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    Anonymous Guest

    Default Mmmm... Site looks good! Real

    Mmmm... Site looks good! Real good!;-)

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    Default Hi! This site is really good!

    Hi! This site is really good! Thank you

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    Default I love this site! My very best

    I love this site! My very best wishes to its owners!

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    catzan (Unregistered Guest) Guest

    Default Hiya Mr. Labella, I was an

    Hiya Mr. Labella,

    I was an angler at Myrtle Grove from the freeze in the early nineties to about 1998. Easiest fishing I ever did. I used ten lb. test and a medium action pole to get just a fraction further to the center of the canal. Certain weather conditions guaranteed catching fish. No rain, the cow pastures dumped into the canal so that the water becomes to fresh for specks or even reds. Bout ten knot winds are ideal. 50 degrees or lower. I would show up about 6am or 7am just as the sun topped the bamboo. Roll into my favorite spot, throw my artificial double riggers out and start pulling in trout. Yer could limit out (25 specks) in about three hours. My artificials outfished folks using live shrimp. I was getting further out. Smoke and chartreuse were the usual colors. Split Tail Sparkle Beetles were good but there is a specific type of lure to use out there to really catch them. It's a secret... ~.^
    I would give people my lures and they never seemed to catch as many as me because you're right, light-weight tackle works reaches further. Also, I would let my lures drop to the bottom before tripping my bail and slow retrieve (it is winter, ya know). I actually didn't fish on the bulkhead anymore but went further down where you really didn't even need a net. I am headed back over there for Mardi Gras and was going to go down and see if the place was still kicking after Katrina. Even if they are not up, there are a few canals you can get to that produce although not like that Myrtle Grove canal. I can remember fishing right next to the bait house literally fifteen yards from the hoist and pulling in 20inch reds two at a time. The schools would circle in that dead end so that you could see the poles bending coming at you like a "wave" in a football stadium. Pretty funny. Reds were so plentiful I had to switch to specks so I could fish longer. One Christmas Day I caught five reds in about one hour for dinner. That place was too good to be true...but it was true. DWF does visit regularly so by all means catch your limit and go. Well, if I think about it, I will post again with the results of what Katrina did.

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    Bryan Beatty (Bigfoot3006) Guest

    Default Mr. Labella, Was reading yo

    Mr. Labella,

    Was reading your article about fishing for Amberjack when the picture caught my eye. I am the guy on the right in the orange shirt and slicker and the one who caught the fish on a charter last February. The fish weighed 80 lbs. and was taken with Cap. Scott Avanzino of Paradise Outfitters. One of the best trips I have ever been on. How about a free fishing trip for the pictures use? Just kidding. Great website.

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    LJL (Unregistered Guest) Guest

    Default Great articles on red fishing.

    Great articles on red fishing. I fish in South TX which is a bit different from the Louisana marshes, but your info on tides and fishing depths is valuable and can be used anywhere. Great stuff!

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    James Hirt (Jim_blue_max_charters) Guest

    Default I have great articles on fresh

    I have great articles on fresh water salmon fishing. Where do you want me to post them?

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    Anonymous Guest

    Default are there any articles on cat

    are there any articles on cat fishing?

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    Default I like the article on stingray

    I like the article on stingrays. Very Informative

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    Default Guest Book Comments

    Great site and articles. Keep up the good work Jerry!!!!!


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