundant. If you rely on any source/system to sustain your health, survival, quality of life, you would want to protect or CONSERVE that system/source, that makes ANYONE who has the passion to live, a conservationist, get the picture?
    Perhaps it's a bit smoggy, you might consider the analogy -- what is your standard for a life worth living? your source of income, your parents, your home as something worth conserving for survival? Perhaps equate the need for a healthy planet, from elements combined, to resources, such as the health of the soils, water plants and animals, as the ultimate source of sustaining all life on this planet. Conservationist? What's the alternative? Reductionist? Destructionist? Disconnectist?
    Conservation, symbiosis, inherently obvious, the need in protecting your world, as the idea of protecting your family, need of preserving our living world is not just a political or moral persuit, and quite ominously, the world just lost one of its most inspiring leaders & most able conveyers for this message, & of hope, not just a conservationist.
    Stingray, ironically the most innocent amongst us. I can only hope, that his death was not symbolic of our failure, a terrible omen - having lost our chance for saving our planet - but rather, in the grand design, this immense tradgedy will invigorate & raise globally our collective conciousness through his spirit. Guided perhaps by another leader, Queen Terri, who will depose His Illigitimacy, Dubya, and other arch criminal mutations of humanity, if not to dream.

    One World, One Love IMPEACH EM ALL!!!!
    Jon, The Soylent Gringo
    (p.s. what slimeball's paid to spam Bank of Amerika promo garbage?? - takin advantage of this tradgedy, this should alone INSPIRE BOYCOTT BANK OF AMERIKA )

    "A growing majority of the world's energy consumers now live in cities, exploiting "advanced" technology. Nature... is not something to be enjoyed at the weekend, or toyed with for sport or otherwise. Conservation of natural spaces is not just a luxury. These are dangerous illusions that ignore the vast benefits of nature to the lives of 6 billion people on the planet. We may have distanced ourselves from nature, but we rely completely on the services it delivers." thothweb

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    Jerry LaBella (Admin) Guest

    Default In Reply To Steve Irwin's Death


    There have been cases of stingrays whipping their tails upward or under to thrust their barb into a person or fish if threatened. The details indicate that Steve “swam too close” to the stingray. The stingray obviously felt threatened by his approach—considering that stingrays are sometimes attacked by sharks— and reacted to protect itself. The information reports that this is a rare occurrence, and I agree. This was a freak accident as indicated. It is to be noted, however, that there are documented cases where, for example, a young boy aboard his dad’s trawl boat had the net bag swing against him when it was lifted and a stingray’s barb was protruding and stuck him in the abdomen. He died shortly afterward. As far as stingrays killing someone while wade fishing, this is something I have never heard of, and I have never heard of someone stuck in any limb die from it— although you may wish you had as a result of the extreme pain. In Steve’s case, I think his being on camera makes him go over the edge a bit at times. The stingray has only one defense mechanism: his barb; and without it, he is dead meat for ever creature that pursues him. Stingrays are by far not known to be aggressive by any stretch of the imagination. They do not run after a person swimming to barb them. Steve unfortunately got “too close” for comfort for this creature of the sea, and it reacted!

    Read more about the stingray's habits here (Stingrays— A Wadefisherman’s Nightmare):
    Read more about the news release:

    Jerry LaBella

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    Flamin Eagle (Flamineagle) Guest

    Default Steve Irwin dies from fatal st

    Steve Irwin dies from fatal stingray barb!
    Because of this, I hope someone designs a better stingray guard, for underwater film crews, and naturalists.Something that they can still swim in, like a type of bullet proof jacket. A ray proof jacket that covers your chest! Even with a stingray jacket, there would still be risks of course. But for those who educate the rest of us with animals facts, I think it would be an investiment so they could be with us a while longer.

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    M Martines (Marisol) Guest

    Default Hi Mr. Labella... I found yo

    Hi Mr. Labella...
    I found your website thru a search in Google. I was truly saddened to see in the news headlines today, that ‘Crocodile Hunter’ Steve Irwin dies. Naturalist reportedly killed by stingray barb". What a tragedy and loss for everyone that enjoyed his programs. My prayers will be with his family and friends.

    My search was for "stingray barbs". I had no idea that the Stingray were so dangerous. While in Grand Caymen several years ago, we did go out to Stingray City ... never did I imagine that a wrong move could result in such a} life altering experience.

    Thank you for your article, I really enjoyed reading it, and am glad your friend Lee lived to tell his story too!
    God bless!


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