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Thread: Costa Rica

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    Default June 8, 2008

    Last weeks storm pounded the Pacific coast and last Saturday almost a dozen boats sunk in Quepos.
    The Billfish Foundation in the United States has established a Quepos Sportfishing Community Survival Fund to help the fishermen that were affected by Tropical Storm Alma.* If you would like to help the please send a donation to:
    The Billfish [...]

    Read more at Costa Rica Fishing Report

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    Capt. Bob Baker (Capnbob) Guest

    Default Lots of DORADO (mahi)

    Lots of DORADO (mahi) outside, and close to shore. Steady ,good catches are being logged around ROCA MATA PALO, our fish magnet just off the Point.

    YELLOWFIN TUNA are here, and now that the weather has changed over to summer, they'll stay around all season. anywhere from 5 lbs. to over 300 here.

    Billfish, MARLIN AND SAILS, are steadily growing in numbers.
    I believe December and January will be the hot fishing months this year, then a let-up in February, then a great bite from March to June.

    The let-up will occur due to high surface temps in FEB. due to "El Nino".

    We go to jet heads and even down-riggers during these times, and that takes care of the hot water shy billfish. It's a blast hooking up a 500 lb. marlin that slams a bait slow-trolled on a downrigger at 100 ft. !!!

    Book early, bring your friends, your wife, the kids, your girlfriend(s), we're going to have a GREAT SEASON !!!, and don't forget to ASK ABOUT PANAMA TRIPS !!
    Good Fishing, Wherever you ARE !! Capn Bob

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    Capt. Bob Baker (Capnbob) Guest

    Default I know this is a COSTA RICa sl

    I know this is a COSTA RICa slot for posting reports, but the thread is closed to my PANAMA operation, so here's a report and some info for those of you who've been wanting to fish those fantastic waters.

    BLACK MARLIN are in good numbers in our area of Isla Ladrones to Montuosa. The problem (?)we have is that the best way to hook up on these brutes is idle-trolling live bonitos around and over the many seamounts that surround these beautiful islands. These places sit 20 miles and further offshore, right in the heart of the action, and have a number of 'other' fishes residing there.
    So, the bonitos sometimes get SWALLOWED by A WAHOO OR CUBERA SNAPPER or even a 200 plus pound YELLOWFIN TUNA before the billfish can latch on. Cubera's over 70 and far higher are possible, if you can stop them.

    The next all-tackle cubera will come from one of my numbers. I just hope it's one of MY anglers who gets her !!!

    I've a great new place to "tie up" for my Panama fishermen(and women). White sand beach, plush tropical setting, and close to the action!!

    Great catches are being logged RIGHT NOW, and it will only get better when the waters warm.
    The only fish that doesn't like high surface temps and migrates out is the WAHOO, but there are still some around down deep.

    I'll have a website made up exclusively for PANAMA in the near future, so stay tuned.

    Contact me at e-mail: for all-inclusive fishing packages.
    Good Fishing !! Capn Bob

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    Capt. Bob Baker (Zancudobob) Guest

    Default Mr. Gian Ziliani and wife Pia

    Mr. Gian Ziliani and wife Pia have been our guests for the past three days, with Gian still out fishing today and with tomorrow as his last fishing day.
    Pia opted for the sun and swimming pool today.
    Gian had a beautiful 130lb. PACIFIC SAILFISH yesterday, a 30 lb. YELLOWFIN TUNA, and a wild episode with a BLACK MARLIN that left everyone gasping for air.

    Gian's sail came on a live sardine/circle hook "drop back", or 'bait n switch' procedure.
    Many fantastic jumps had the sail beside the boat for some quick pics. and a clean release.
    The MARLIN slammed three baits, destroying them all, hooked up briefly, jumped all over the ocean, and was gone before the hook could find a soft spot. But an exciting experience , nonetheless.
    Today Gian will try for his first billfish on the FLY, with Capts. Jose and Ricardo Guerra("The Blues Brothers") taking over for me. I've been relegated to lifeguard here at the pool after scoring a sail, 20 lb. bigeye tuna, and a 15 lb. dorado on the first day out.
    Plenty of sun, seas moderate to calm, and air temp. of 84. PERFECT !!

    Panama has been fishing very well for WAHOO the past few weeks, and it's really just getting started. Lots of big BLACK MARLIN in our op. area around Isla Ladrones, Isla Secas, and Isla Montuosa . Today the boys will head south from ZANCUDO to fish our 'high spot' offshore of PUNTA BURICA, a great billfish haunt. More later on Gians trip. Mr. Ziliani is a manufacturer of monofilament fishing line in Italy!!! Very interesting dinner conversations, to say the least.
    GOOD FISHING ! Capn Bob

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    Capt. Bob Baker (Zancudobob) Guest

    Default Costa Rica

    I'm happy to announce our collaboration with Jerry LaBella and his great website!
    My name is Capt. Bob Baker, and I've lived and fished the waters of Costa Rica's Southern Zone, and the waters just across the 'frontier'in N.W. Panama full time for the last 11 years. We operate a very successful, private fishing lodge just outside GOLFITO , C.R. and offer world class angling for billfish and many ,many more species. Heavy tackle, light, spin, and bait-cast are all used here, according to the quarry and the anglers experience. We are specialists in FLY FISHING for Pacific sailfish and MARLIN, with all Captains and mates totally familiar with the intricacies of the 'bait n' switch'.
    I'll be posting reports from Costa Rica and publishing articles on this site that may help you plan your next ,or first, trip to Costa Rica or PANAMA.

    I have been asked by the owners of the new "Gone Fishing Panama" Resort in Boca Chica ,Panama to provide all their sport fishing while they concentrate on the fine food and maintenance of the resort.Please don't hesitate to e-mail me at for Costa Rica info, and at for Panama angling information. Open dates, species available, travel help, we can arrange your entire trip.
    Hope to answer your questions here, and see you either in Costa Rica or in Panama REAL SOON !
    Good Fishing! Capn Bob.

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