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Thread: Dominican Republic

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    Michael Wagner (Mikefisher) Guest

    Default Mike's Marina Fishing Char

    Mike's Marina Fishing Charters Leo
    June 2007
    Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know what a great time we had on our full day charter on Mike's boat "Intrepido".

    I fish quite extensively from New Jersey (USA) to Maine. Recently I had a charter in Hawaii. Our 5/20/07 trip with Mike's guys was by far the most enjoyable day on the water I've ever had! The fishing was great, the crew was great, we even had a bonus watching several whales off and on! The four of us caught 15 nice Dorado, a Wahoo, and had a Blue Marlin check out our spread but he wouldn't eat.

    We plan on visiting the Dominican again in 2009, and I can't wait to book a day with Mike!

    Leo Bocwinski

    fishes caught by Leo Bocwinski & friends
    check the full album on

    or the

    new upcoming site and services for

    have fun

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    Michael Wagner (Mikefisher) Guest

    Default From: [email="mark3954@netze

    From: <>
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    Date: Saturday, May 26, 2007 12:26 pm
    Subject: Re: fishing charter info dominican republic

    Mike, I would like to take this time to tell you what a great time I had while fishing with you in the Dominican Republic. First, the hotel which I stayed at was very nice and had a lot of activities. Next, I was also impressed with the crew ( Manuel and Catch'em ). Those men made me feel very comfortable and gave me an impression of professionalism in their craft. Finally, I felt that you had a natural concern for my well being in the Dominican Republic. I appreciated that you picked me up and delivered me to any destination including the Air Port. This attention to details made my trip there a wonderful time. As a Sports fisherman and traveler of the world, I feel this trip was one of the better fishing experiences I've taken and would have no problems in coming back to fish with you in the Dominican Republic. Your Friend Mark Wesseler

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    Michael Wagner (Mikefisher) Guest

    Default Hey Mike, Jason and I had

    Hey Mike,

    Jason and I had a blast fishing aboard the Shekinah with Manuel and Catch! Looking forward to coming back to the D.R. and fishing with you in the future! May 5: Both of us hungover and tired so we decided to "take it easy" the first day of fishing due to wind and sea conditions. We boated 2 dolphin fish and 2 albacore in the first 4 hours. We raised 2 white marlin and hooked 1 on a "skipped" ballyhoo! Jason was able to subdue and land the 80lb white in under 20 minutes with a "quick release" completed boatside by mate Catch! Fished for several more hours before calling it due to wind/seas. May 6: With absolute ideal sea conditions we decided to target white marlin with flyfishing tackle. Ran "hookless" teasers of skirted ballyhoo on both flat lines, a daisy chain of squid on center line and pulled the fender teaser off left transom. Raised 4 white marlin throughout the day and Catch successfully "teased" one close enough for a "bait and switch" with a Cam Sigler Parrot fly. Fish peeled off close to 400 yards of fly backing with initial run and only jumped once! Made a total of 3 runs, but mostly stayed down about 50 feet and sulked. With constant pressure and retrieve it took me about 30 minutes to get the 100lb fish boatside for another "quick release" by mate Catch! Many thanks to Mike, Manuel and Catch and the entire support staff of Mike's Marina for a memorable experience aboard the Shekinah!

    Best wishes, Andrew

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    Michael Wagner (Mikefisher) Guest

    Default From: Alison Hackett

    From: Alison Hackett
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    Date: Saturday, April 21, 2007 08:23 pm
    Subject: Our split charter April 10, 2007

    Hello Mike!

    I just wanted to write and let you know that we had an awesome experience on our half day charter last week. Both me and Dwayne caught a Mahi Mahi and it was just an excellent day. I want to thank you for all the quick responses to my emails and we will see you again the next time we are in Punta Cana &#40;hopefully next year!&#41;. You have a wonderful crew as well, they really know what they are doing! I have attached a few pictures from our trip in case you want to include any of our catch on your website! Images can be found on

    Thanks again for the wonderful day!
    Alison Hackett and Dwayne Evoy

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    Michael Wagner (Mikefisher) Guest

    Default March 23rd Keith Schlosser

    March 23rd Keith Schlosser


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    Michael Wagner (Mikefisher) Guest

    Default Tuesday March 27th by Yance Yo

    Tuesday March 27th by Yance Yore

    Hey Mike,

    This is an old message that i am replying to but it is all i had left. I am sending you this thanking you for everything setting up my best fishing trip since I caught my 185 pound tarpon four years ago. Your crew was awesome and professional and put me in the chair to land six Dorado out of eight with one huge bull. The only reason we didn&#39;t land them all is we didn&#39;t have enough hands. We had 3 on at the same time twice and my wife, as your boys would say, was introduced to their friend RALPH...She wasn&#39;t much help.

    I have already had one guy contact you from Chicago and I will give your name to anyone who asks. I look forward to my next visit and you will definetly get a call.

    Thanks Again and Good Luck

    Yance Yore

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    Michael Wagner (Mikefisher) Guest

    Default Mike's Marina Fishing Char

    Mike&#39;s Marina Fishing Charters Tony Parsons
    March 2007
    I had another great day fishing with Mike&#39;s Marina Deep Sea Fishing off Punta Cana this year. Last year we caught a big sailfin, this year its was even better. We set out in the afternoon with a fairly heavy swell and headed out way offshore. 5 dolphins joined the boat and swam with us for quite a long time before we hit a shoal of mahi mahi &#40;dolphin fish&#41;. The lines were going off in all directions and the crew worked damned hard to help get the fish in and re-bait the rods. We caught 20 fish on our boat!!

    Fantastic. I would highly recommend this company, very professional and they find the fish too!! Can&#39;t wait to go with them again.

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    Michael Wagner (Mikefisher) Guest

    Default Mike's Marina Fishing Char

    Mike&#39;s Marina Fishing Charters Brad
    March 2007
    Another GREAT year using Mikes Marina. Prebooked everything on the internet using Paypal so everything was very easy to do. Mike personally responded to all my e-mails. My little 5 year old went in a little 20 foot boat - just to do some simple fishing with his Dad. Last year he caught some this year he got something too big for our line we brought took everything so my son has his big fish story!!!! Mike provides all the fishing equipement but my little fisherman wanted to bring his own!

    The rest of the gang went on the big 42 foot boat. I am very use to deep sea fishing and know sea sickness can hit anyone so a childrens gravel before you go takes the edge off. One of our guys hit a Maui Maui and everyone was very excited. Everyone enjoyed the views from the boat - they also drove right past the sunken ship. We did a half day tour and everyone got back to the resort to have a late lunch and tell all the fish stories! Thanks to the crews &#40;they are the best!!!!&#41; and a special thanks to Mike! your amazing!

    You can see pictures in my photo album - the fishing pictures are in my Majestic Colonial album and last years photos in Ocean Sands photo album!
    Any questions feel free to e-mail me!

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    Michael Wagner (Mikefisher) Guest

    Default From: [email="erncan@comcast

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    Date: Monday, February 26, 2007 02:47 pm
    Subject: Fishing on 2-20-2007

    Hi Mike
    If i did this right there is a few pics. of a few of the fish we got on the 20th.
    We got 29 Mai Mai that day. We had a gteat day Mike.
    Thanks for a Great Day!

    Ernie Canney

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    Michael Wagner (Mikefisher) Guest

    Default Dorados in February 2007 offs

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