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    Jerry LaBella (Admin) Guest

    Default New Law Eases Liability Concer

    New Law Eases Liability Concerns for Pennsylvania Landowners
    Governor signs bill

    July 7, 2007 (Pennsylvania)

    Legislation that will protect Pennsylvania property owners who allow hunting on their land has been signed by Gov. Ed Rendell.

    House Bill 13, sponsored by Rep. Harry Readshaw, D-Pittsburgh, encourages landowners to make land and water areas available to the public for recreational purposes by limiting landowner liability toward recreational uses. The bill was signed on June 30 after having moved through the legislature unopposed.

    The legislation was introduced in January, after a state court in eastern Pennsylvania ruled that a Lehigh County property owner was partially liable for damages when a stray bullet, fired by a hunter, traveled about a half-mile before accidentally striking a woman on a different property.

    'The fear of landowners about liability was grounded in reality. What we had to do was change that reality by providing them liability protection,' said Rep. Readshaw. 'Without our action, this situation would have amounted to a train wreck for hunters and financial ruin for the many businesses that rely on Pennsylvania hunters and visitors from out of state for much of their income.'

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    Jerry LaBella (Admin) Guest

    Default [b]
    <font color="119911"><font size="+2">Exorbitant Restrictions Threaten Sporting Dog Owners- &#40;03/09&#41;</font></font>
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    The sporting dog community is showing its fangs in response to an onerous set of dog care regulations proposed in Pennsylvania.

    The USSA’s Sporting Dog Defense Coalition, working closely with the Masters of Foxhounds Association of America, is leading a grassroots campaign to ensure that sporting dog owners are not burdened by myriad unnecessary dog care regulations.

    The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture proposed dog regulations in December 2006 to target puppy mills. The overreaching rules are among the most repressive that sporting dog owners have ever seen, and are backed by the nation’s leading anti-hunting group, the Humane Society of the United States. The proposal includes outrageous specifications for animal care that will make it impossible to breed and raise hounds and hunting dogs. &#40;Click here to view regulation details that will devastate sportsmen’s rights&#41;.

    “The utterly unrealistic proposal will cost sporting dog owners thousands of dollars and burden them with complicated requirements,” said USSA President Bud Pidgeon. “Even more alarming is the notion that, if not stopped, the regulations could become the benchmark by which other states will base their laws.”

    The USSA’s Sporting Dog Defense Coalition has launched a full-scale campaign to fend off the anti-hunting threat. It is drafting comments to oppose the regulations, directing grassroots opposition via the E-mail Network and a massive series of mailings to Pennsylvania sportsmen, and will meet with key decision-makers to stop the proposal.

    Contribute to the campaign that will ensure these onerous dog regulations fail and do not appear in another state - join the Sporting Dog Defense Coalition. Individuals and clubs can join online or call USSA National Headquarters at &#40;614&#41; 888-4868.

    Take Action! Your help is needed immediately to end this threat to hunting with hounds. Pennsylvania sportsmen should contact Gov. Ed Rendell and ask him to reject the dog regulations put forth by the Department of Agriculture. Let him know that the proposal contains countless complicated and contradictory requirements, which will burden sporting dog owners, and in some cases, prevent them from legally enjoying their sport.

    Send comments to Gov. Edward Rendell&#39;s Office, 225 Main Capitol Building, Harrisburg, PA, 17120. Phone: &#40;717&#41; 787-2500. Fax &#40;717&#41;772-8284. Sportsmen can click here to use the Legislative Action Center and print a sample letter that can be sent to Gov. Rendell.

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    Vladimir Rudenko (Rudvp) Guest

    Default New Masterpriece fishing 2 v 3

    New Masterpriece fishing 2 v 3.34
    English, German, Hungarian, Italian languages

    Help to translate on Finland, Sweden, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Netherlands, Portuguese languages
    The text for translation

    Interesting, fascinating game, presents itself - fishing simulator .
    There is enormous amount of varied fish In game, each of which possesses its behaviour.
    In this game you have a possibility to perfect their
    own instruments for fishing of fish - a fishing rod, bob, and others.
    This game is developed as office-game.
    It can be played in full-screen or window mode.
    Also you can minimize game into system tray which will give warning you about biting.
    The Play has an excellent playing design.
    The Beautiful behaviour of water will not leave you indifferent to her.
    It consists of 28 locations with nice graphic and music.
    Now you not it is necessary long to collect their own belongings to go fishing.
    Now you simply it is necessary to start this play!

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