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    Capt Charlie Conner (Fishtales) Guest

    Default May 17, 2007 Inshore: Lu

    May 17, 2007


    Luckily, the fish don't realize a windy day from a calm day. If you could get out fishing this week...the fish were there. Looks like these conditions will remain for a little while longer. We did manage a few much needed rain showers this week and the grass is sure relieved for now. Water conditions are cloudy in a lot of areas and remained relatively clean in others. You will have to look around to find some clean water for a few days.

    Redfish were again roaming the flats for us this week. Glen was down and boated a nice redfish this week. Dave was down from New York and boated two nice slot sized reds. We had a few get off on us, but enjoyed the hookups anyway. Look in shallow water to find some redfish cruising. Soft plastics and gold spoons worked best for us. All our redfish this week were slot size fish.

    Trout are feeding early and will move to deeper water as the sun rises in the sky. Top water or live bait usually works well for early morning trout. Clean grass flats are the areas to look for to find some trout hanging around. You can't beat shrimp on popping corks this time of year.

    Snook anglers are catching a few slot sizes lately around the inlet and bridges. Live bait is always the best choice. Most of the fishing has been at night or early mornings for snook. Larger shrimp has been scarce, so pinfish or mullet is a good choice for baits.

    Mike hooked up on a nice flounder on the flats this week. We have found a few scattered around the river lately. Ladyfish and jacks continue to patrol the flats for an easy meal. The jetties have continued to hold bluefish and mackerel along with the usual jacks. Not a lot of action lately on the catwalks. A few reports of snapper and sheephead around the bridges and structure of the river.

    Tip of the Week:

    Memorial Day is almost here and lots of boaters will be heading off on the water. Many don't get out often and this is an excellent time to check out the ol' boat and make sure it is seaworthy. It's never good for a boat to sit and there are too many things that can go wrong. Batteries go bad.....electrical problems can occur.....fuel.....trailer issues.....and many more. Don't wait until you have launched you boat at the ramp and find out you have a problem. The ramps will be super busy and it is better to find out now if you have a problem and get it fixed.....rather than tying up the boat ramp trying to find out why you can't get the boat started. Prepare now and make your holiday on the water an enjoyable one!!

    As always, remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!!

    Good Fishing and Be Safe,
    Captain Charlie Conner



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    Captain Dave Hanson (Fishbuster) Guest

    Default The calm winds and seas of las

    The calm winds and seas of last week didn’t hold too long. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday brought strong gusty winds and high seas, which caused me to reschedule my offshore anglers for later in the week. I finally headed out Thursday on a catch-and-release trip with Harry Oleferak. NOAA had predicted two to four foot seas, but I knew they would be at the higher end of that range, with the winds still blowing hard. We stayed close in at the reefs off Bonita Beach, and even there we had three to four foot seas and a steady wind of 15 knots. We used small cravalle jack and blue runners for bait. We caught and released Spanish mackerel, mangrove snapper, and an eight pound goliath grouper. We also had a bigger goliath cut our line, and a 3 ½ foot barracuda eat one of our blue runners.

    Anglers Eric Harper and Dave Enayert had been waiting since Monday for a day calm enough to go after goliath grouper. The two wanted the thrill of the big catches, and I knew trying to catch those in the rough seas we had earlier this week would be next to impossible. Friday we finally had two foot seas at the reefs, so we seized the opportunity to load up the heavy tackle. We released six goliaths boat-side that ranged from 75 pounds to over 200 pounds. The biggest one was 5 ½ feet long. We caught them all on blue runners and small Spanish mackerel.

    Chris and Yvette Worthington and young sons Hunter and Peyton fished with me Saturday. We started out about 16 miles out of New Pass where we caught some snapper, but before long, the porpoise moved in, so we headed further out to about 37 miles. We caught a bunch of keeper yellowtail and lane snapper for food value, but my anglers also wanted some big fish for sport value. We caught two sharpnose sharks, each about three foot, then hooked a seven foot bull shark that gave us a good fight. We were broken off by something big and fast that I am guessing was a tuna.

    The photo shown is of angler Ed Bosch with a 28 inch kingfish, caught on shrimp last week on offshore trip.

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    Capt Charlie Conner (Fishtales) Guest

    Default May 10, 2007 Inshore: We

    May 10, 2007


    Weather played a factor in this weeks fishing with fronts and storms in the area playing havoc with the barometer. Fish are still being caught, but some days have been spotty at best on the river. We are still wondering how the looming depression will affect our area. Already pushing water on the ocean, we have experienced higher than normal tides. Surprisingly, I am amazed that the river has remained fairly clean in spite of winds and weather.

    Trout fishing occupied most of the weeks fishing. It has been an on and off week for the sea trout. We have managed some decent trout in spite of the odds. Tyler Serio caught a nice trout on the Teen Anglers Tournament on Sunday and Glenn from Canada boated a nice trout also. Tom Hull reported a sweet 28" gator trout landed this Thursday. Round Island and Queen's Cove have consistently been holding trout.

    Most of the snook fishing activity has been around the inlet area. Night anglers have caught some nice slot sized snook on live bait around the sea walls and bridges. Day anglers are using mostly live pinfish or mullet in the same areas. Once the weather returns to a more normal state, look for snook to be actively chasing bait around the flats. David Brashear fought a large snook this week, until it broke him off on the flats. Bob Wittbold also landed a fat 24" snook on a top water lure this past week.

    Redfish have remained around the flats most days. Glen Akselrod boated a nice 22" redfish on a soft bait while fishing along the flats. We have seen many out there of late and they should become more active as the water warms up. Spoons, soft baits and top water will be great choices on the flats. Most areas I have fished have been holding redfish.

    Catches of sheephead, snapper and black drum are being taken around bridges and docks in the river. Live shrimp has been the best baits for these fish. Tarpon have been filtering their way into the river and should be showing up at the deeper creeks and channels of the river. The catwalks have been pretty sparse lately of anglers.

    Tip of the Week: Weather can change rapidly here on the Treasure Coast of Florida. Keep an eye on what is happening around you in the sky while fishing or enjoying the water. Know what you will do if a thunderstorm suddenly closes in on you. What will you do? The ocean can provide a challenge to some boats, while others can steer around bad weather. The river can offer many places to run for cover. Don't get caught in a bad situation this summer. Plan what you will do if severe weather approaches unannounced!

    As always, remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!!

    Good Fishing and Be Safe,
    Captain Charlie Conner



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    Capt Charlie Conner (Fishtales) Guest

    Default May 3, 2007 Inshore: Lot

    May 3, 2007


    Lots of sunshine and great fishing weather arrived here on the Treasure Coast this week. The winds eased up to let anglers enjoy themselves both inshore and offshore. It was nice not to hide out among the islands for a change. Lots of baitfish have invaded the area and the fish are out there chasing them. May is always one of my favorite months on the water.

    Trout fishing was spotty some days, but we managed to catch some each day on the water. I had David Brashear and R J Swinford on the boat Sunday and each caught a nice trout in the Teen Anglers Tournament. Tom Hull was down from Melbourne and we caught a nice number of trout. Tom boated a huge 26" gator trout along with several others in the slot range. I managed a 23" fat trout also. Bob Whitbold reported another big gator trout catch this week. The usual flats were holding trout and we used jerk baits and gold spoons.

    Redfish were hanging on the flats again this week. After scattering several small schools we found a few in the mood to eat. Tom Hull battled a fat 26" redfish that he caught on a twitch bait. Spoons and soft baits are also good choices when seeking a spot tail on the flats. Some are hanging very shallow, so keeping a stealthy approach is a necessity. I have found redfish on most flats lately so they are out there cruising around.

    We caught a few snook this week, but they weren't our target most days. Most of the snook anglers are fishing at night along the bridges and seawalls around the inlet. I did talk to several who caught legal size snook this week. Live pinfish or large shrimp (when available) are the ticket for fishing these areas. Now that the winds have given us a break....try around the docks in the early mornings. Tom Hull completed his slam this week after catching a snook hanging around the flats.

    Bridge fishing was slower this week. While sheephead and some snapper are being caught, many anglers took a break in the action. Lots of Spanish mackerel are still around the inlet. Some big jacks have been around the jetties along with bluefish. The surf has continued to hold whiting, bluefish and some pompano for those beach anglers. I keep seeing more and more sharks around the flats. As the bait continues to show up on the flats, they will seek the shallows in search of an easy meal.

    Tip of the Week:
    Wade fishing is lots of fun and many people around this area take the opportunity to get out fishing on the shallows. We continue to see many large stingrays and sharks coming up on the flats in very shallow waters. Just a note of caution to be careful when wading around the river. I had a number of reports of sharks attacking fish as anglers were reeling them in and experienced it myself. Sound, smell and sight of a fish can bring a reaction from these creatures.

    As always, remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!!

    Good Fishing and Be Safe,
    Captain Charlie Conner



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    Captain Dave Hanson (Fishbuster) Guest

    Default I was in port on Monday, but I

    I was in port on Monday, but I fished Tuesday in 80 feet on a 265 heading out of New Pass with anglers Jim McCarthy and friend, Dan. We had one great day fishing. Baited with live shrimp, we began catching some nice yellowtail snapper to 16 inches, landed about eight of those along with keeper lane snapper to 12 inches. We kept four of the latter and released the rest. We also released ten nice-sized banded rudder fish, two king mackerel at 26 inches and 40 inches, and short grouper to 20 inches. Our best catch was a 25 pound blackfin tuna, which we caught, believe it or not, on half a shrimp (see photo.) We got that big boy boated, and I put a hunk of squid on the pole while I was getting the tuna on ice. Suddenly, the rod screamed--I thought it was another tuna. It spooled 200 plus yards of Power-Pro line. For 35 minutes with one angler on the reel and one on the top of the rod, we fought that fish. At the end of a long run, with no line left, I lifted the rod-tip ever so slightly. There was a big thrust on the end, and a 7 foot bull shark snapped the rod in half just under the big guide. With both pieces of the pole held fast, we fought that big boy to the end, thanked him for the fight, and released him. The thrill was well worth the damages!

    Wednesday morning, my old friends Chris and Lissa Dillon from Indiana were in town for business, and they managed to reserve some pleasure time, along with friend Ed Bosch, to fish offshore with me. We headed out about 15 miles on a 260 heading from New Pass with some shrimp and pinfish in the bait well. We caught twenty keeper-sized lane snapper, Spanish mackerel to 20 inches, a 28 inch kingfish, porkfish, whitebone porgies, a 25 inch goliath and grouper shorts to 19 inches. We caught one keeper gag grouper at 23 inches on a pinfish. We released all but the keeper gag and a few lanes.

    I fished with Jim McCarthy and Dan Gilbert again on Thursday, about 37 miles out of new Pass on a 260 heading. No tuna this time, but our shrimp and squid served up five mangrove snapper to 17 inches and ten keeper yellowtail snapper. We released gags just short of legal to 21 inches and red grouper to 18 inches, along with porgies. We had two big sharks cut lines a couple times, but never close enough to see what kind.

    Saturday, I headed back out to the same area with Jim Ozark and two of his friends. We used shrimp and squid to catch a dozen keeper yellowtail snapper, a half dozen lane snapper, grunts porgies and triggerfish. We released a variety of grouper shorts—reds, gags and scamps.

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    Capt. Craig Korczynski (Phlats) Guest

    Default Inshore Fishing Report May 3,

    Inshore Fishing Report May 3, 2007 Jupiter/Palm Beach

    Warm weather is among us, which has triggered an awesome Snook bite. The Snook have been going ballistic the past few weeks do to the warmer water temps and beautiful weather. The Palm Beach bite has been great around the sea walls and docks. Both low and high tides produce double digit numbers of Snook from 18 to 36”. Many of the Snook are being caught on soft plastic baits with a jig head, along with top water lures. Live bait also produces, but the bait has been scarce lately so live sand perch has been the bait of choice. The night fishing for Snook has also been hot with live shrimp and sand perch being used. Most of the bigger fish have been on the outside shadows of the dock lights. The smaller juveniles are stacked directly under the dock lights making for great sight fishing.

    The Snook spawn is almost here and the bigger fish are already stacking up in the mouth of both Jupiter and Palm beach inlet. The best months are to come and the spawn usually peeks July and August. This is the perfect time to target those trophy Snook.

    Palm beach has also produced huge Jacks along the sea walls. These fish are strong and make for great action on light tackle, with the average fish weighing 10 pounds and up to 25 pounds. The Sea trout bite has also been steady around the dock s were there is grass.

    Jupiter has been great for a mixed bag of both common and Fat Snook. These fish are willing to take any bait near them. Low tide has been great for sight fishing, but the out going tide produces the best numbers of fish. The Jacks have also been plentifully up in the river near any sea wall, top water baits make for great explosive action along with live baits.

    The Peacock bass bite has picked up tremendously do to warmer water temps. These fish are holding in 1 to 2 feet of water on pot holes in the grass and near water drains. The average fish caught weighs around 1 to 3 pounds. There are some bigger fish in the 5 to 7 pond range around. I recently broke a record for Peacock bass last week throwing the fly rod. I was using a 9 weight fly rod with a twelve pound tippet, and caught a six pounder that beat the current record by 2 pounds. The Largemouth bass have been taking top water lures and small crank baits. The Largemouth are holding from 2 to 6 feet of water. Anytime you see schools of shad the bass are there.

    Well that is the report for the past few weeks if you would like to experience inshore fishing for any of the above mentioned species give Capt. Craig Korczynski a call 561-644-4371 or visit Or email me at Remember the Snook spawn is near book your trip now to catch your trophy Snook of a life time.

    (Message edited by phlats on May 03, 2007)

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    Sandra Allen (The_captains_wife) Guest

    Default The waters are warmer and the

    The waters are warmer and the fishing is hotter!

    Sandra Allen
    Book Me A Charter

    Aprils cool beginning should have us fishing a longer spring season for inshore species of fish. Expect our Apalachicola area waters to slowly warm. As May temperatures start to heat up the bays and estuarial area waters expect the fishing in general to be good, some days excellent with the right conditions.

    popjpeg{7084,Apalachicola Bay Redfish
    popjpeg{7085,Apalachicola Speckled Trout

    Inshore… The inshore fishing was on fire during the month of April. We expect the “catching” trend to continue into May. Our target fish this month are Spanish Mackeral, Speckled trout, Redfish, Black Drum and Flounder just to name a few of the many species that we catch this time of year. If you’ve ever been out triple tail fishing and were able to snag one of those fighting rascals you know you have to go out and do it again. I’ve got great news for all you tripletail enthusiast- The tripletail are here! Expect May fishing to be good through out the month.

    Speckled Trout, Tripletail, Redfish and Spanish Mackeral are the hot ticket for the inshore angler this month…

    Don’t limit yourself to one species of fish guys, go for the slam!

    We do offer FLOUNDER GIGGING charters for the Apalachicola area waters.

    popjpeg{7086,Offshore Red Snapper
    popjpeg{7087,offshore Red Snapper Limit}

    Offshore.... May and June is typically a calm month for offshore fishing. Aprils offshore fishing was good, we expect it the fishing to only get better in May and June as the gulf waters warm with our beautiful spring weather. Expect to catch Grouper, Snapper, Triggerfish, King Mackeral and Cobia for a mixed bag of reef dwellers while bottom fishing or flat lining our area reefs and wrecks.

    We have been fishing a lot lately, feel free to browse around our website and look at our huge photo album with over 30 pages of fantastic fishing pictures (bragging rights) of our wonderful clients with their prize catch. We are located online at

    We Know/Go fishing!

    The weather predictions for this week are wonderful for both inshore and offshore fishing with offshore seas predicted at 1-2 ft wave heights the entire week. The great news for you is we do have boats open and captains ready to go fishing. If you are close by and are feeling sick (with fishing fever)call us and we can make arrangements.

    Let’s go fishing while the weather predictions are calm.

    If you’re looking for experienced, family friendly, native guides give us a call 850-653-2622.

    We’d love to take you fishing in our backyard!

    Sandra Allen
    Book Me A Charter
    Apalachicola, FL

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    Merijo Attong (Merijo_attong) Guest

    Default If you like snook fishing on t

    If you like snook fishing on the flats now is the time to go, every day we have been catching fish, as some days are better than others. A great day has been catching 15 -20 fish sight fishing in less than a foot of water and bad days has been only 3-5 fish per day depending on the angler’s skill and weather. The size are averaging 26 to 28 inches and between 5-7 lbs but we are getting fish that go over slot size of 34 inches and around 12-16 lbs and have had some snook over 20 lbs. This has also been a fly fisherman’s dream with at least 10 shots at fish by 11 a.m. and generally 4-5 snook hooked up, again depending on angler’s skill and weather conditions.

    Roger Lynn from Cheyenne Wyoming fished for snook on fly and got a Florida bay inshore flats slam with a 9 lb, 31 inch snook, a 7 lb redfish and a 21 inch trout by noon the first morning and multiple hookups on larger snook in the afternoon. Redfish on the other hand are a little slow to show up this time or year, normally they are all over the place, but never the less they are still around and should make a strong showing any day. The ones that have been showing have been good size. David Torbert and Mathew St. Germain both 13 years old fished the Lucerne- Gossman tournament with me, David catching a 27 inch Red and Mathew sight fished a 31.5 inch snook with other great catches in between and both very good anglers.

    Tarpon are some days all over the place on the Ocean side of Elliot key down to Key Largo and some days when the weather has been a little eh… snotty, completely gone! Pods of tarpon 30-120 lbs are cruising the edges of the flats. These fish are responding well to fly’s, dark with low light and lighter color in clear conditions with good sun. A 10-12 weight rod 20 lb leader with a 60-80 fluorocarbon shock will do the trick. In Florida bay tarpon have been around the island motes. They are in between 5-30 lbs and are a sucker for a live hand-picked shrimp or a D.O.A. shrimp. I have also been seeing tarpon slowly showing up on the edges of the flats in Florida bay which means it is only a matter of time when they pour into the finger channels and ponds in the bay rolling and free jumping at first light.

    This month I had the pleasure of Bill’s Boyce’s show IGFA Angler’s Digetst film there show to be aired in July. I had a wonderful time and would like to thank Jason Schratweiser and Mike Myatt of the I.GF.A., Bill Boyce host of the show the I.G.F.A. Anglers Digest, Dee Peralta and Richard Chudy both on the camera. That day we jumped 3 tarpon brought 1 to the boat caught numerous snook some on fly and Mike’s 2 nice sight fished reds on the flats. If you would like to see a sneak preview of the show please go to Behind the show and all of it’s organization was Merijo Attong and Jennifer Barber of Sportsman’s Addiction, thanks for all the help you two, you made it great!!!!

    Biscayne bones are big and bad now that the schools are getting bigger as the water warms up. We are catching fish regularly in the 9-12 lb class on live shrimp #1 Owner hooks and 12 lb fluorocarbon leader this is also a great time for fly fisherman.

    Permit is sometimes easy to find this time of year depending on the wind…. They are now pushing their way on the flats these guys are generally 20 lbs but we have caught them as large as 41 lbs last year on live crab! Till next time, when I have time to write.. Tight lines.

    Capt. Jim Hale

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    Captain Dave Hanson (Fishbuster) Guest

    Default Monday, 4/23, the seas were st

    Monday, 4/23, the seas were still rough, but a little calmer, and I fished with Sandy Hook, son Rusty, Rusty's young son Charlie, and a friend, Sam. Fishing in 33 feet out of New Pass with shrimp, we caught ten keeper lane snapper, grunts and porgies, and released gag grouper shorts and blue runners.
    Tuesday, I headed out on a 260 degree heading from New Pass with Ron Musick, Dick Arnell, Justin Baker and friend Jim. We started a chum line and were bottom fishing with live shrimp in three to four foot seas. We started to catch some pretty nice yellowtail and mangrove snapper to 16 inches, along with a lot of porgies. Suddenly, one of the rods took off running, and we thought it was a bonito, a king mackerel or a shark. It spooled down to the bottom of the spool, and after three more long runs, we worked it back up to the boat to finally get a glimpse. When we saw its 3 foot length we figured it wasn't a bonito. Then we saw the black on its back and knew it was a blackfin tuna. I grabbed a hunk of squid to put on another pole, and tossed it out. We were still rejoicing over the first one when a second one the same size hit. So we got two of those, which are the first two I have caught in all my years of fishing. It was a very good morning (see photo.)

    Wednesday morning I fished Estero Bay, in the area of Wiggins Pass, with Ron Constantini and Rick Staubach. We caught a keeper redfish and a nice 16 inch sheepshead, and released smaller sheepshead and cravalle jacks.

    Thursday it was still kind of sloppy even close-in at the reefs off Bonita Beach. I fished with Frank Vayda, and friends. We caught fourteen Spanish mackerel to 24 inches—a barracuda in the area ate a couple of them. We also caught a keeper sheepshead and mangrove snapper. We released short grouper and a 40 inch lemon shark.

    Harvey Cleland and friends Ed and Tim fished Estero Bay with me, in the Wiggins Pass area, on Friday morning. We fished with live shrimp until the tide quit moving, and caught four keeper sheepshead and keeper mangrove snapper. We released cravalle jacks.

    I fished Estero Bay again Saturday morning with Terry Major and her friends, Carol, Cheryl and Rhonda. We caught a keeper sheepshead and mangrove snapper, and released a 20 inch snook.

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    Jerry LaBella (Admin) Guest

    Default All I have to say is that we h

    All I have to say is that we have LOTS of Redfish right now and Chris, Jason, Nathan & David all have some days open next week to take you sight fishing for them. Artie & Kim Turner caught (and released unharmed) 26 on light tackle with Tommy on Monday - this photo was taken Tuesday by Charlie Walter from Sheridan Wyoming of his daughter Liz while they were flyfishing with Capt. Jason.

    Call me if you want to go fishing!

    Kathy Robinson
    Robinson Brothers Guide Service
    118 Commerce St.
    Apalachicola, Florida 32320
    850-653-8896 850-653-7196 (cell)

    REALTOR - Robinson Real Estate Company

    Apalachicola Bay Area Chamber of Commerce
    Carrabelle Chamber of Commerce
    Gulf County Chamber of Commerce
    Florida Guides Assn.
    Florida Realtors Assn.

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