104.5lbs white Marlin

42ft Post Intrepido

The real start for the 2006 white Marlin season we aspected starting with the first quarter moon, 50% full, rising 8:19AM on wednesday april 5th, but last sunday march 26th charter client Jason Jones was close to a record for our local waters white marlins, moon a Waning Cresent, just 10% full, early for the season to start.
On board of our 42ft Post Intrepido with charter captain Jose Manuel Mota and mate Franklin Johansi Recio they hooked at 9:20AM, 50 minutes after leaving port, only 35 minutes lines wet, 2.5 nmls offshore, their first hit of the day on an 30lbs Penn International reel, 4.00 line on.
They enjoyed a 49 minutes stand up fight fighting one of the biggest white marlins in our local waters for the last decade, bringin a weight of 104.5lbs.
continuing the trip the charter received 3 more white marlin hits, hooking up an other one of 60lbs.
I will continue to write at least one fishing report a week on this board to keep you guys informed about our white marlin season, lasting at least til mid/end july, joined by blue marlins starting around mid june.

check this Fishing Reports page out frequently, i'll keep it up to date